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Happy Birthday Mick Jones
at 10:26 26 Jun 2019

Love Tory Crimes x
Astonishing opening day fact about QPR. You won't believe it!
at 13:44 22 Jun 2019

Going full click bait on this as it's got me truly gobsmacked.

QPR have never won on an English football ground outside of London on the opening day of the season since before WWII.

I repeat:

QPR have never won on an English football ground outside of London on the opening day of the season since before WWII.

73 years of Post-War League Football. How is this possible?

We slay the Nottingham Forest demon and almost immediately another statistical goblin emerges to take its place.

No offence to Cumbrian football fans but I feel like I've just discovered I actually support Barrow or Carlisle or someone so far down the pyramid we reside in some kind of inept and desolate football catacomb.

*Heavily edited after I found out we won at Reading in 1938
[Post edited 22 Jun 16:25]
Football Will Eat Itself
at 09:34 14 Jun 2019

Next season the top French division will be called Ligue 1 Uber Eats. The division below is already called Dominos Pizzas League 2. The matchball for every Ligue 1 game will be delivered by an Uber Eats driver. I had to make sure April fools day wasn't a different date in France.
[Post edited 14 Jun 10:01]
RIP Bushwick Bill
at 21:31 10 Jun 2019

Loved his (and the Geto Boys) stuff from a time when rap was half-decent before going all piff-doddy. Bushwick was a true one-off. RIP the little big man.
at 14:01 8 Jun 2019

Now people are saying it's one of the best things ever ever made for TV I thought it deserved its own thread. I haven't seen the HBO production yet but have been fascinated by the reactions both praise and criticism since it began airing a few weeks ago. I've also been reading about Nuclear Power Stations world-wide. Seems like there hasn't been one built that hasn't caught fire at one stage or another. I feel like we've discovered these relatively new processes for creating energy but like monkeys playing with fireworks haven't really got a good grip on the consequences. We still don't know what to do with the radioactive waste which lasts for quite a long time - practically forever - and forever is mighty long time. Apparently the lastest thing is to bury the deadly stuff deep in abandoned salt-mines.

Back to the 5 part TV series I'm looking forward to watching it immensely but amongst the acclaim it seems the show does have one critic - The Kremlin, and Moscow will soon be making their own version including a main narrative strand involving meddling imperialist American spies.

[Post edited 8 Jun 14:11]
The Addams Family vsit Buckingham Palace
at 17:41 4 Jun 2019

A-hem a-hem a-hem.

It's an achievement to have so much money and dress so badly or is there a tailor somewhere having a bigly laugh?

Championship 2019/20 Emoji Map
at 13:39 29 May 2019

6 grounds unvisited for me.

Please don't use this instead of an A-Z or sat-nav.

Happy Birthday
at 09:28 22 May 2019

Currently in California organising bring and buy sales for the British Far Right. Heaven Knows I'm Mosley-esque Now
[Post edited 22 May 10:08]
Brian Bedford Brain Teaser
at 16:25 13 May 2019

Brian Bedford is the only QPR player to do this since World War Two. He did it twice in the same game at Griffin Park in the 1960s. Someone might get a chance to do it next season. But it will be impossible to do the season after. What did he do?

Exclusive interview with Frank Lampard
at 00:27 11 May 2019

Before the biggest game of his short managerial career so far Frank admits: "We've done all the prep and the refs been paid but I have to say I'm still a little nervous."
Useless Fcuking Cross-Eyed Austrian Bastard
at 00:32 10 May 2019

Shocking news about Conor Washington
at 15:03 25 Apr 2019

The latest victim of one of football's murkiest practices ...

Mascot trafficking!
The game is all about money
at 09:09 22 Apr 2019

Well this XI certainly are!

Gordon Banks
Richard Money
Bob Hazell
Danger Fourpence
Terry Pfennig
Yen Molby
Filthy Lucre Modric
Cheque Tioté
Raheem Sterling
Trevor Benjamins
Dion Dubloon

Manager: Franc Lampard
Chairman: David Gold
Ground: Boracic Park
All you young dudes ...
at 20:34 12 Apr 2019

... and all you old punks. And everyone else really. Here's an idea for a groovy pre-match diversion. Hop off the tube at Ladbroke Grove and check this. Put together by punk for life, W12 dandy, and Rs fan MAL-ONE. Top exhibition. Well worth a visit.
Magical 1-0 QPR wins
at 13:09 5 Apr 2019

Somebody in another thread going to the Norwich game mentioned having never seen a magical 1-0 QPR win for a while. Off the top of my head here are my top XI 1-0s.

