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Ronaldo hat trick
at 08:02 6 Jun 2019

What a player. Worth watching highlights. Hear the roar of the crowd too.
Getting plagued with phone calls
at 15:11 9 Apr 2019

Today 7 calls to landline but no one actually there. All different numbers. Anyone else or is it just me? Not usually a problem for me. Anything I can do?
Nobbs out for the girls
at 11:43 7 Dec 2018

Jordan Nobbs: Arsenal and England midfielder is ruled out of Women's World Cup

Celina not so effective today
at 21:25 29 Sep 2018

Standing out on the left wing doing very little today. He needs to be more in the mix otherwise it's wasting his talent. not criticising him, just thinking he was played out of positio
Terrace banter
at 18:22 24 Sep 2018

This seasons banter between ourselves and the oppositions fans has been more entertaining than over the past few seasons.
EG we sang to Leeds:

One of your own
One of your own
Jimmy savile
He’s one of your own

They came back with a filthy but witty response that I can’t remember word for word. Much to everyone’s mutual amusement.

Rodon Roberts and James
at 14:14 2 Sep 2018

Seems we are getting some payback for the investment in development. Roberts especially impressive for me. The other two have surprised me how well they have played, they would get found out in the Premier League, but some writing on here had them as League One or Two players. .
Air pollution today
at 10:38 1 Sep 2018

Choking this morning. The air is stinking and polluted today in Swansea. Where’s it coming from?
View of Millennium Stadium from mainline railway.
at 11:46 22 Aug 2018

It’s been blocked by new buildings on the old bus station.
Bit of a shame IMHO.
Artist in residence
at 22:47 29 Jul 2018

Channel 4. On now. Watch it on catchup. Artist. Non football man embedded at West Brom last season.
Terrific insight into the modern game. Thoughtful. Excellent program it seems very relevant considering what happened to us last season. His interviews as an outsider are revealing.
Radio 4 now program about Swansea copper industry (n/t)
at 15:14 3 May 2018

Check your boiler condensate pipe isn't frozen
at 10:56 18 Mar 2018

Especially if it's on an east facing wall, with this cold east wind. The drain pipe for the condensate from he boiler drips constantly. It's on the outside wall where the boiler is. This weather can freeze it up and cause the the boiler to stop working.
Worth a check.
Smart meters - any good.
at 11:04 3 Mar 2018

Electric company wants my old Mum to have a smart meter fitted. She told them to go away, but they are nagging her.
What do they do for you?
I dont really get it.
Whole North East Terraces and seating soaking wet
at 10:49 12 Feb 2018

The whole of the terraces was wet, right at the back of the stand too. So with the cold weather the wet floor made it feel colder and more miserable than it need have done, and made my feet cold. To put it in Corporate speak: it diminished my match-day experience
I sit back in row S, there was no way that it could have been rain blown in by the wind and it seemed to extend right to the back of the Stand.
Anyone else notice this?
I wonder what caused it, did they wash down the terraces or something? It never dried out all game.
[Post edited 12 Feb 2018 10:50]
Aizlewood and Sugrue convicted of fraud
at 07:52 8 Feb 2018

Ex footballers robbing the tax doesnt seem particularly complex though. Why do public bodies fall for this?
Oystons lose 'unfair prejudice' case over extracting funds from Blackpool
at 15:12 8 Nov 2017

Interesting article by David Conn in the Guardian

The Oystons took money (about £25 million) out of the club without consulting fellow director and 20% share holder Belokon. They were found to have acted with unfair prejudice. They have been ordered to pay him £31.27m.

Does this have any bearing on the strength of the Trusts case against and the new owners, I wonder?

If so, it will hopefully mean that the new owners stick to their offer to buy out a proportion of the Trusts shares.

A couple of points from the article

Conn writes: " Unfair-prejudice claims are difficult to win", which is worth noting.

"Also Crucially, Smith found of the Oystons’ conduct as directors: “It is clear that there were fundamental breaches of duties owed to Blackpool FC.” Reciting the law, he said these duties were: to exercise their powers “for a proper purpose”; “to promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members as a whole”; to “exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence”; and to avoid conflicts of interest. "

[Post edited 8 Nov 2017 15:16]
Any ideas how we can score more goals?
at 19:22 28 Oct 2017

Dear Planet Of The Swans
Im wracking my brains as to how we score more goals, trouble is Carlo used to do all the stuff with the forwards and I'm a bit stumped. I asked Claude, but its not really his thing either.
Any ideas on a large blackboard with circles and chalk arrows please.
Very Best Regards
Paul Clement
[Post edited 28 Oct 2017 19:23]
Routledge always loses possession.
at 12:41 21 Aug 2017

I always had Routs down as a stalwart, decent player, not flashy but did a job, team player.
These days there's something really bugging me. When the ball comes to Routledge thats it, we lose possession. Either he gets dispossessed by his marker, or he passes the ball and it goes to the opposition, his passes are consistently picked off.
This was happeneing most of last season and now as sub in the Man U game. The speed of the game has overtaken him, Im afraid he's had his day. I felt our attacking threat was actually diminished when he came on. At least before that, there was room for Olssen to advance down the left.
If he had any eye for goal, it might be worth persisting, but his conversion rate is poor. He had a few one on ones last season and managed to slip it the wrong side of the post.
Ill admit he made fine cross in the Southampton game, that should have been converted, but seeing it from him really seemed like the exception rather than the rule.
Sad to say it, but i think he should go, and as I cant see anyone coming in on Premier League wages, presumably it would have to be a loan to a championship club with us subsidising it.
Too many games in a season?
at 09:32 21 Jul 2017

At the end of last season misery guts Mourinho was relentlessly bemoaning the number of matches United were playing. Players tired, exhausted etc.
I notice they were playing City in the States in a friendly yesterday. They included many big names in the game. A Derby match like that can never be a true friendly, so they are sowing the seeds of exhaustion already.
When old grumpy is whingiing next April, I hope the journalists remind him that Uniteds greed with these pre-season tours against big name opposition is the real reason his players are knackered at the end of the season.
Where have all the 'Remainers' gone ?
at 11:28 3 Jun 2017

Strange one this.
After the referendum, there was a considerable groundswell of Remainers who were determined to somehow keep UK in Europe. Outrage, demonstrations, lots of press and social media comment and dissatisfaction.
I was expecting them to try to turn the election into a second referendum either by fielding 'Remain' candidates or heavily backing and funding the LibDems, for example, on a strictly 'Remain' ticket.
As the issues and difficulty of leaving the EU become more and more obvious, they could have put forward a very persuasive argument. No one is actually going to cut immigration any time soon as is obvious from hearing the parties latest pronouncements, and the economic impact will be severe (its coming, just wait you aint seen nothing yet)
Nothing happened, they've disappeared.
Is is just that all those remainer twitterers and facebookers are just armchair warriors and dont have the wherewithall to make something happen?
Or have they changed their minds and think we can actually make a success of Leaving the EU.
All very strange IMHO.
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