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My tuppence worth. 07:50 - Oct 29 with 836 viewsPlanetHonneywood

The ingrained problems at QPR remain, and we won't amount to a hill of beans until we have someone come in who knows what they are doing and with a big brush to clear the dross out!

Loved GA as a player, and his enthusiasm from start to finish was infectious. It would have been great if it had worked out, but there was no loud consensus calling for him, he should never have been appointed, especially given the large number of tosspots taking good coin as supposed players.

It needed a Warnock when JFH was appointed and that situation has remained pretty much the case in the intervening years. However, the fact the same individuals who've presided over much of our demise this century remain in-post, tells us where change is really needed!

GA will sadly join the list of former players whose reputation and standing have been soiled by returning when they never should have been in the reckoning. The fact he lasted this long was because the decision makers were clueless and in the end, GA got off lightly from the Rfosi because of the capital he'd built up as a player.

Although the hair and heels were ridiculous; he really tried, he really cared, and the state QPR are in will hurt him: admirable traits diametrically opposite those displayed by too many c...s of players we currently have to endure!!

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