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My Mum
at 07:53 12 Apr 2024

My mother passed away unexpectedly last Sunday. Realising my worst fear, that I'd not get back in time from wherever I was in the world to be with her at the end.

Over the last few days, I've realised how integral she was to my football life. As a small boy who had part of his leg amputated at 3, she encouraged me to go out and play football as a child. I always consider this was the cornerstone that my confidence to go out into the world was built on and also how I took on my disability. Equally, how I then expected other people with disabilities that I've worked for down the years to be treated as well: encouraged and self-confident.

But her erudite, no nonsense assessments on all things QPR down the years, are what I'll also miss. 'If you'd all support the lad, he'd do better!', followed by her gloating when the lad, Tony Sealey, finished top scorer the next season! Wherever I'd ring from on the Planet, she'd cut to the chase, and I'll sum it us thus: 'What kind of a bollix is Harry Redknapp?'

On 3 April 1982, she gathered all the mums, wives from around here to listen to the FA Cup semi final, and as we all trooped home, I just remember our house was buzzing when we got home.

Several years later, she'd been very ill, I flew back from Manila for a week, and stayed 18 months and became her carer. Her health yo-yo'd, and to go to Wembley in 2014, required a number of supports to be put in place to facilitate this. I was with my chums, but was exhausted by about 8pm and came home, but my mum had refused to go to bed until I was back and we had a drink to celebrate.

After my dad died, my regular trips back to London were to see mum, and I'd try get a few games in too. But now she's gone, I realise that I won't be visiting London as much and thus, my trips to QPR will sadly decrease even more. In fact, visits will be interspersed by years now as opposed to months.

It's life. We're born, we die, but what we do in-between determines if it was a good life or not. And despite all the challenges she faced, she gad a good life. The fact she'll be buried and reunited with my dad on their wedding anniversary says it all.

In the meantime, look after my team...they are worth fighting for too!

RIP Ma Planet.

Random Acts of Kindness Between Our Fellow Dotorgers
at 14:42 4 Apr 2024

Just a brief shout out of thanks to Danny Paddox for doing me a little favour on behalf of a good friend, who was a little too close to slipping off this mortal coil!

I am sure for him it was a doddle for him but nonetheless, he obliging stopped what he was doing.

Thank you Daniel.
Now Kate Middleton has cancer!
at 18:06 22 Mar 2024


Add another to the list of sending positive thoughts too!
Who should do the Birmingham Frederick?
at 12:45 19 Mar 2024

Who should do the Birmingham Frederick?

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Central Line (Rotherham game)
at 08:36 23 Feb 2024

Are there problems/delays to be expected tomorrow from the West Ruislip end heading east? And is the Piccadilly compromised as well?

Merci in advance.

at 17:16 17 Feb 2024

No other fcuker even think about it!
at 10:01 21 Jan 2024

I was reading the story about the AC Milan side walking off the pitch following racist abuse towards their keeper. As I looked down the piece, I noticed that they had 12 subs on the bench. Itself dwarfed by Udinese's 14.

Looking at the sides involved in ours and Brentford's games yesterday, all four teams had only nine subs. Same in Dortmund's game in Germany.

How are Italian sides allowed to name so many subs?
RIP Franz Beckenbauer (n/t)
at 16:37 8 Jan 2024

Songs for E17Hoops
at 22:05 1 Dec 2023

You beautiful man!

To try putting a smile on our faces in these desperate times!
at 13:48 26 Nov 2023

Jesus, as I look at the thread titles currently, what a desperate melange to behold: Terry Venables RIP; Nick London Gone!; Giving up completely on QPR; the Norwich match fred; Whens our next win coming; and one on Dykes/inability to score.

Anyway, this was a great day courtesy of a then great club, team and manager. For us older Rfosi in particular, enjoy it.

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Players who won you over in the end
at 12:31 10 Nov 2023

1. Tony Sealy - did that lad try and never anything less than 100%. However, I thought he was rubbish until the 82/83 season when he came into his own.

2. Paul Furlong - thought resigning him really odd and yet in his second stint, one of the first names on the teamsheet.
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Tucked Up
at 17:38 2 Nov 2023

I noticed on my bank statement, some 'suspicious' amounts debited from by TFL.

Three deductions at LHR T5 for the same journey, which was caused by their ticket gates being open and not properly recording my tap as I went through. Another journey where I did tap out correctly as the gates flew open, wasn't recorded and the saucy sods sought full payment!

Now far be it for me to suggest that TFL purposefully keep gates open so that if you do not tap or the tap isn't picked up means they charge the full fare and they chance it that many people will not apply for refunds, but £28 'taken' from my account makes you wonder how much they are making from their own errors/possible shady practices!!

Not sure if anyone else had such issues, but I sure as sh1t will check more in future.
Says it all stat
at 11:36 29 Oct 2023

Just received something, not sure if posted on recent Barbet thread. Apparently, since leaving QPR, he's scored more goals (10) than any other QPR player (Dykes 9).

If true, says it all.
My tuppence worth.
at 07:50 29 Oct 2023

The ingrained problems at QPR remain, and we won't amount to a hill of beans until we have someone come in who knows what they are doing and with a big brush to clear the dross out!

Loved GA as a player, and his enthusiasm from start to finish was infectious. It would have been great if it had worked out, but there was no loud consensus calling for him, he should never have been appointed, especially given the large number of tosspots taking good coin as supposed players.

It needed a Warnock when JFH was appointed and that situation has remained pretty much the case in the intervening years. However, the fact the same individuals who've presided over much of our demise this century remain in-post, tells us where change is really needed!

GA will sadly join the list of former players whose reputation and standing have been soiled by returning when they never should have been in the reckoning. The fact he lasted this long was because the decision makers were clueless and in the end, GA got off lightly from the Rfosi because of the capital he'd built up as a player.

Although the hair and heels were ridiculous; he really tried, he really cared, and the state QPR are in will hurt him: admirable traits diametrically opposite those displayed by too many c...s of players we currently have to endure!!
Chandler Bing / Matt Perry ....gone at 54!
at 07:14 29 Oct 2023

Blimey, no age!
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Expat Friendly: QPR v Leicester
at 14:47 26 Oct 2023

Don't know why Boston hasn't been pulled up on this earlier. Instead of posting Ds all the time, just start posting Ws instead.

Great win Rs, delighted for GA.
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