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Watch this amazing video of two elephants saving baby elephant!
at 22:00 20 Jun 2017

Watch this amazing video of two elephants saving a baby elephant from drowning. Note the alacrity with which both adults respond. Note their very rapid and intelligent decision-making. Watch the third adult in the background, behind a fence, being extremely upset, knowing what's happening, probably because he or she can't get to help with the rescue.

You know, they always say how very intelligent elephants are. Well this should convince even the most skeptical among us.
As of last night, Spring is definitely here in Pennsylvania
at 04:25 14 Jun 2017

As of last night, Spring is definitely here in Pennsylvania! I had a visitor out front. In the photo with the white car, he's in front of my next neighbor's house; and in the one with the white rectangle, he's in my driveway.

Happy Spring, everyone!

Oh, bluddyFin'ELL! Can there be worse than Boob Bradley?
at 01:55 9 Jun 2017

Dear reader: If you drink, have a stiff slug before reading this. If you don't drink, be forewarned that this is going to drive you to drink!

United States Boss Bruce Arena Confident he 'Can Coach Anywhere'

United States coach Bruce Arena believes he "can coach anywhere" and told Goal his countryman Bob Bradley was in a "no-win situation" before he was sacked by Swansea City.

The Premier League club, owned by Americans Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan, fired Bradley in December, less than three months after hiring him.

Bradley said last year he feared his departure could damage the future prospects of Americans managing abroad, but Arena remains confident in his ability.

"I think I can coach anywhere," Arena said. "I think every situation you go into takes a little bit of time, and you've got to get adjusted to it. But I've met the top coaches in the world -- you can do it. Every situation is different."

Arena said Bradley was not entering a good situation at Swansea, who were already facing the prospect of relegation when he came aboard.

"When you look at Bob Bradley at Swansea, that might have been a no-win situation, and probably due to ownership more than anything. He was kind of set up, in some ways, to fail.

"Everyone has to be in the right position. Look at David Moyes, an incredibly good coach. All those good years at Preston North End and Everton, then you go to Man U, now that's a tough job. Am I saying I'm qualified to coach at Man U? That's a whole different animal.

"It's made it tough on [Moyes'] career and he's had some challenging times over the last five, six years at different clubs."

Arena, now in his second stint as U.S. coach, has experience coaching stars like David Beckham and Robbie Keane with the LA Galaxy.

But he believes the global perception of American soccer still hinders opportunities for both players and coaches from the U.S.

"I think, unfortunately, there's still the notion that Americans can't play, and Americans can't coach in our game," he said.

[Davillin's note: It ain't just a 'notion," Bruce.]

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Dav's Stats for 2016-2017 has completed its work
at 19:36 1 Jun 2017

Dav's Stats web page has completed its work for 2016-2017.

If you would like to have any of the graphs originally on Dav's Stats, either send Dav a P.M., or post your request on PlanetSwans.

Looking forward to more Swans success in 2017-2018.
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One Reason Why I Love the Scots
at 00:32 30 May 2017

Here's one reason why I love the Scots. [You may figure that out.]

Scots outraged as Barack Obama drinks diet version of Irn Bru on golf trip to St Andrews

The former US President tried the drink during his first visit to Scotland.

Alexandra Richards
8 hours ago

Scots were left outraged when Barack Obama was given a sugar-free Irn Bru during his visit to Scotland last week.

The former US President was enjoying a round of golf at the Old Course at St Andrews when he was handed a sugar-free version of the iconic Scottish drink.

Unlike Donald Trump, Mr Obama has never visited Scotland before. Twitter erupted with angry Scots dismayed that this was the former President's first experience with Irn Bru.

Matt Kilcoyne posted: “Who the hell gave Obama sugar-free Irn Bru?!?! What treachery to all that is Scottish and holy is this?”

Another wrote: “Obama was POTUS, give the guy some full fat Irn bru for Christ sake.”

One user believed that this was a punishable offence: “Who ever gave Obama Diet Irn Bru needs to be met with the full force of the law.”

[Note: The remainder of the article has nothing to do with IrnBru, so I deleted it.]
New Statistical Information about the Season
at 23:37 21 May 2017

I ask you to please read these short paragraphs in order to understand some things about the following statistical information in two graphs based upon the same data.

The statistics attempt to show how different players contribute to the team's points total, based on number of games he played.

Some statistical studies can be iron-clad and literal, while some, by the nature of the data cannot. The latter, however, can have value in more of an comparison fashion, as do these. In other words, comparing players who are all measured by the same definition seems to level the playing field.

The statistical data here includes the number of games a player played, and the total number of points the team earned in those games in which he played.

At the outset, the statistician must decide what "a game" is – at one extreme it would be one in which a player played every minute, and at the other extreme one in which a player played even a single minute. The definition of "a game" for purposes of such a study would have to be somewhere between "every minute" and "even a single minute."

I've produced this study for a number of years and have laboured over this decision, something like this:

• more than 45 minutes probably is a bit draconian because experience tells me that a player can influence an outcome at fewer than 45. In my mind, that number is more like 30 minutes, so I have made a statistical decision that for purposes of this study, a game is "more than 30 minutes played."

Experience also tells me that scoring a goal or making an "assisst" is not even close to the sole criterion for "contribution," as a player in any position has as much to contribute, as the Swans' season has demonstrated.

The two graphs below are both based on the same data, with one arranged by "games played" and the other by "team points earned" [highlighted in yellow].

I give both graphs so that you can decide for yourself how much weight to put on the contribution to team output of a player who played only one game in which the team got all three points, compared, for example with a player who played closer to 38 games.

Dav's Stats, FINAL update. [Assistance requested.]
at 20:13 21 May 2017

Dav's Stats for 2016-2017 final update and upload at the URL below. Boy, do they look great now, at least for the last few weeks.

