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Observations from last night
at 12:29 30 Oct 2019

I honestly thought we missed Barbet.

Our distribution from the back missed his presence and range.

I also think Ball is more mobile than Cameron.
All These Old Fart Band Threads
at 14:26 16 Jul 2019

Nah - you gotta be hardcore. Forget the acid reflux meds.
Go for a full on laparascopic nissan fundoplication!
at 10:12 5 Jun 2019

Hows about we wait and see how it plays out, before commenting that it's wrong?

Joe has done well behind that defence, but, he needs to be pushed. No problem in having competition for starting places. And if it's a 50k guy that MW knows, it's within his remit.
Congratulations to Chertsey Town Fc
at 16:22 20 May 2019

Congrats to the Curfews. I was there as I used to play in the same British Airways side as Chertsey's assistant manager, Mickey Bennett.
Programmes 1969 - 1976
at 10:01 5 Mar 2019

I'm moving to Spain hopefully, by the end of this year and I've got a box of home programmes ranging from 1969 - 1976 that need to stay in the UK.
The box measures 32cm by 11cm and is full.
Free to anyone or any need
Collection from Langley near Heathrow.
[Post edited 5 Mar 2019 10:04]
Leg room at LR
at 10:13 10 Feb 2019

Since my diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis a couple of years back, I've been to LR less and less as my knees got progressively worse.

Now that we're moving to Spain by the end of this year, it looks very much like I've been to my last game at HQ.
at 11:21 11 Jan 2019

Karanka wasn't sacked though.

He asked to be released from his contract.

Must have been that defeat to us, obviously!
Clement sacked
at 10:15 6 Dec 2018

Hughes must be a shoe in, surely?!.....-)
Bohemian Rhapsody
at 13:04 8 Nov 2018

It's a film that will keep the music of Queen in the public eye and help younger people discover their vast back catalogue.

The fact that it's a 12A certificate, meant it was never going to be a true re-telling of Freddie' life over 15 years and trying to cram it into 2 hours and 15 minutes meant innacuracies were going to happen.

The general public love it for what it is, but those that have worked with or for the band, generally don't.

The 'real' story about Freddie and Queen is still out there.......but probably nevr to be told.
at 16:54 5 Nov 2018

Congratulations - 30 years is not to be sneezed at.

I'm on marriage number 3 and I haven't clocked up 15 years between the lot of them!
Bobby Moore
at 11:52 5 Nov 2018

A shining example of how this country builds public figures up, only to then knock them down. It's so English.

What happened to England's only to date World Cup winning captain, was a travesty . Football as a whole should be ashamed how he was rejected.
Rooney getting another England cap
at 11:44 5 Nov 2018

You only have to look at how the FA, West Ham and football in general treated Bobby Moore after he retired.

Yes, Booby Moore, the only England captain to ever lift the World Cup. Let alone one of the best footballers this country has ever produced.

We love building them up and then knocking them down. So terribly English.
Pinner Paul
at 12:49 24 Oct 2018

Talking of the official, I thought he was very good.

Their penalty shout on Pudel apart, he got the major decisions correct and let the game flow without any histrionics.
THAT injury
at 12:44 24 Oct 2018

Any other part of the pitch, that's a foul and a yellow card.
Imagine the furore if it happened to one of ours.
Anyone here into Gothic or Symphonic Metal?
at 14:04 4 Oct 2018

Almost nothing to do woth the subject matter, but, my good lady has just come back off a 9 date UK tour.

The band is Airrace and the new album is 'Untold Stories.'

Nothing like Gothic or Symphonic, more like Foreigner, Journey, ELO, early Purple and Whitesnake.

Eyes Like Ice -
New Skin -
Running Out Of Time -
at 12:12 3 Oct 2018

I'll look a whole lot more favourably on Mr Lynch, if he plays the full quota over Xmas and the New Year.
Fakes Game.
at 12:10 2 Oct 2018

Like I've posted in another thread, I've never felt as disconeected with QPR as I do now.

It's 'meh' at every game. But the bloody frustration at McLaren not watching the same game as the majority of supporters is beyond forgiveable.
Do we really expect Steve to get the bullet?
at 18:57 1 Oct 2018

I've never felt as disconnected with my club as the day we appointed SM.
The premise he was bought in on - develop the younger players, buy from the lower leagues and again develop - has gone by the wayside.
Managing to sign two strikers on loan and then putting square pegs into round holes to accomodate both of them.
The players haven't covered themselves in glory either. We are so bloody passive as a defensive unit, shown only too well again at Swansea.
Post-match comments (Blackpool)
at 12:00 27 Sep 2018

I didn't want McLaren.

His record at other Championship clubs with far more resources than us, isn't good.
He's starting to grate in the post match interviews.

I'll always back the team though.
How do you blood youngsters?
at 11:58 27 Sep 2018

That, is spot on.

As for blooding them, you make 3/4 changes to a side and not 9 or 11. You bring them in along side the first team players, not alongside players who may not have played for a month.
[Post edited 27 Sep 2018 12:05]
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