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THAT injury 07:01 - Oct 24 with 4988 viewsE17hoop

Pudil seemed more than a little upset when he went off and, having seen the pic below, did Wednesday have a shout for a pen?

It's always noisiest at the shallow end
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THAT injury on 07:05 - Oct 24 with 3265 viewsWatford_Ranger

Probably, though not sure that image proves anything.

Fking Watford reject ponce.

THAT injury on 07:11 - Oct 24 with 3214 viewsToast_R

Terrible challenge, surprised Rangel's foot didnt get broken...

THAT injury on 07:21 - Oct 24 with 3171 viewskingsburyR

My instant reaction was Penalty but looking at that he was stooping to head the ball.

Game is now played by tarts, reffed by tarts and watched by well................

I'm surprised Rangel wasn't sent off!

Doesn't deflect away from a good solid win mind!

Dont know why we bother. .... but we do!


THAT injury on 07:22 - Oct 24 with 3158 viewsFDC

They definitely had a shout earlier on when Lynch was holding a player in the box

THAT injury on 07:28 - Oct 24 with 3119 viewsNorthLondonR

Don't like it up 'em.

THAT injury on 08:43 - Oct 24 with 2863 viewsTheChef

Big girls blouse. Never touched him.


THAT injury on 08:45 - Oct 24 with 2851 viewskingsburyR

Christ, is that the aftermath of the foot up????

Dont know why we bother. .... but we do!


THAT injury on 09:00 - Oct 24 with 2771 viewscollegeranger

Dean Richard's blood capsule in the kit man's magic sponge? He stooped to head the ball - Rangel cleared the ball at waist height - referee was spot on - the only complaint isthat it was ahead injury so he should have stopped play. The biggest joke was that Weds carried on in possession and our players were screaming at Bannon to kick it out!

THAT injury on 09:02 - Oct 24 with 2763 viewsoldmisery

That's nothing, should have seen me when I was boxing.

THAT injury on 09:12 - Oct 24 with 2700 viewsrobith

I liked it when he miraculously sprung to his feet and shaped to spark the ref

THAT injury on 09:52 - Oct 24 with 2598 viewssmegma

I thought it was a penalty live. Saw an instant replay on TV by the press box, I still think it was a penalty.

THAT injury on 10:07 - Oct 24 with 2534 viewsPinnerPaul

Its a pen for me and if you remember Zamora got sent off for much less than that at LR.

On the 'head injury' myth.

Referees stop play if in their opinion a player is 'seriously injured'.

Now that IS more likely if an injury to the head is involved, but the words 'head injury' are not in the LOTG.

THAT injury on 10:11 - Oct 24 with 2517 viewsW7Ranger

He can run that off surely...!

THAT injury on 10:12 - Oct 24 with 2513 viewsstevenagehoop

Another option Hiw about calling it dangerous play and awarding an indirect freekick at the most?

I never lie but I don't always tell the truth


THAT injury on 10:16 - Oct 24 with 2490 viewsSonofNorfolt

The reason I thought it wasn't a penalty is that our player is in front of theirs as the ball comes in, so his actions follow the ball.

THAT injury on 10:21 - Oct 24 with 2472 viewsPinnerPaul

If there's contact you can't penalise for 'playing in a dangerous manner' - it becomes a 'kick'

If 'careless' its a fk/pen - no card, if 'reckless' its a yellow, if 'excessive force and/or endangers safety of opponent, then red.

Pen and red for me I think.

TBF Sheff Weds manager said they didn't lose because of it but were beaten by the better team.

THAT injury on 10:23 - Oct 24 with 2468 viewssmegma

To be fair to the ref, he didn't know how serious it was at the moment.

THAT injury on 10:29 - Oct 24 with 2447 viewsPinnerPaul

No, but should have seen there was contact to head.

I can guarantee he would be thinking 'Oh sh**' once he saw that face!

THAT injury on 10:58 - Oct 24 with 2336 viewsDavieQPR

Might have some sympathy if he had stayed down. Went down as though he had been shot, jumped back up to berate ref when ignored by all and sundry and then went back down again. Case of foot was high but head was low but Pudil was challenging Rangel.

THAT injury on 11:04 - Oct 24 with 2311 viewsfrancisbowles

My thoughts at the time were that he stooped low and contact was about waist high. The picture makes it look a bit worse than that.

Zamora's looked a lot worse to me. My impression of that one was that he was auditioning for the Follies Berget (or whatever it's called). I couldn't believe that injured old crock could get his leg so high. Must have given him the confidence to bounce back and become the hero he now is.

THAT injury on 11:30 - Oct 24 with 2226 viewsdoogi10

it was head to foot rangel can only see the ball
I think he should have been booked for headbutting rangel

THAT injury on 11:52 - Oct 24 with 2138 viewssimmo

I was at the opposite end of the pitch, but at the time I was waiting for a pen. After the replay and pictures, very surprised it's not a pen and red card

ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead


THAT injury on 11:52 - Oct 24 with 2138 viewsbosh67

To be honest I think it was a genuine challenge for the ball and Pudil did bow his head to it, but... dangerous play really and should have been a pen. Have seen them given. Ref decided that Rangel got the ball before the man, which he did.

Never knowingly right.
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THAT injury on 11:53 - Oct 24 with 2129 viewskensalriser

FK Rangers and red card Pudil for the head-butt on Rangel.

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THAT injury on 12:10 - Oct 24 with 2086 viewsCliveWilsonSaid

I had no idea what had happened at the time. It doesn’t look a great challenge from the pictures but he does duck into it. I’m sure these kinds of things happen every match without injuries like last nights occurring. Just unfortunate really.
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