Assistance requested:

Please feel free to download any or all of the charts.

I know how to download and save a chart on a Mac [click on graph and drag it to desktop], but I'm not sure how to do it on a p.c. Will someone please post how it's done? Thanks.
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What'd I Tell You? “Ill-informed and cheeky"
at 16:13 17 May 2017

Lovely pissoff article. What'd I tell you?

Don't expect this crap to end until there's either no more shyt or no more fan.
Dav's Stats at the instant of Safety -- updatd and uploaded
at 16:02 14 May 2017
Dav's Stats Updated after Sunderland Away, and Upladed
at 21:37 13 May 2017
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3 Things – 2 updated "safety" graphs and complete "Dav's Stats"
at 23:07 8 May 2017

3 Things – 2 updated "safety" graphs and complete "Dav's Stats"

Dav's Stats:

Dav's Stats Updated after Everton and uploaded
at 21:58 6 May 2017
Stats updated and uploaded
at 18:43 30 Apr 2017
I'm surprised no-one has posted this URL – well worth the read
at 04:03 27 Apr 2017

I'm surprised no-one has posted this URL – well worth the read.
Dav's Stats Updated after the Tottenham game
at 23:49 5 Apr 2017

I think those who understand statistics and can read graphs will find much of interest in the latest "Dav's Stats" [after the Tottenham game].

Those who don't like statistics – or think they can have no value – will save a lot of time and frustration if they would not go for a look at:

It's kinda like train watching, really.
[Post edited 6 Apr 0:20]
Dav's Stats have been expanded, updated, and uploaded
at 22:52 2 Apr 2017
This Kind of "reporting" is now called "Fake News," and it annoys me
at 18:35 13 Mar 2017

All some of your media does is stir things up with "fake news," this being an egregious example:

Club slap £30m price tag on West Ham’s Payet replacement

Swansea City believe they are in good position to demand £30million for their midfield playmaker Gylfi Sigurdsson in the summer, according to the Daily Star. [Emphasis added.]

The newspaper reports that both West Ham and Everton are interested in the Icelandic international but it seems the Swans will stick to their asking price if Paul Clement helps to steer the club to safety this season.

The former Derby boss has helped Swansea to sixteenth in the table, three points above the relegation zone despite their loss to Hull City at the weekend. It is reported that he will only allow Sigurdsson to leave if a replacement is found first and a club matches their valuation.

The 27 year old rejoined Swansea on a permanent basis from Tottenham for £6.8million in 2014 after previously playing for the Welsh club on loan from Hoffenheim in 2012.

Playing on the left wing and in the number 10 role for the Swans this season, he has scored eight goals and provided 11 assists with manager Slaven Bilic seemingly seeking a player who can create and score goals in the same vein of the now departed Dimitri Payet.
What kind of "news" do you call it, when they source another story in another paper, and no named source -- especially not the player himself or the club? Pistme off.
[Post edited 13 Mar 23:04]
"Slog to Safety" updated and uploaded
at 22:39 11 Mar 2017

Because of the thin fixture list for this weekend, "Slog to Safety" is by necessity incomplete, but I have put it up anyway.

For information about the graph, and a slightly larger one, click on the following URL: Safety.jpg
[Post edited 12 Mar 23:58]
An opinion regarding the slump in form today
at 22:35 11 Mar 2017

This is an opinion.

When a coach [manager] announces to the world -- in at least two different interviews that I saw -- that in the next game "a draw would be O.K. with me" [I know that's not an exact quote, but it's close enough from memory], I do not expect to see his team play at the required level of fight and battle for a win.

And I said something similar to that out loud each time I heard Clement on television, and a few times as I watched the game develop. Ya just don''t give your players a green light to "play for a draw," or even to ease back on intensity -- especially in a relegation battle.

Easing up is also a good way to get injured -- real, imagined [or even conveniently], present game and players excepted.
Heart-warming story about a lost dog
at 15:07 9 Mar 2017

Blind Dog Lost for Days in California Mountains is Found

A blind dog that was lost in the thick woods and steep terrain of California's Santa Cruz mountains was missing for more than a week before she was found.

The 12-year-old Labrador named Sage had been missing for eight days. Her owner Beth Cole says the family mistakenly thought she had been brought into the house. About an hour later, they realized she was outside and gone. Stories of Sage's disappearance soon spread on social media. Members of the community searched high and low for Sage, and a professional dog tracker was hired with no luck.

There had been multiple mountain lion sightings in the area and the family feared the worst - that Sage was a goner. They were devastated.

That's when neighbor Dan Estrada and his friend went for a hike. Estrada tells KTVU he took his friend to a remote area that he finds incredibly peaceful. When he looked down a hill at a stream he saw what looked to be Sage's lifeless body in the stream. "I know this dog is a sweetheart - when I saw her lifeless body - I thought this was a recovery effort. I didn't want to be the bearer of bad news."

As he got closer, much to his surprise, Sage slowly lifted her head. "I started hugging her, it was overwhelming - so moving," said Estrada.

Estrada, who is a paramedic/firefighter in Livermore, put Sage over his shoulders and carried her up the ravine. Estrada says if dogs could smile, Sage was smiling all the way home. He called his wife - who contacted Sage's owner Beth Cole. Estrada said as the Cole family was reunited with Sage, they were overwhelmed with emotion. They immediately took Sage to a veterinarian where they learned Sage was weak with a fever and malnourished. Luckily she was not dehydrated because she was drinking from the stream.

Estrada adds that a storm came in the evening Sage was found. He believes the river would have risen and Sage would have drowned.

Sage has been getting plenty of TLC since her rescue. A neighbor even cooked a steak for her.

Estrada says she's back to her usual "sweetheart" self.
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