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at 15:53 16 Apr 2020

Many of you on the site will be familiar with Pomanjou, who posted quite frequently on this site until a couple of years ago. Pom (Dave Pearce) and I sat together in SAR C Block until late last season when he was too unwell to make the journey anymore and made a point of giving his ST to me for the last game or two. At Christmas I wrote to him and learned that his various illnesses were taking a serious toll. Yesterday, his son wrote to me via Clive and told me of his passing, I presume finally losing his battle with cancer.

I have sent my sincere condolences to his family, some of whom I got to know at Loftus Road (LR) when they took up empty seats near us in SAR.

It was amusing how Dave and I met because we had previously personally communicated on various topics via LFW a few times without ever meeting or really knowing each other. In 2009 I had gratefully accepted his offer of 2 tickets to an away match at Doncaster (awful game as it so happened!). I remember promising him a pint and a dodgy pie if we ever met - he never held me to that promise!

Anyway, when I took up my current QPR Season Ticket seat in South Africa Road (SAR) a few years ago, he occupied the adjacent seat. I remember being gently challenged and feeling obliged to show him my new Season Ticket to prove I was in the right place, as I was in a seat that had previously been allocated to a fellow fan with whom he had been quite friendly. I like to think we warmed to each other and during one of our subsequent friendly chats, upon learning that I live in Hampshire, he asked me, "do you post on LFW?" and I was so surprised and delighted to meet 'Pomanjou' in person!

He told me the origin of his soubriquet, Pomanjou (i.e. derived from his business importing pommes from the Loire, Anjou area) and I got the impression that he did very well from it and had a nice place in Pinner, where he also had a number of apple trees - as I do in Hampshire, so another thing in common. I admired the fact that even in his late 70s, he used to come to LR after playing tennis in the morning so he tried to stay fit, whilst fighting prostate cancer, heart attack and further illnesses that have now appear to have proven too much for his body.

I always enjoyed Dave's company and looked forward to his arrival in the SAR stand at home matches. He was an intelligent, firm but gentle man and I miss his measured observations, good humour and sometimes strong opinions, gently expressed. Most importantly, he was a strong family man and of course a dedicated QPR fan.

His posts can still be seen on this site and to read them,you would get some insight into what kind of person he was. Many readers will remember him and I'm sure we're all sad to learn of his passing. No doubt several of you might want to pay their respects on the forum and some may wish to communicate directly with Dave's family. PM me if so?

For my own part, I'm so sad at his passing and I shall miss him even more now.
Only Connect
at 11:21 26 Mar 2020

Some great threads at the moment in these strange times. I mused that we could really enjoy a Netflix series of building Airfix kits, introduced by Victoria Coren looking for the connecting parts with Jamie Mackie's goal v Liverpool in the opening credits and Phil Thompson's face at the end.
at 19:24 6 Mar 2020

On bt tv at the mo. Koln v paderborn no 37 fwiw
Bits and pieces
at 21:04 26 Feb 2020

Many incidents from last night have already been mentioned but on that very cold evening, there was so much to reflect on. I thought I'd try and complete the picture with some minor recollections, especially for those not there.

Rooney and Eze sharing a joke when someone was receiving attention. Eze certainly had a big smile!

Not long after that, Eze dispossessed Rooney with a cute flick.

Bloke behind me criticising Eze for not helping out in defence as much as BOS - went quiet after Rooney's pinpoint pass for the 2nd goal.

Dom Ball's little trick of a 180 deg turn to beat his marker and start an attack - brilliant, but this was rumbled by Derby late in the game and led to a dangerous position.

Twice Dom (I think) sold a great dummy, letting the ball pass under him to a better placed team mate. Reminded me of a Wilkins trick and before him, Goddard and Allen.

Arguably, Kelly's cleverest moment was when he saved ball from going out for a corner by taking the pace off, it then sliding round behind the goal line, spinning round on the grass and holding the ball in the area at arm's length.

Kelly had to be very alert to punch over a demon long shot from the left wing - dunno who? Eze made me laugh with his 50 yard free kick when goalie was off his line.

Waghorn nearly losing his torn shorts. Maybe he had something to complain about on that occasion?

Dom Ball taking out Stroud - wag near me suggested Rooney could take over as he'd been Assistant Ref all game...actually that was untrue on this occasion, pity.
What can I say?
at 11:04 27 Dec 2019

On Christmas Eve I wrote to the club, asking if my 4yr old grandson's name could appear on the screen at half-time of the Hull game as it will be his first ever visit to a professional game.

