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Miracle of Burnley - interesting piece
at 11:57 25 Oct 2019

No mention of Lee Hoos's role in all this. Maybe just a lazy journalist.
No-fault car accident advice please
at 10:50 27 Sep 2019

My wife's car has just been written off. Completely the other driver's fault. We're being told we will get only the market value of the car - £500 - which is not enough to buy a similar replacement car.

Any advice as to how we can get our claims handler to extract a more realistic settlement from the guilty party's insurers?

(Wife walked away with only a few bruises and mild concussion, thankfully - saved by the airbags.)
Season start dates, historically
at 09:48 3 Aug 2019

Inspired by a comment after Clive's preview to look this up:
In 1967-68 - my first full season - the opening game was on 19th August. So we're two weeks earlier than that.
The following season, however - having been promoted to the First Division - it was 10th August, so today's game is only one week earlier (I'm pretty sure all four divisions will have kicked off on the same date).
In the 1970s & 1980s the opening games seem to have been moved progressively further back. In 1982-83, for example, it was 28th August.
Building contacts
at 17:43 20 May 2019

Does anyone on here do driveway paving, or can anyone recommend a good contractor? I'm trying to find someone who is willing to work with real stone, and everyone I've had round only wants to sell me concrete blocks. South London.
We hate Snottingham Forest . . .
at 20:35 6 Feb 2019

Strange but true. The original name of Nottingham was Snottingham. Heard it on Radio 4 yesterday in a discussion about place names. Easily verifiable on Google. Amazed I didn't know this already.
Craig Bellamy
at 10:02 29 Dec 2018

Not a nice team mate:
Danny Dyer's accent
at 23:09 21 Dec 2018

It's not real, is it? I've lived in London all my life, including 20 years in Hackney, when I was working on building sites with local brickies, scaffolders, demolition men etc. I mean, there was a fair bit of rhyming slang used - the normal east-end stuff like pony and monkey and tom, but I never heard anyone use as much rhyming slang as Danny Dyer, or talk with such an exaggerated cockney accent. He's an actor, right? And his accent is an act. Isn't it?
Jezza's "Stupid woman" remark
at 22:45 19 Dec 2018

Supposing the PM had been a man, and he'd said "Stupid man". Would that have attracted the same level of criticism? What does the knitting circle think?
QPR supporter for next Prime Minister?
at 18:02 15 Nov 2018

Gove has been playing a canny long game. If I were a betting man I'd say he was worth a tenner at 10/1. (Actually Corbyn is favourite at 5/1, but surely if May was dumped by the Tories, they'd have to elect a new leader, who would become PM temporarily until Labour could form a coalition, or until a general election?)
[Post edited 15 Nov 2018 18:12]
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