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Back in our hands
at 21:14 6 May 2017

Two wins and we remain we haven't to rely on others slipping up.
Next week won't be easy but a win there sets us up for a final home win
Come you swans
Back in our hands
at 21:10 6 May 2017

Two wins and we remain we haven't to rely on others slipping up.
Next week won't be easy but a win there sets us up for a final home win
Come you swans
Where is the resurrection?
at 21:27 5 May 2017

Seems to have dissapered
Blood Replacements
at 12:44 6 Apr 2017

Does anyone else think it is time that like in rugby blood repalcements were introduced.
For quite a while last night we played with 10 men whilst Cork was off the park being treated for a head wound
( I know some like Pencoed will say we only have 10 men when Cork is on the park....but hopefully more performances like the shift he put in last night will change their minds about this much berated player)
More and more these days in soccer it seems to happen I remember the Europa league night match where Michu had a blood injury further exaggerated by the blood stained shirt issue and lack of correct replacement shirt I think we played for about 15 mins with 10 men until he was allowed back on giving the opposition the rugby teams should be allowed to make that blood replacement I think
Jenkins here to stay
at 21:01 4 Apr 2017

Looks like Huw is not going anywhere anytime soon according to Steve and Jason
Where is the res tonight?
at 20:34 18 Mar 2017

Last week he was on here decrying our players and explains how they lost their shape and this was the sole reason we lost to Hull. He has argued about the substitutions having one effect and that Aamat playing at right back had little effect.
Well why didn't Clement play Amat at right back today?
We tended to keep our shape off the ball today apart form Fernandez.running through which
Ed to the first goal...but hey ho people in the wrong positions make no difference
Where is DYSS
at 20:45 5 Mar 2017

Hope all the sharp objects have been removed from his reach!
Must have a lot of homework to do so too busy tote on here
at 20:55 6 Feb 2017

Big game for us on Sunday
My worry though is the 4pm kick off will we all including the crowd be up for it

Let's make sure there is a real atmosphere like the early days in the PL and drive the team to victory and creating a gap between us and them
I do despair about some of our so called fans
at 21:23 5 Feb 2017

I really do believe that some of our fan base needs to take a look at itself.
Today we went to a top 4 club and almost came away with a point
6 weeks ago I reckon we would have lost this game by at least 4 goals possibly more I too am gutted we ended up with nothing when we were so close but all we get from a section of our fan base is blame cultur and from one individual the trolling of our keeper.

Let's start with the blaming of Fab for the losing goal......the great fan that is DYSS I wonder is his name supposed to be Do You Support Swansea? As he is so negative.
Well if you want to blame Fab you need to take another look had it not been for Fab we might have been 3 down before half time.

Then we have the derision of Naughton....ok he may now be the "weakest link" in our team but the crap thrown at him by our so called fans is unbelievable.
If he is really that bad do you think our management team would continue to play him?
The issue is we fans see things subjectively and if you want to talk about sh*t players NaughtoN is certainly not amongst some of the sh*t layers we have had over the years....

After looking like relegation cents just over a month ago to a team which could pull off the great escape after a run of fixtures including 3 top 4 teams 2 off which away where we beat one on their home turf and through inept refereeing or biased ferereeing were robbed of a point at another and yet all some fans can do is get on here to diss the players.

Am I gutted we lost today at the last minute.....yes I am but then I have followed this side for many years from the brink of re election to the highs of the old First division back to battling to stay in the league and then life in the PL.

.over then years there have been scape goats or players shouted down by fans ,Clem Attlee, Mike Howard, Rory Fallon, even Jason Scotlane even though he scored so many goals for us

I wish sometimes some of these so called fans would just dissapear the constant dissing of certain players based on their limited knowledge ....which is obviously far superior to the professionals who pick the team is becoming nauseous and spoils this board.
Yes we live in a free country where free speech abounds and everyone is entitled to an opinion....after all that is all I am doing expressing my opinion which doesn't mean I am right and it is the only opinion but some of the sh*t spouted by our so called fans is incredible
Under the affluence of incohol
at 22:05 3 Feb 2017

I am no longer going to post whilst under the affluence of incohol as reading my recent post it affects my typing and spelling (and correction) of the auto spelling
Paul Clement
at 22:30 31 Jan 2017