Superb response from the office as the request resulted in an offer for him and his dad to sit in the dugout during warm-ups, get high fives from the players and a goody bag.

I'm in tears

Late edit - the club have also invited me to join them both...Happy Days!
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Who's the Guy on the bonfire on Nov 5th?
at 14:15 17 Sep 2019

Who's the Guy on the bonfire on Nov 5th?

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Can you beat the bookies?
at 09:22 8 Aug 2019

Found myself watching this late last night on BBC 11!

"Comedian and football presenter Lloyd Griffith embarks on an experiment to find out if he can uncover the secrets of gambling success and the truth about the industry"

Anyway, what made me laugh was his final bet on three football results including the surefire bet that Swansea would beat QPR because, on reading a fans' forum, it was clear from their informed opinion, that the inclusion of Hemed was a bad thing and Swansea would easily win. Optimism turned to dismay as the Rs went 3-0 up in 15 minutes. Arf
This morning's Times
at 14:45 16 Feb 2019

Well, I'm glad I wasn't dependent on the newspaper for a report on last night, or even the result! Nothing mentioned but on the Sport section there was a big picture of our beloved Ravel Morrison and a two-page feature on this alleged genius who failed to fulfil his potential. Actually, I couldn't be bothered to read it.
To the young folk who ran down the aisle ..
at 18:08 26 Jan 2019

..by R block today when we scored - and sent me flying and now nursing two very bruised kneecaps. Please take care when you see 70 yr olds in your way.

Oh btw, one of you dropped your phone and the young lad in front of me picked it up and gave it to a steward - I noted his number and took his (the steward's) photo if any doubt.
Billy Sharp feature
at 11:38 12 Jan 2019

I think I've seen him score against us at least 3 times, both for Blades and Doncaster. THought this feature i today's Times might be of interest to folk?

"The Sheffield United striker has scored more League goals since 2000 than anyone but a top-flight effort for his boyhood club is the aim, he tells Gregor Robertson

Gregor Robertson
January 12 2019, 12:01am,
The Times

In the 54th minute of Sheffield United’s 3-0 win against Wigan Athletic at the DW Stadium on New Year’s Day, David McGoldrick rolled the ball across the penalty box and Billy Sharp was where he always is — waiting “between the sticks”.

His 220th goal in the Football League lifted him above Rickie Lambert, and farther beyond other vaunted contemporaries such as Frank Lampard and Jermain Defoe, to become the highest scorer in English League football since the turn of the century. In 496 League games for eight clubs the goals have flowed and this season’s tally of 16 in 24 games is a personal record in the Sky Bet Championship, with his club third in the table.

As the 32-year-old pulls up a seat in a quiet corner of Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane ground to reflect upon his record, the first thing he wants to make clear is that there is plenty of life in the old dog yet.

“I feel that I have loads more goals left in my career,” he says. “It’s nice to be recognised for scoring goals, it’s what I want to be a professional footballer for.

“Last season I first saw the list. Alan Shearer scored 260 Premier League goals but it [the record this century] is a nice achievement. And at the minute they mean a lot more to me because they’re for Sheffield United and that is one milestone that I am chasing: I need five more for 100 Sheffield United goals.”

Sharp’s endeavour and professionalism — coupled with the stoicism that he displayed when playing and scoring a memorable goal for Doncaster Rovers less than 72 hours after the death of his two-day-old son in 2011, and the charity work upon which he and his wife, Jade, have since embarked — have earned him the admiration and respect of peers, pundits and supporters across football.

Twice jettisoned by Sheffield United, Sharp returned to his boyhood team for a third time in 2015 and under the guidance of Chris Wilder, the manager, is spearheading the club’s bid for promotion to the Premier League. The club captain’s talismanic status can be emphasised by the fact that Sheffield United have not lost a game in which Sharp has scored since the penultimate game of the club’s League One campaign in 2015-16 — a remarkable run which has brought 37 wins and seven draws.

He can still remember his first goal in vivid detail: a typical poacher’s finish in a 3-1 defeat by Chester City at the Deva Stadium in February 2005 during a loan spell with Rushden & Diamonds. “It was my birthday,” Sharp says. “It wasn’t the best of goals but got me off the mark and my name on the vidiprinter, which we all like to see. One of my friends sent me a picture of it afterwards.

