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My Mum 07:53 - Apr 12 with 5722 viewsPlanetHonneywood

My mother passed away unexpectedly last Sunday. Realising my worst fear, that I'd not get back in time from wherever I was in the world to be with her at the end.

Over the last few days, I've realised how integral she was to my football life. As a small boy who had part of his leg amputated at 3, she encouraged me to go out and play football as a child. I always consider this was the cornerstone that my confidence to go out into the world was built on and also how I took on my disability. Equally, how I then expected other people with disabilities that I've worked for down the years to be treated as well: encouraged and self-confident.

But her erudite, no nonsense assessments on all things QPR down the years, are what I'll also miss. 'If you'd all support the lad, he'd do better!', followed by her gloating when the lad, Tony Sealey, finished top scorer the next season! Wherever I'd ring from on the Planet, she'd cut to the chase, and I'll sum it us thus: 'What kind of a bollix is Harry Redknapp?'

On 3 April 1982, she gathered all the mums, wives from around here to listen to the FA Cup semi final, and as we all trooped home, I just remember our house was buzzing when we got home.

Several years later, she'd been very ill, I flew back from Manila for a week, and stayed 18 months and became her carer. Her health yo-yo'd, and to go to Wembley in 2014, required a number of supports to be put in place to facilitate this. I was with my chums, but was exhausted by about 8pm and came home, but my mum had refused to go to bed until I was back and we had a drink to celebrate.

After my dad died, my regular trips back to London were to see mum, and I'd try get a few games in too. But now she's gone, I realise that I won't be visiting London as much and thus, my trips to QPR will sadly decrease even more. In fact, visits will be interspersed by years now as opposed to months.

It's life. We're born, we die, but what we do in-between determines if it was a good life or not. And despite all the challenges she faced, she gad a good life. The fact she'll be buried and reunited with my dad on their wedding anniversary says it all.

In the meantime, look after my team...they are worth fighting for too!

RIP Ma Planet.

'Always In Motion' by John Honney available on Nous sommes L’occitane Rs!
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My Mum on 08:02 - Apr 12 with 3394 viewswestberksr

wonderful words Planet and your Mum sounds like a fantastic person and great judge of character based on her opinion of Redknapp..

my condolences to you and your loved ones; RIP Ma Planet
My Mum on 08:19 - Apr 12 with 3329 viewsEastR

So sorry for your loss JH

She would be as proud of such a fitting tribute as I'm sure she was of her son. Her memory remains alive and well in those wonderful tales. There's nobody can set you better equipped on the rocky road of life as well as an Irish mother can.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh sí.

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My Mum on 08:35 - Apr 12 with 3265 viewsMonkey_Roots

Wow, that’s lovely.

So sorry for your loss mate.
My Mum on 08:47 - Apr 12 with 3193 viewsCroydonCaptJack

Lovely words Planet and sorry for you loss.
My Mum on 08:49 - Apr 12 with 3188 viewsWA_Hoop

Lovely words John. I'm so sorry for your loss and not being able to be with her at the end.
My Mum on 08:59 - Apr 12 with 3148 viewsdaveB

Sorry for your loss mate but what great memories you have of her, she sounds incredible
My Mum on 09:02 - Apr 12 with 3127 viewsKonk

Really sorry to hear that, mate. She sounds like a great Mum. Hope your shared memories comfort you - I'm fully signed-up to the Mexican idea that someone's still with us, for as long as they're remembered. I hope the funeral is a great celebration of your Mum - sure you'll do her proud.

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My Mum on 09:05 - Apr 12 with 3113 viewsHarbour

Fantastic tribute ,your mum would be proud of you for that may she RIP..condolences to you and your family.
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My Mum on 09:06 - Apr 12 with 3112 viewssoops

Sorry for your loss John - but what lovely memories and a wonderful tribute.
My Mum on 09:09 - Apr 12 with 3097 viewssprocket

Fantastic tribute to your mum, who sounded like a wonderful woman. RIP.
My Mum on 09:15 - Apr 12 with 3071 viewsDaBurgh

Very nice words John, she seemed a one of a kind. RIP Ma Planet. Remember she is always by your side.
My Mum on 09:16 - Apr 12 with 3055 viewsGaryBannister86

My Mum on 09:15 - Apr 12 by DaBurgh

Very nice words John, she seemed a one of a kind. RIP Ma Planet. Remember she is always by your side.

