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Huge game tonight...
at 07:39 18 May 2021

Kendal County FC visit the Parkside tonight for a derby game dubbed "El Mint Cakesicco".

Extra security has been called in in case the Town yoof get a bit leery, as County have taken up their full allocation of six. All of whom are related.

There is bad blood between the clubs dating back to the notorious "cheese roll incident" in the 80`s. That is the 1880`s. People don`t forget around here.

Sadly I will be unable to attend as there is another game on telly.

Let`s hope it goes well.

Make me a winner...
at 09:33 30 Apr 2021

Listening to the radio the other day and there is a phone-in competition whereby you can win (£60,000 on this particular day) as long as when the radio station calls you, you have to answer within 5 rings and say "Make me a winner".

If you say anything else (like "Hello") you do not win the money.

The presenter said someone the day before had answered the phone and said "Hello" first and therefore missed the £60 grand prize!

Can you imagine how that person felt?

If you are having a bad day that could tip you right over the edge.

Struck me as a rather cruel competition...
And she`s a lawyer?
at 12:01 30 Mar 2021

In the cold light of day some may be paying for the Trump madness.

She must think she is still living in Trumpworld where you could get away with talking this sort of bobbins...
When good journalists go bad...
at 17:24 16 Mar 2021

Ironically her book `Welcome to the woke trials; How #identity killed progressive politics`, which in part was about "cancel culture" was, erm...cancelled by her publisher.

What a silly girl.

Hell of an apology though...
[Post edited 16 Mar 2021 17:25]
at 11:14 28 Feb 2021

Word of the day.

I have to construct four of them as part of a conservation grant.

When the fella told me about them I just nodded knowingly then googled it later...
Spudgun shame...
at 13:20 5 Feb 2021

...brought on the family by young spud!

Was caught doing his football training at the uni with 3 other team mates by the police and issued with a £200 fine for breaching Covid rules!

What a buffoon....
A bit of a step down...
at 14:28 31 Jan 2021

One minute you`re assistant to the manager at Kendal Town, the next you are appointed manager of Fleetwood....

I hope he doesn`t try to poach Mintcakes` players...
at 20:26 29 Jan 2021

...and even better when someone else is losing.

Walking down the lane and some scrotes had dropped a load of takeaway packaging in a pull-in. Cursing, I wandered over and started picking it up and found the scotes had chucked 3 tenners out with the rubbish by mistake!

What I call a result.

Nice to win...

Part of the problem...
at 11:02 16 Jan 2021

We really can do without spoons like him...
Robert Fripp...
at 11:24 11 Jan 2021

Always rated him as a guitarist...
RIP Gerard Houllier
at 11:09 14 Dec 2020

Was there that night he unexpectedly returned from his illness.

He got a thunderous reception on an emotion charged night.

Gerard, a true gentleman and great football manager.


Trump: the twilight days
at 20:10 11 Dec 2020

Just a couple of his recent tweets:

"Now it turns out that my phone call to the President of Ukraine which many, including me, have called `perfect` was even better than that...."

And a retweet by Trump from a Fox flunkey:

"Donald Trump must get the credit for the vaccine. It is a miracle."

A miracle man who is better than perfect.

God, I`ll miss him...
Funny old game...
at 21:31 31 Oct 2020

Just watched Nat Phillips make his debut in the Premier League for Liverpool.

He was a year older than young spud at BWFC academy and occasionally they played in the same team. Dropping down an age group is usually because someone isn`t doing very well.

It was widely acknowledged that Phillips was only there because his dad was Head of the Academy, and not on ability. Lancaster`s Sam Bailey was streets ahead of him then and being courted by Manchester City!

But at the age of 23 he just got Man of the Match against West Ham, whilst Sam was playing at Warrington Town.

Funny old game, eh?

Well done Nat....

Carnage at Kendal...
at 17:48 24 Oct 2020

Thrown out of the FA Trophy on a technicality for playing ineligible loan players.

Kendal Ultras protesting about the chairman around town with banners.

Chairman resigns this week.

20 ultras refuse to go in the ground today and make their protest from the "grassy knoll".

(The other 30-40 watched from the open terrace and took their coats off when the rain got torrential and threw them in the air.) ...

New chairman announced - the Mayor of Kendal.

Next game likely to be postponed due to Covid.


I fear I may be being radicalised...
at 09:56 9 Oct 2020

Bought a flag online this week (I`m a bit of a vexillologist) and when it arrived I received an accompanying letter thanking me for the order beginning "Dear Comrade" and ending "In solidarity".

Accompanying it was two stickers of a pair Dr Marten boots (one knocked over) with the aphorism "Sometimes anti-social, always anti-fascist"!

Which I quite liked.

I think at my age I may be more susceptible to part - radicalisation; how about you?
Nice start to the week...
at 08:32 21 Sep 2020

at 09:41 15 Sep 2020

Kinda sums up Johnson and his cabinet`s policy strategy towards the EU.

And pretty much everything else really...
Bars temporarily closed in Poulton...
at 15:01 9 Sep 2020

Boca Cafe, Tipsy Cow, Rumba Bar, Cinco`s and the Alley all around the Breck, temporarily closed due to a spike in positive cases. Up from 5 per 100,000 to 14 per 100,000...

Perfidious Albion...
at 07:39 7 Sep 2020

Not a team in the Northern Premier League, but probably what the EU are thinking today about Great Britain, as Boris Johnson sets a deadline of October 15th with the European Union, and threatens to unpick legally binding earlier agreements.

Really we should have expected nothing less from the dishonourable, work-shy shyster.

Expect the EU will be a tad annoyed...

The People`s Poet Remembered...
at 14:41 25 Aug 2020

What a fella...
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