The one thing that still eludes Sharp is a Premier League goal

“I still remember those days as much as [ever]. People ask me about favourite goals. For me, I scored a goal in training today. I enjoyed it as much as I do whenever I put the ball into the back of the net.

“People like to see long-range goals — I’ve only got four or five, I think. Every goal is different but they all mean the same to me. You score goals at different times of the game and at different scorelines. You celebrate some more than others but they all mean the same.”

His first hat-trick in front of the Kop at Bramall Lane against Queens Park Rangers in August 2008 stands out in his memory. Before the visit of the same opponents this afternoon, Sharp’s biggest advocate, his dad, will almost certainly be reminding him of that day.

“He has got a stat for everything,” Sharp says. “We had a couple of days off recently and I was in Euro Disney [now Disneyland Paris] with the family, and my dad called and said, ‘You need to get in touch with Sky, they’ve got you down at 80 Sheffield United goals; you’ve got 95.’

“I was like, ‘They probably mean this spell, Dad.’ He said, ‘It’s still wrong, you’ve got 82.’ And he reeled them off . . . So I texted someone from Sky and they apologised. He knows everything. Every stat. If I have said anything wrong in this interview he’ll be telling me off.”

Steve, the proud father, has kept a scrapbook, which Sharp’s two sons Leo and Milo enjoy perusing, and he also has a habit of feeding his son a timely stat or sliver of information. “Little things, like if I’ve gone three or four games without a goal, he’ll give me a lift with something about whatever game is coming up,” he says.

“I think the latest one was that I had never scored against Blackburn at their place and I ended up getting a brace, and then in the return the other day I got another brace. Another one was Derby being one of the teams who I’ve scored against the most. Just stuff like that; he’ll always come up with something.”

Sharp grew up idolising Shearer, Michael Owen and Brian Deane, the former Sheffield United striker. All the little eight-year-old, who first turned out for Middlewood Rovers, has ever wanted to do is find the back of the net. “It comes naturally,” Sharp says, when asked where the instinct comes from.

“You can coach other parts of a striker’s game, which can help you get into the right position at the right time, but it’s just something I’ve had. I’m not blessed with pace. People say I am not really quick but I’d sooner have the instinct than the pace. People might argue but pace doesn’t score you goals, whereas getting in the right place at the right time does.”

There have been occasional questions raised about his fitness and the odd jibe from opponents’ supporters too, but by now they would be wise to realise that Sharp’s riposte is usually to hit the back of the net and wheel off to celebrate gesturing an oversized midriff.

“I’m just that fat lad from Sheffield,” his Twitter profile reads. The self-effacing line, which stems from a run-in with Sean O’Driscoll, his former manager at Doncaster, once adorned a T-shirt that he wore under his strip.

Sharp believes that he is in the best shape of his career but the one thing that still eludes him is a Premier League goal. After helping to fire Southampton to promotion from the second tier in 2012, he tasted life among the elite with two fleeting appearances against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium and at home to Wigan. He was, however, sent out on loan to Nottingham Forest by Nigel Adkins, Southampton’s manager.

Sharp paid tribute to his son, who died two days after birth, after scoring for Doncaster against Middlesbrough in 2011
Sharp paid tribute to his son, who died two days after birth, after scoring for Doncaster against Middlesbrough in 2011
The striker drew inspiration during his time on the south coast from the late blossoming of Lambert, whose tally of 219 League goals since 2000 he has just surpassed.

“I went to watch Rickie when he scored for England against Scotland [in August 2013],” Sharp says. “I spoke to him ten minutes after the game. He did inspire me when I was at Southampton beside him. He was another one who people said didn’t look fit. He was. He might not have looked like an athlete but he has inspired me in my career and, when I went to Southampton, he was great to be around and helped me a lot.”

James Beattie was another telling influence. “When I came back here [to Sheffield United in 2007], he made a beeline for me,” he says. “He’s a really nice guy — a strange guy when you get to know him — but he put his arm around me and told me I needed to hit my shots a little bit harder. I asked, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘You’ve got a hard shot on you.’ And I thought, ‘How does he know?’ We did finishing and little challenges where you couldn’t sidefoot the ball, you had to hit everything hard. He was a hell of a striker of the ball and was good to have as a team-mate as well.”

The striker with whom Sharp struck up the most fruitful and symbiotic relationship, however, was Andy Keogh, the former Wolverhampton Wanderers and Ireland striker who now plays for Perth Glory in Australia.