So sorry to hear this and I hope you are OK. Lovely story about the FA Cup semi final, she sounded like one of a kind.

Take care.
My Mum on 09:29 - Apr 12 with 3002 viewsLblock

That choked me up a touch as I'm at a bit of a low ebb this morning; however..... simply beautiful words.

I look around me at generations coming through and these tight bonds and lovely experiences seem to becoming less and less with the young 'uns.

RIP to Ma H and I hope she can look down from on high on us these last few games and ensure we all "get behind the lad(s)" and push us over that safety line.

Keep your chin up and your eyes ahead Mr H

Cherish and enjoy life.... this ain't no dress rehearsal

My Mum on 09:45 - Apr 12 with 2957 viewsbosh67

Beautiful words John and so sorry for your loss. RIP for your beautiful mum.

I love that she was an ardent R. She sounds like a fantastic character and influence to have in your life. You've also obviously been a brilliant son.

Look after yourself. These days are never easy so take time to look after you as well over this period.

Never knowingly right.
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My Mum on 09:55 - Apr 12 with 2922 viewsLoftgirl

I've never met you and don't know you but that was touching. Good luck to you. The Rs family will always be there.
My Mum on 10:03 - Apr 12 with 2888 viewsderbyhoop

Sorry for your loss, John.
A lovely tribute to someone who seemed to have a spark about her. Cherish the good memories.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the Earth all one’s lifetime. (Mark Twain) Find me on twitter @derbyhoop

My Mum on 10:04 - Apr 12 with 2886 viewsR_from_afar

So sad to hear your news, Planet, I know it's hard when you lose a parent. My condolences. Try to remember the good times, it certainly sounds like there were plenty of them.

"Things had started becoming increasingly desperate at Loftus Road but QPR have been handed a massive lifeline and the place has absolutely erupted. it's carnage. It's bedlam. It's 1-1."

My Mum on 10:14 - Apr 12 with 2841 viewsLeedsR

That was a beautiful tribute to your mum. Like others I’m choking up too. She sounded like a fantastic person and she will always be in your heart wherever you are. Condolences to you and yours at this sad time.
My Mum on 10:16 - Apr 12 with 2833 viewsted_hendrix

I can only add what has already been written, you'll sorely miss you Mum.

Hope your Okay.

My Father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic.

My Mum on 10:20 - Apr 12 with 2818 viewsDannyPaddox

Sorry for your loss mate and just to echo all the sentiments on here. A beautiful elegy for a beautiful Mum. Condolences, best wishes. and love 🙏🏼
My Mum on 10:33 - Apr 12 with 2783 viewsterryb

Many condolences & best wishes to yourself, family & friends.

A wonderful tribute that had my eyes watering. RIP Mrs Honeywood
My Mum on 10:37 - Apr 12 with 2759 viewsTheChef

So sorry for your loss John, condolences to you and all the family.

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My Mum on 10:41 - Apr 12 with 2745 viewslondonscottish

My Mum on 09:02 - Apr 12 by Konk

Really sorry to hear that, mate. She sounds like a great Mum. Hope your shared memories comfort you - I'm fully signed-up to the Mexican idea that someone's still with us, for as long as they're remembered. I hope the funeral is a great celebration of your Mum - sure you'll do her proud.

I'm totally with you on that one mate.

RIP Planet Ma.

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My Mum on 10:47 - Apr 12 with 2726 viewsGloucs_R

Sorry for your loss mate

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My Mum on 10:57 - Apr 12 with 2699 viewshantssi

Can’t add anything that’s not already been said.
Going through a similar thing with my mum who's 91, lives on her own and refuses help, I’m only 2 hours away and still feel helpless sometimes.
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