Great to see him coming on to the pitch and congratulating the players and sharing with the crowd.
He seems up for this and does seem to have brought much needed organisation and ensured we didn't fold at 1-1 even when Southampton were throwing the kitchen sink at us....BC I'd before Clemt and Curtis I reckon we would have lost this 3-1
Positives from yesterday
at 19:32 22 Jan 2017

Tom Carrol
The team not capitulating when Liverpool equalised

Now the dust has settled apart from the win I think there were some great positives and whilst one swallow doesn't make a summer and all that but if Carrol continues like that then I think we have had a great signing who will definitely bring something to the team.
The whole team looks like it is up for it.......
What do others think
How,can we beat Palace but loose at Hull?
at 20:45 7 Jan 2017

Just a question how come we beat a team a2 places above us but fail to beat the the team at the foot of the league?
Team selection?,tactics?
I hope you think the millions are worth it
at 18:49 3 Dec 2016

In my opinion you are worse than Petty at least he never pretended to be anything but a charlatan opportunist.You are a supposed lifelong fan who helped rescue your beloved club from the clutches of such evil persons and yet what have you now done?
Sold us to "investors" who have yet to invest and have no connection to the club.
Over the last two seasons you have recruited badly and now have us in a position where we are likely to spin into free fall
I hope you feel happy with all the filthy lucre and I cannot understand how you are able to show your face in our city or at the ground do is all a favour and jet off to Marbella or wherever it is you are buying a villa
What a week that was
at 21:02 27 Oct 2016

A week ago tonight was the forum and release of the Turusts statement and then it was almost as if armegeddon has arrived
I bet Routs,Taylor and Fede have been enjoying the rest
at 20:59 26 Oct 2016

Funny for a football forum and a team that is struggling at the mo not much been talked about regarding the team ,and upcoming games.
I bet all the scapegoats and much picke don individuals have been glad of the lack of vitriol they usually receive on here
Who is resurrection and why have they such a downer on the trust?
at 22:12 25 Oct 2016

I understand people being confused and angry regarding HC resumeration but why all this vitriol to the Trust
Without the Trust SCFC may not have been here for us to enjoy the last 14 years.
Whilst HC may have "benefited" financially I cannot see what the other persons who have donated time have gained?
Maybe I am missing something but being a committee member /officer of a voluntary organisation is a thankless ss task often putting in lots of hours for no reward but lots of critisiscm.
The bigger picture is we could lose the club we love not because the Trust let us down it appears they were partly responsible for the scuppering of the first sale which is why the board kept the, out of the loop this time.
It appears there were some issues which the Trust sought to address hence the governance documents.
Why now as a fan base do we want to have a mega internal conflict when what we are getting angry about is in the past?
But it appears that there has been an undercurrent of hatred towards the Trust from the beginning and now those behind it are milking it......why.
To Stephen and Jason "with everyone together"
at 22:33 23 Oct 2016

To Stephen and Jason
Thank you for your statement in yesterday's programme, Words are great but as someone once said it by deeds that a man is proven.
I am sure I speak for most of our fans when I say we want to give you the benefit of the doubt whilst having concerns about the future of the club many of us have supported for most of our lives and seen through some bad times.
In your plea to us fans to rally behind the team you talk of your regret in excluding the Trust from communications regarding the recent managerial changes well maybe now you could meet with the Trust and develop an open working relationship to take our club forwards.
If this happens it will show that your statement is not just empty words and a PR exercise but that you genuinely recognise the Trust and its importance .
Yes you are now our new owners and we charge you with respecting the valuable asset you have acquired and whilst we will always support the team on the pitch we as a fan base have been known to make it awkward to those who previously have been in the position you now find yourselves. We trust you will protect our club not just for recovering your investment but that it will still be here for generations to come. I had hoped when those who sold out their club to you rescued us from the grips of an unscrupulous owner we would never fear for our survival again but that is now not the case and I hope you will not disappoint us.
As I said at the start words are all well and good it is deeds that count let's see if you mean what you say...."with everyone together" that to me means all the shareholders working together to make this club stronger and bring better times!
How does this work?
at 15:22 4 Oct 2016

Surely there are some conflict of interest issues here? Or has the link with Sunderland been severed and the website not updated?
What bets on an influx of MLS players in the January window?
at 08:10 4 Oct 2016

I wonder if BB will be bringing cut price players form the MLS come January to make us a truly American club
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