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Where have all the bluebirds gone?
at 19:35 4 Jan 2020

Funny distinct lack of those from that big club up the road tonight.
Plus a massive meltdown on their board....they ain't looking forward to next Sunday despite the fact they get an extra days rest.
Even if we lose they will still be looking up to us
Striker crisis
at 21:07 3 Jan 2020

With Sturridge being recalled we are now left with only Borja as a fully " recognised " striker. If Borja is offloaded in the window it will be even worse.
Let's hope there are some plans in place
A few posters MIA
at 18:02 29 Sep 2019

Quite a few regular posters missing where has has jasper t gone?
Above the Bluebirds in all Leagues!!
at 15:15 6 Sep 2019

Surprised no one else has posted this!!!

Funny how those from up the road who post on here are quiet of late......I do know its early days but I guess our percentage attendance to rise if our present form continues
Season tickets
at 19:39 27 Jul 2019

Has anyone received their new season ticket yet?
Where are the res/t2c,E20 and shaky
at 19:30 27 Apr 2019

I have obviously missed something
Have they been banned?
Or has T2C disappeared as his hero HJ has fallen from glory?
would you take Huw back
at 09:53 1 Apr 2019

Rumours still abound about HJ attemting to put together a consortium to buy the club back off the Yanks.

Given how we feel about the Yanks and the sellouts wouldanyone be happy if the YAnks did sell to group which had HJ or any of the sellouts involved?
[Post edited 1 Apr 2019 10:01]
Empty seats
at 19:45 9 Feb 2019

Due to illness and work commitments today was the first game I had been able to attend since Boxing Day.
I couldn't believe how many empty seats there were around me. The majority of the row in front which had some "die hard" fans ....who often have me lip if I dared critisice a player or the regime and often quite insulting......lots of empty seats also across on the's attendance given as 18500 something...yes a low Millwallturnout but there were not 18500 or so bodies in the stadium today....many current season ticket holders already called it a day and I expect not renewing next season.
The £70m Hole of this season.....being the gap between income and expenditure will be worse next year as gate receipts albeit a fraction of our income shrink.
I know many on here say they will not renew season tickets etc so as not to put money in the Yanks pockets...unfortuneately this will only further harm the club. I wouldn't put it past this bunch of charlatans to wind the club up to extract every penny of their so called investment.there are som many levels and entities in the clubs structure I am quite sure these canny Yank hedge fund managers could find a way to recover their £68m +
New Director of Football
at 19:29 3 Feb 2019

Any thoughts on who this should/could /might be?

I fear Landon Donovan may arrive...if that happens we truly are fooked.

What about JohnToshack? Brendan ? It needs to be someone who won't step on the management/coaching shoes of GP
Potter the pussy must be purring tonight
at 19:47 19 Jan 2019

Great result and another goal for our useless centre forward.....Fer showed what he is capable of..let s hope Joe's injury is not too serious just imagine what we could do if we had a manager who knew what he was doing... (That's tongue in cheek by the way!)
[Post edited 19 Jan 2019 19:50]
well done young Tosh and Garry
at 12:41 1 Oct 2018

Whilst Potter (quite rightly) is receiving plaudits for what he is doing with this young side we should also look to thank the coaches of the U23s who have had so much to do with the development of our youngsters.
( I wont take the credit for this T2c/The Res mentioned this in another but feel it warrants its own thread.
Interestingly all 3 of Saturday goals scored by products of the U23s too
SO thank you guys long may it continue
Will CCFC win a game this season?
at 20:38 8 Sep 2018

Will CCFC win a game this season?

Your Vote:

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Wot no. Byron?
at 15:34 2 Sep 2018

Doubt he will be trolling here tonight
is this 2 fingers up to the trust?
at 16:03 18 Jul 2018
Will the pig be bacon in the morning
at 22:02 11 Jul 2018

He picked the English Apple this morning...guess he'll be bangers and bacon for Piers in the he wont eat humble pie
Any feedback from the fans forum?
at 11:42 9 Jul 2018

Sorry if this is a ferdy any goss from this? I see a video up on the official site
Did anyone from here go what did you think?

Again I apologise if there is already another thread but I couldnt see anything on the front 2 pages
The next level
at 14:06 9 May 2018

Well Huw now we know what the next level is!
But never mind all that money in the bank will keep you happy.....shame you may never ever be able to walk the streets of Swansea again?

Perosnally I do not see what the sale of the club has done ....apart from benefitting a few indivduals in their personal pocket.....the good of the club...Relegation looming ( Im resigned to it cant see Huddersfield not picking up a point but more to the point cannot see us beating Stoke!) with a financial crisis heading our way as the Americans and their gang cash in their chips............"By the fans for the fans " remember that one?
At least form the off we knew what Petty was about......but for our so called own?
As John Lennon once sang "how do you sleep?"
Look out
at 20:31 1 May 2018

Tiendalli just been released by Oxford.....Huw just loves a bargain ex player.......he reads PS so he knows we want him to get us a new RB
Any thoughts on Saturdays team
at 19:20 11 Mar 2018

Given our lack of Jordan plus his brother and Andy King for next Saturday how might we one up?

I wonder is it time for a Leon recall in a diamond so we line up 5-1-3-1

Van deer Hoon
Leon plays at the base of a dimond in front of the central 3
In front of Leon a 3 of Ki at the tip of the diamond Clucas on the left and Dyer on the right with
Tammy up front,Ki,Nath and Clucas rotate to support Tammy with Naunghts and Olsen operating as wing backs.
At the halfway stage
at 21:35 3 Jan 2018

So now we are halfway through the season how many folks think bringing Bony was a good idea?
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