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Mac Advise (non QPR) 16:34 - Sep 23 with 1162 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

No not the raincoat, the computer.

After a update suddenly I need permission from a administrator to download things or view some websites (including LfW).

Problem is there is no administrator user set up and I am the sole owner/administrator but my permissions have been taken away but not given to anyone else as there isn't anyone else.

Any idea?
Mac Advise (non QPR) on 16:53 - Sep 23 with 1144 viewsBoston

This isn't another tactics advice thread about Schteeve!

Poll: Thank God The Seaons Over.

Mac Advise (non QPR) on 17:42 - Sep 23 with 1091 viewsNeil_SI

Do you know what the update was that you installed?

MacOS Mojave actually officially launches tomorrow (10.14).

If you haven't set up any other users, then that's fine, it's simply asking for an administrator password, which will be your accounts username and password.

Another possibility is that it's iCloud Keychain. If you go to "System Preferences" > "iCloud", you might see various accounts listed there where you may need to re-enter your password. Similarly you can do the same in "System Preferences" > "Internet Accounts".

One other are you can also check is "System Preferences" > "Security & Privacy". On the "General" tab, you may see some app(s) listed under the "Allow apps download from:" section that are waiting for approval. You can select the Padlock icon to make changes.
Mac Advise (non QPR) on 17:47 - Sep 23 with 1086 viewsDavieQPR

Step 1 : Insert Mac OS Instal Disk no.1

Step 2: Restart computer and hold down 'C ' key.

Step 3 : Choose language and accept terms, then select 'reset password' from the installer menu.

Step 4: Pick your hard drive ,Mackintosh HD? and choose name of administrator for whom password should be reset.

Step 5: Choose new password. Remember it.
Step 6: Restart your computer and log in using new password.

I do not know what happens with existing files but if you cannot find anything else at least it should get you going again.
Mac Advise (non QPR) on 15:45 - Sep 24 with 912 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

All sorted lads cheers!
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