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Just met Sir Les!
at 16:03 5 Jan 2024

In Radlett of all places. Had a bit of a QPR natter.

Seemed very nice (not evil).

Likes Marti. Told me that a year ago his break clause would have cost us a million quid, can see why we didn't bother at that stage. Shame
Club standards / media training??
at 11:15 2 Jan 2024

Smyth by no means the worst of our sorry bunch of players but his tweet yesterday evening was totally tone deaf.

Yes Paul so pleased you scored - care to mention any disappointment about yet another defeat??

Don't the players get any guidance from the club about what may or may not be sensible to post on social media after a defeat?

Feels like losing is totally acceptable, and, oh don't worry as there'll be another game (defeat) soon. Where's the contrition and desire to put things right?

I'm fkin sick of 'going again'!
New owners...when?
at 10:41 28 Dec 2023

I might be going mad but didn't Hoos say a few weeks ago that the current owners are looking for a buyer?

Don't suppose much will happen over this period (unless some billionaire had too much Xmas brandy and thinks we're worth a punt).

But I'd like to think a new owner announcement might give the club a boost - probably won't change the players into world beaters though
Square it Tommy
at 11:31 24 Nov 2023

I know we all go on about it like it was some mythical virtual open goal that would have won us the play off final - but does anyone have any video evidence of it?

I've looked at the various highlights clips on YouTube, but none of them include it.

Did it ever actually exist??
David Squires on … the ultimate fantasy football stadium in 50 favourite bits
at 13:28 21 Nov 2023

Most excellent
So where did it all go wrong?
at 10:20 24 Oct 2023

5th place in the Prem in 92/93.

But rather than invest and push on, we started selling off the talent (not sure why though, were we that brassic back then?)

Francis/Marsh hoo ha.

Thompson out.

Chris Wrong in.

Pretty much all downhill since then!
How old is everyone on here?
at 13:05 13 Oct 2023

How old is everyone on here?

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Four Year Plan
at 10:59 4 Oct 2023

Sky have been reshowing it this week, caught some of it the other night.

The stars really aligned for us in that Championship season; arguably mainly because Flav and Bern took a step back, allowing Bhatia and Saksena to let Warnock get on with the job (Warnock arguably wouldn't have let them interfere anyway!).

Probably the biggest sliding doors moment is Briatore refusing to sell his majority shareholding to Bhatia (Mittal). Sold to Fernandes instead
2004 reunion on Thursday night
at 11:07 2 Oct 2023

Anyone know which players are attending?
Just noticed - Valentines night in Stoke.
at 15:04 4 Sep 2023

How about it, luv?

Mucho romantico.

Willock to Boro latest Twitter rumour
at 20:01 13 Aug 2023

Up to 2 million apparently.

We shall see...
QPR managers
at 11:26 11 Aug 2023

The Wikipedia page makes for interesting reading. Shame about the fkin photo at the top.

"QPR have had 56 full-time managers, with the unusually high figure of 21 management changes in the last 10 years"

Therein lies the problem...

Dowie has the best win percentage, we should get him back
Travel compensation
at 10:23 7 Jun 2023

One for the LFW hive mind.

We were in Italy last week and due to fly back on Sunday night. Friday I received an email from Easyjet saying that the flight was cancelled due to strike action at Italian airports - we couldn't find any suitable Easyjet replacement flight for the Sunday or Monday (kids would already miss a day of school) so we accepted an Easyjet refund and rebooked on a Ryanair flight on the Monday evening.

Have tried to claim back on travel insurance but they said because of the advance notification of the cancellation (not at the airport on the day of the flight, having checked in) then we're not covered. So we would need to go back to Easyjet for compensation - but having accepted a refund I don't think that will work.

Do we have any other recourse for compensation, or do we basically have to swallow the extra expenses (flight, accommodation, food, etc.)?

Gianni di Marzio
at 08:54 3 May 2023

Anybody remember this guy?

Apparently he was at the club from 2011 to 2016 as a transfer market consultant / scout but I have no recollection of his name!

Just came across him on an Italian football video where he briefly mentions us winning the Championship.
Team for Friday
at 11:49 4 Apr 2023

If Chair will be fit enough to start, I'd look to go back to the 4231 formation:


Kakay Dunne/Dickie Balogun Paal

Field Dozzell/Amos

Chair Johansen/Lowe Willock

Train news
at 12:00 20 Mar 2023

More joy unconfined.
This is the man to blame
at 08:47 15 Feb 2023

We have been absolute dogshit ever since he turned up!

Get him out and get Rachel Riley in.
Huddersfield match fred
at 09:46 3 Feb 2023

Not seen one yet, not done one for a while. So here we go!

Charity Park Rangers out in force, no Dykes, 2-0 Huddersfield.

Hybrid working tips
at 15:43 5 Jan 2023

One for the LFW hivemind.

Have just started a new job which is much more flexible than my old one, with the option to work either from home or in two other offices. My team is mainly in one office (which of course is further from home than the other one) and the team office day is Tuesday, but other than that people work from locations as they please the rest of the week.

For an old fogey like me who misses the days of everyone being in the office five days a week, I'm finding it a bit of a struggle to develop a rapport with new colleagues. So if anyone has any suggestions for how to best do that in this wonderful new normal of ours, do let me know. Cheers!
[Post edited 5 Jan 2023 16:12]
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