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QPR beaten at Brentford again - Report
at 06:36:51

How have you given Bidwell 6???

Lost his man for the header back across for the first goal and sat on his arse for the second.
He should be looking across the pitch at young Kakays performance and hanging his head in shame.

I’m sick of going to that hole and getting dicked on
Mind you..... I’m hoping we “have to” head to Lionel Road next season
Best laid plans – Report
at 23:20:14

I've not played or coached at any form of professional level but for me the easiest thing in football to COACH is defensive solidity and shape. Even the most basic players can accomplish this if well drilled and stick to the plan

Says a lot about our players and defensive coach me thinks that we are as open as a scouse dockside crack whore
Brentford pile on the misery as QPR lose six straight – Report
at 08:28:23

Agree with all of that bar one thing -- Goss.
I admit I attended the game a good few pints deep but having been stunned at his inclusion I was intrigued to see what he'd bring so watched him as close as I could through my one open eye.
I reckon his brief was to go deep pick the ball up and use the players who also went deep and split either side of him. So Bentford "pressed" high up. He was completely nullified.
He didn't win a tackle that I recall, nor do I remember a decent pass, a run with the ball, header won, anything.
We all see the game differently I suppose
Rampant Rangers run four through sorry Blues – Report
at 22:40:56

Gutted. Absolutely gutted that I gave up my train ticket to this one

More fool me

Sounds like a fantastic day out. Really hope we can build on it and get some decent form together
Interesting Goss not in squad and Ravel gone missing
Blackburn peg back Chery’s world class strike – Report
at 09:17:37

Its boring and I cant see attendances improving

No pace, no energy, no pressing, no goal threat

I know I wont be missed but I'm considering staying in the Queen Adelaide whenever Karl "fackin" Henry is announced in the starting line up
Circling the drain – Opposition profile
at 07:29:50

Shocking stuff but what a great article

The authorities in this country as self appreciating scum
More late pain for QPR at Ewood Park - Report
at 18:24:11

Here's there AGAIN at the scene of the crime.

Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, the un-droppable...... Kaarrrrrlllll Hennnrrriieeeeee!

Totally unaware of what's around him, weak (non-existent challenge), body shape all wrong and just a sh1t footballer
Ramsey feels the heat as QPR lose at Birmingham - report
at 23:10:22

I didn't hear any barracking of Poulter -- just incredulation at the change made

Anyway, the most important question is in reference to the first picture in the article with Benny and Rowett..... Who is the sort in the glasses?!?!
Whatever her job just get her on our bench and it'll inspire the boys to 4th spot easy!
LFW End of Term Report 14/15 – Midfielders
at 08:13:09

Sorry but I have to say, the line about Karl Henry's signing is total gold.
Like employing a man to follow you around all day to physically hold your trousers up

The Mack is back, righting a wrong of the recent past – signing
at 06:18:09

I say yes to this signing

I'd even make JM captain
Get that Mackie banner out again!
The least shocking cup shock - report
at 23:34:40

That picture of our dugout makes my blood boil
It's only redeeming feature is the sort in the crowd on the right hand side!!

I'm so glad I didn't go to this game. QPR are a huge part of my life but it's getting easier and easier to accept that some things matter so, so, so much more. I've sacked off Burnley and may well give my Utd ticket to one of my mates as I've far more pressing things in my life currently

If I have to make do with razor match reports then so be it!!
Fernandes provides reassurance, talks of writing off debt - fans forum report
at 11:53:12

I'm a sceptic by nature and the actions of this Board over the last two and a half years have caused me to lump them in with former incumbents and be sceptical about them.

Until I see some positive action it's all talk, wind and soundbites for me.

Two years ago I had a similar conversation with TF himself on long term planning and he assured me that was his priority". It now sounds like the Board have only recently woken up to that?!

Apologies for being negative but as I say scepticism is the order of the day!!
Eat, sleep, rave, repeat – report
at 07:35:35

The theory in our parts on Richard Dung is that his play when you play deal includes a clause that HE decides if he's fit and playing is his choice if passed fit.
You just know that Ol' Jerky is going to drop Big Ned in the Play Offs and if he does then he should be sacked there and then... maybe even during the first half.

If I was TF I'd want to have a sit down with the favourite for the England job and have him explain to me in words of one syllable or many, just what the f*** his selection policies and tactics have all been about this season on a game by game basis. Other questions such as appointment of Walrus Downes, signing Maigia, etc,etc also on the agenda.

I watched the Football League Show last night and what worried me was when Clem asked Jerky if he was the man with a plan (having never been in the play offs before) he got all grins and back slappy jovial saying "not sure about that, plan? Dunno Clem, plan? Nah we got good players here, be a good atmosphere, fantastic".... Christ alive!!!

We pray for a tight drab draw away from home and then us lot at W12 can conjure up what we've done before and help this group over the line to a Wembley final. Once there it's anyones game and we can only pray our luck returns late in May. It'll all be despite of Redknapp not because of him that's for sure.
If you give us 90 minutes, we'll give you a lifetime
at 07:42:03

Message to Old Jerky -- print this out, laminate it, frame it and stick it on the dressing room wall

Nuff said
Unlikely hero ends QPR’s away day blues – full match report
at 23:46:40

And so the stupid grin and salty tears appear on my face again.....

Love it
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