1974: Ipswich Home. Bad start to the season. They're top. We're bottom. The mullet man makes his mark. 1-0! Francis! And on MOTD. Magic.

1982: WBA Highbury. The Rs have never lost an FA Cup semi-final. And here's the proof. Off Clive Allen's magic arse elbow knee. 1-0 Wemberlee! Magic.

2003: Oldham Play-off. Home. Went to the ground. Walked around a bit. Took the atmosphere in. Couldn't get a ticket. Bought a programme. Went home, rolled a big one, and listened on the radio while watching the floodlights flicker in the distance. I was there in spirit .. man! Magic!

2008: Birmingham Home. They're top we're bottom. Down to 10 men before HT. They look like Ajax. Tommasi looks like a world beater. Di Carmine bosch take that. 1-0 Loftus Road in the snow. Magic

2008: Wolves Home. Old-goldies promotion charge halted in its tracks by lowly QPR. My cold gets the better of me so I stay drinking hot rum in the warm fug of the White Horse watching a rare (for the time) QPR live game. Rowlands. Wallop 1-0. Thank very much. Magic.

2011: Reading Away. A Friday evening in February a day before my birthday. Started early on some Berkshire scrumpy. Faurlin to Routledge ... or was it the other way round. Minty green hoops. 1-0. I think we're going up. Magic!

2011 Everton First away game in top flight for 15 years. Half the team are out with the lurgy. Agyemang plays a lone role up front when most of us didn't realise he was still at the club. Up steps Tommy Smith. Bang! Top man. Lovely old ground Goodison. Love a 1 goal away win. Magic.

2011: Ch*ls** Home 1-0. We all know the story. Having missed the Oldham game this is probably my most memorable Loftus Road Saturday. West London is ours! Magic.

2013: Ch*ls** away. Expecting nothing less than major humiliation. Would've settled for six but not seven please not seven (conceded). Granero corner knocked out of defence to the imperious Adel who lays it off for SWP. Like Debbie McGee assisting Paul Daniels. Now that's what I call magic.

2014: Derby Wembley. Zaaaaammmoooooooooorrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! The word magic doesn't come near.

2019: Leeds Home. A win for them and they're top. Freeman excellent. Great team effort fighting tooth and nail for the manager. 1-0. Love beating that lot. I think we've turned a corner. Indeed we have straight into another brick wall. It's a kind of tragic.

Good luck all making the journey tomorrow. Keep the faith. You Rs!
I've found our man
at 09:24 2 Apr 2019

Continental ✔️
Never heard of him ✔️
Tenuous QPR connection: ✔️
*(currently managing Seb Polter's promotion chasing Union Berlin)

First name: URS ✔️✔️✔️
This is our man!

(Fort) William It Was Really (Eleven) Nothing
at 07:09 16 Mar 2019

Fort William lost 11-0 at home to Brora Rangers in the Highland League a few weeks ago. A big blow to their goal-difference. Which is now -171 after 26 games.

We should think about organising a friendly at their place. Keep it tight first half and we could come away with a result. The scenery must be amazing too. Would be a smashing away day. Can someone let me know when this season's over. Thanks.

Stoke City Documentary circa 1975
at 22:57 8 Mar 2019

Not watched this for a while but I remember it being like a Mike Leigh film film with a female Alan Partridge presentIng. One of the best football documentaries I've ever seen.
Captain Bollock Chops
at 22:37 8 Feb 2019

... and his amazing golden diarrhoea.

One of Elton John's more interesting albums.
25 years ...
at 13:22 5 Feb 2019

... since QPR were last at home on my birthday. A quarter of a century. How and why so long? I was a young man. D:Ream were No.#1 in the pop charts with 'Thing Can Only Get Better'.

D:Ream, and you Brian Cox, you scientific arse. You lied.

[Post edited 5 Feb 13:23]
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