The duo terrorised League One defences for Scunthorpe United, whom Sharp joined from Sheffield United as a 19-year-old in 2005 for £100,000 and where he “kick-started” his career, scoring 53 league goals in two seasons, 30 of which brought Scunthorpe the title in 2007.

“It sounds silly but we were just two kids who thought we were playing in the park,” Sharp says. “Similar age, a lot in common, and it just seemed to click. We used to take the mickey out of a few team-mates in an indoor [pitch] at Scunthorpe we called the Shed. They couldn’t stop us at times in there and it built confidence for us as a pairing to go out on the pitch and perform.” The goal, and moment, that holds most significance for Sharp was for Doncaster in November 2011. His first child, Luey, with Jade had been born with gastroschisis, a defect that affects the abdominal wall. Luey died two days later. When Sharp scored a left-footed volley 14 minutes into the 3-1 defeat by Middlesbrough three days later, he revealed a T-shirt under his strip that read: “That’s for you son.”

“I’ve said before that I was a bit selfish with what I did [playing] but I needed to get out of the room I was in at the time,” Sharp says. “I remember jogging in Boston Spa around the Leeds area where we were in the hospice. Some guy wound his window down and said, although I’ll leave some of it out, ‘So are you leaving?’ He obviously didn’t know what had happened. I was out jogging because I had rung Dean Saunders and told him I wanted to play. I remember on the jog thinking, ‘Am I doing the right thing? Should I be leaving my wife at this time?’ But I just wanted to do something for my son; I wanted one goal for him.”

Luey’s memory continues to inspire Sharp to this day and his greatest wish now is to add Premier League goals to his record with his boyhood club. “I do believe I can score goals in the Premier League,” he says. “Hopefully I get that chance with Sheffield United.”

Billy Sharp’s scoring feats
Sharp’s milestone goals in Football League
1st Rushden & Diamonds v Chester (Feb 2005)
50th Scunthorpe v Cheltenham (Jan 2007)
100th Doncaster v Leeds (Mar 2011)
150th Sheff Utd v Bradford (Dec 2015)
200th Sheff Utd v Leeds (Feb 2018)

Senior English League goals since Jan 2000
1 Billy Sharp 220 (in 496 appearances)
2 Rickie Lambert 219 (605)
3 Wayne Rooney 208 (491)
4 Jamie Cureton 199 (571)
5 Jermain Defoe 191 (544)
6 Jordan Rhodes 185 (407)
7 Glenn Murray 183 (460
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Strictly come dancing - QPR link!
at 20:49 12 Sep 2018

Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I just skipped through the opening programme, mainly for lascivious purposes and Nile Rodgers, but was slightly surprised to see a QPR scarf being wafted by one of the new contestants. Sean Walsh - a comedian allegedly but a fervent QPR supporter.
[Post edited 12 Sep 2018 22:22]
Croatia or France?
at 12:55 15 Jul 2018

Well, here's the Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic for a start:

[Post edited 15 Jul 2018 13:00]
Ingvar Kamprad
at 18:26 28 Jan 2018

Founder of IKEA has died. RIP.

Our thoughts are with his family who are trying to find a couple of missing bits from the self-assembly coffin.
Spackman entrance
at 20:26 16 Nov 2017

Has someone already used this picture on this site?
[Post edited 16 Nov 2017 20:27]
Eng v Slovakia
at 20:16 4 Sep 2017

In the first 30 mins my living room has resonated at least 6 times to the cry of FFS England!!

Update 36 mins - all is forgiven
[Post edited 4 Sep 2017 20:23]
Tree fellers
at 10:56 12 Aug 2017

In Sheffield causing lots of angst. Even our staunch supporter Michael Gove is joining in the ruck. Take care all.

[Post edited 12 Aug 2017 12:21]
Royal Panda support
at 19:56 23 Jul 2017

A well-known QPR fan makes an effort to support new shirt sponsor

[Post edited 23 Jul 2017 19:56]
Grand National
at 17:06 8 Apr 2017

Bleeding ITV it don't seem right. Keep telling me about the tension building then subjecting me to hours of adverts. One for Arthur in honour of me old Uncle Arfur who was mad about the sport.
at 10:50 9 Mar 2017

Might have been nice to get LR echoing to the dirge-like chant on Saturday? Or is he persona non grata these days? - e.g. his 'snivelling whingers' tweet or the Joey Barton Twitter spat?

I'm not up to speed with his current relationship with the club or its fans so maybe someone could enlighten me.

Apologise if Spackman, but I couldn't find any reference.
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