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Initial Transfer Action Doesn't Augur Well
at 12:05 16 Jun 2024

The honeymoon of optimism is over, all hail the predictable trudge of cynicism and doom. But hey that's part of the fun ( and anxiety) of being a fan - especially a Southampton FC fan - especially in recent years. Initial action doesn't augur well - an elderly ( in football terms) Brighton disguard returning; a Brentford disguard on the near horizon and a potential capable midfielder being sold off and the disappearance of a proven loan signing midfielder. All this slightly counterbalanced by the immediate signing of a centre half but in no way balancing out all of the above.
Nobody's brave enough to say it yet but but this all smacks of us plummeting back into the Championship. Let's hope that the management of the club are just mucking about at the moment!
Wilcox gone and now Martin can think more independently
at 11:18 18 May 2024

Looks like it's worked for the last few weeks despite Mara and Stephens decisions. Fraser and Brooks were terrific last night. McCarthy instead of Baz was a bit of luck though I feel.
Looks as if Adams is on his way out to Wolves
at 19:10 16 May 2024

Negotiations going swimmingly apparently. I think he's been good for the club although not a prolific scorer ( I don't think think the supply has ever been good enough for one reason although he has wasted a fair few chances) but can we replace him?
I'd love the club to go and acquire Sammie Szmodics. and show some positivity. OK we've got Stewart ( almost forgot) but I can't seriously see him being regularly fit. So we need somebody else. A fit Stewart and Szmodics should be a handful. Although we'll probably be lumbered with someone not even Adams' equal.
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Saints Should Go and Start Negotiating for Johansson, Szmojics and Brown Now
at 18:05 4 May 2024

Johannson of Rotherham, Szmojics of Blackburn and Brown of Preston - three excellent, quality Champ players that we've seen this year. Just go and get them now! Those two Szmojics goals against Leicester were very reminscent of Danny Ings.
Serious Saints Play Well and Hold a Lead
at 14:33 4 May 2024

About time. Actually fought for - for a change. Good Stuff - long may it continue. Cut-out the stupid tippy tappy in defence and we'll be very serious contenders. Adams went off injured, hope he's fine for next week.
[Post edited 4 May 14:33]
Martin Surprisingly Picks a Decent Side For Leeds
at 12:09 4 May 2024

Good for him. Did the pressure not to get slaughtered today pay off? Now at least I can go into the game with a little more confidence. We'll see ...

Captain S
A Arm


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Time to Change, Martin ! The Aftermath ...
at 11:31 29 Feb 2024

Played well first half and should have put away our chances - Sulemana being the most culpable, however what does anyone expect when the guy hasn't played regular first team football. But I thought he was a real threat to Liverpool that's why they brought on the first teamer right centre-half, Konate, to stop him in the second half. Konate showed his Premiership class and did stop Sulemana but why didn't Martin play Sulemana in a different position on the other side or more centrally ? Edozie was also a threat. At least Martin could have tried to swap them around. I thought Sulemana and Edozie had a great first half. More goal scoring prowess and we could easily have gone 3 up. The other strange thing about Martin's selection was that he selected two dangerous wingers but a poor centre forward - once again playing Mara from the start he looked out of his depth - missing a couple of sitters. Adams was the obvious choice for me. Chalk and cheese.

Don't start me on the suicidal knocking the ball around our box to find a non-existent solution. OK do then. Frankly if a manager persists with this strategy he doesn't deserve to be manager - just saying we're going to stick to something 1. shows a lack of reasoning 2. an inability to adapt 3. Extreme stubbornness and arrogance. Being 'brave' enough to take 'risky chances' is absurd and stupid when a team consistently loses matches with these conceits. It might, and does, work against weak teams that give you too much respect but it ain't going to win any trophies or promotion. Try that against Ipswich or Hull in the play-offs!

Thought Bree played OK except for one or two mistakes. And thought Charles played well except for a couple of mistakes. Same for Manning , same for Smallbone. Do you see the pattern here? If you ask me Saints players are trying to play an unnatural and risky style of football that they aren't technically gifted enough to play and so it will always ultimately let them down against more prepared and/or better teams. It's failed Russ; go back to 4-4-2 and play two wingers and two forwards with proper left and right backs. I'd also be quite happy to give Lumley a run of games.
[Post edited 29 Feb 11:53]
8 Changes - worrying line-up against Liverpool
at 19:25 28 Feb 2024

With a forward line of Edozie, Mara and Sulemana, I'm not sure who's supposed to score. Classic Martin.
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