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Hail to the Chief
at 16:32 20 Jun 2022

Guardian podcast featuring Ned Onuoha
Non-QPR - Boyowulf - one for Brian McCarthy
at 19:46 4 Jun 2022

Well, this is pretty random, but as it's the close season, I thought I'd just lob this thing in here.

It's bits of Beowulf translated from Anglo-Saxon into Corkonian by a former UCD PhD and in my humble opinion it leaves Seamus Heaney's famous translation dead in the water. As there are a few Cork natives knocking about here I thought I'd drop it in for your delectation.

Here's a sample:
at 22:04 29 Nov 2021

OK, following on from the Warburton thread:

Willock: best winger since - who?

(I'm not having either Chair or Taraabt as wingers.)
Player songs/chants
at 00:05 3 Sep 2021

We've got Frankie Fridays, Soul, Metal, Ska, Indie..... about time we had one for player songs, either suggested new ones or classic oldies.

In the classics column I'll give you "Six foot two, eyes of blue, Stevie Wicks is after you"

For a new one, I reckon Dom Ball having "Dom" as a first name is a gimme. Beethoven fans might like to go with "Dom Dom Dom DOM" but my idea is that whenever he wins a tackle we go with the old Queen classic:

Dom, Dom, Dom: Another one bites the dust
Dom, Dom, Ball: Another one bites the dust
And another bites, another one bites, another one bites the dust!
Joe Walsh
at 10:22 26 Jul 2021

So. Bit under the radar on Saturday, but given the issue of Seny and the AFCON, quite pleasing to see several confident saves with his feet. Would be nice to see more of how he deals with crosses.

What do we think?
History and QPR Women
at 10:31 9 May 2021

Idly glancing at the Beeb news site came across this piece on women's football focussed on Mary Phillip, who coaches (men's side) Peckham Town.

Surprising number of QPR references. Apparently we were the first League club to host the Womens FA Cup Final (bit of a backhanded compliment as the article implies it was almost a punishment since everyone hated the astroturf!) but there's a timeline and in the 70s it shows we got to the final in 1976, 1977 and 1978 winning it in 1977. In 76 apparently "a peach of a goal" was scored by our Paddy McGroarty, an ex-nun. Somehow that is classic QPR.

Sign her up for Forever Rs, I say!
Terry Fenwick - firm but fair
at 19:37 18 Mar 2021

From The Grauniad's "Fiver" column:
“The matter was blown out of proportion as Fenwick only chose to express his disapproval of a certain member of the media fraternity being present at a scheduled media briefing. Apologies were exchanged and Fenwick and Fuentes have since agreed to put the incident behind them” — the Trinidad and Tobago FA denies reports that Terry Fenwick butted the national team’s media director Shaun Fuentes before a press conference on Wednesday.
Autocorrect Improvements
at 20:51 2 Feb 2021

Inspired by Nix's masterly reference to our minefield players, anybody got any other examples of times when the typo was better than the original?

My best is "I've thought about this for a long time and I've come to a confusion"
[Post edited 2 Feb 2021 21:39]
at 17:28 9 Dec 2020

Article in the Grauniad
Science news - Stonehenge acoustics
at 17:42 17 Sep 2020

Following on from the Venusian news, I learnt today that a scientist has made a scale model of Stonehenge when it was complete (before half the stones went or fell down) and has found that it improves acoustics in the middle by adding bass and reverb.

It turns out that the best scale for making a model was 1:12. Apparently it was only when he was halfway through making the model that the Spinal Tap reference struck him.
[Post edited 17 Sep 2020 17:46]
Guardian article on Eze to WHam
at 08:36 29 Jul 2020

Nothing we didn't know already really, but pleasing to see £20m price tag in a reputable source. Also note reference to Manning to W Ham (which I think would be good business for all concerned if the price is right)

Personally I'd like Eze to go to West Brom if they can find the £20m and assuming we've got to sell now. I reckon he'd get the game time, the fans are less entitled so would give him time to settle, there'd be less media pressure, and he'd fit their style. Also Bilic is clearly a fan and seems a good bloke.

Anyway I've always quite liked Albion and I think the Hammers are all tossers
2020 Music
at 23:31 17 May 2020

Do we have a thread for this yet? can't see one.

Anyway, this is addictive:

Nice article about England vs Kossovo...
at 20:02 16 Nov 2019 in the Guardian

Makes a good read after the nastiness of the Bulgaria game.
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