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Charlie interview on the offish
at 23:27 12 May 2021


Brilliant interview.

If you were ever in doubt about him coming back...

Alternative Angle - V Luton
at 09:51 12 May 2021


Big thanks to the club for these. Really excellent.

... Albert's dancing! Classic!
Christopher Schindler
at 21:53 11 May 2021

I see he is leaving Huddersfield. Didn't realise he is still only 31. Really solid centre back. If we can't or don't get De Wijs he is the kind of experienced player that would fit in well here and bring the younger defensive players along. That is if he isn't returning to Germany... and Jordy doesn't come here.
Extended highlights on the offish
at 11:01 9 May 2021


Happy summer everyone. Urs!
at 09:01 9 May 2021

Glad Warburton acknowledged how influential he is off the pitch as well as on it. I don't know if there are any stats people out there but considering Albert has played so few minutes this season it would be interesting to see how many assists he's provided per minutes. I'd have a bet that he's our top assist king compared to minutes played. He's changed a lot of matches for us from the subs bench this season. Hope he will be kept on as he is a big part of why we have got so much better this season and he appears to be a brilliant mentor for the younger players as well.

Well done Albert. 30 inch screamer to seal the game yesterday and a big part of a very good season.
at 14:58 8 May 2021

This kid is going to be a superstar.
Today's highlights QPR 3 Luton 1
at 14:48 8 May 2021


Dieng's save first half!!!
Great sorting of feet by Charlie
Brilliant goal by Johansen. Just beautiful.
30 inch stunner from Albert.

Love that a fan got the final goal of the season.

I am sure it is Charlie shouting Urs! after that goal!

We move the ball forward really quickly these days.

Can we start next season now?
[Post edited 8 May 14:55]
Another tower block ablaze in London
at 11:53 7 May 2021

Another tower block ablaze in London with an alarming likeness to Grenfell and poor cladding.


Our government refusing to fund recladding of buildings and pretty much voting to leave it to residents and owners to self fund the works for up to £50,000 a property while they either worry about burning to death in their own homes or actually burn to death. MPs just a few weeks ago once again voted down an amendment to prevent fire safety costs being passed on to leaseholders. 5 million people are effected by this and could end up either homeless or dead. The fire this morning attended by 125 firefighters just goes to prove that the incredible passed on costs of waking watch (which is useless) and flat owners who bought properties deemed safe and in good faith are being blanked and ignored (save a few decent MPs) and that the potential deaths of more home owners in these poorly clad buildings will fall on the consciences, or lack of it of our government and MPs who look up to these lethal buildings from their privileged lives and think, meh! Time for the government to stop hiding and put its hand in its pocket to make sure that people that live in their homes won't burn to death. Grenfell was nearly 4 years ago and the government has dragged its feet to do anything of consequence.

How many more people have to be burnt to death before they act? Seemingly all these buildings can burn as far as the majority in power are concerned. I don't usually get involved in these arguments but this government clearly haven't learned the lessons and continue to avoid taking responsibility.

Enough is enough. Pay up now and keep these buildings safe for these residents.
Alternative Angle - V Stoke
at 15:33 5 May 2021

I think these have been great.


After the Austin goal you just really want him and Dykes to be a front two next season. There is obviously a brilliant relationship between those two and you feel that Dykes could grow to be immense playing alongside Austin next season. All we have to do is rob a bank!
Kakay on his goal
at 16:17 2 May 2021


Lovely interview. I didn't realise he's been with the club since the age of 7. 16 years at the club. Really pleased for him.
Extended highlights on the offish
at 09:13 2 May 2021


Blimey when we play well we play very well.

Backline seems solid and recovers from mistakes
De Wijs if he can keep remotely fit is a monster at the back
Kakay is growing in confidence game by game
Roberto Wallace seems to have real pace going forward
Johansen, some of his movement and play is Faurlin'esque with the odd Wilkins moment. He really is a class midfielder
Dickie leaving players on their backsides
Willock terrifying defenders
Dykes chasing down everything
And Charlie!!!

If we can keep this squad together somehow and carry on this type of form early doors next season we could seriously be at risk of a play-off position. Obviously seemingly financially impossible but we can dream. This is now a very very good squad.

Obviously until we f*ck it up against Luton and then everyone's got to go!
[Post edited 2 May 9:14]
John Eustace on today's win
at 20:15 1 May 2021


Well done John!
Today's highlights
at 17:24 1 May 2021


Liquid football.

Great first goal and we tend to score some lovely team goals at Stoke. 2nd is a beauty.
Gaffer to miss Stoke game
at 11:20 30 Apr 2021

Apparently having more knee surgery this week so hope he comes through that okay. Eustice to take the team to Stoke this weekend.
BOS - Be careful what you wish for...
at 10:40 26 Apr 2021


Going well then!

I think his career could be a good warning for young players trying to bail before they are ready to step up.
Gaffer on today's defeat
at 18:08 24 Apr 2021


Pretty honest assessment. It looks like Lumley must be leaving from what he said. Didn't want to go into that. Otherwise pretty fair about what he thought we didn't do well and what we did.
Today's highlights
at 17:48 24 Apr 2021


Oh well. I wonder if Dieng's spacial awareness was compromised by the mask? I also wonder given that he broke his nose to pieces only last week if he really should have been playing? We'll probably find out.

Dykes just didn't get the elevation on the penalty I think he intended and of course Krul has this extraordinary ability to save most penalties he faces.

Good goal to make it 2-1 and good to see Dykes and Charlie still celebrate that. I wonder if we should play them both up top for the last two matches and see if that partnership does work, unless the decision has already been made that we can't afford Charlie. Glad Dykes didn't let the penalty miss get to him.

Sloppy third goal to give away but the difference between the two teams was how ruthless and clinical Norwich were.

No disgrace and it could have gone differently if that penalty went in but we were just beaten by a team that are clearly too good for this league and possibly not quite good enough for the Prem.
[Post edited 24 Apr 17:49]
Sam Field possible hitch
at 11:16 23 Apr 2021


If true this could be a few conversations to get it over the line. Daft really if we have slipped up on this. Could have played him for the first few minutes and taken him off to fulfil the clause.
Jarred Gillett
at 14:14 22 Apr 2021

Having watched the game back this ref is one of the best I've seen (or not seen) in ages. He has authority, he's right up with play, he both commands respect of the players and has a bit of banter with them as well. It feels like teams can just get on and play football and he doesn't seem to attract or tolerate any of the 'running Rooney in the ear' bollox either. Plus a lot of the time you forget he's there, which is the mark of a very good ref.
[Post edited 22 Apr 14:15]
Alternative Angle - V Swansea
at 21:05 21 Apr 2021


Excellent stuff.
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