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at 10:51 9 May 2022

21/22 P46 W19 D9 L18 F60 A 59 GD 1 Pts 66 Pos 11th - Terrible season
20/21 P46 W19 D11 L16 F57 A55 GD2 Pts 68 Pos 9th -Fantastic season
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On a brighter note
at 19:32 30 Apr 2022

Eze scored today - good news.
And that's why...
at 12:11 30 Apr 2022 is regrettably time for a change. Undoubtedly Warburton has incrementally left us in a better place than we were 3 years ago. Unfortunately, we appeared to have plateaued and he seems to lack the tactical nous to out think and out manoeuvre other managers /teams. Once other teams figured us out and pressed us high and aggressively,to stop us playing out from the back we had no other ideas except to pass it around the back until we either knocked it long and aimlessly or coughed up possession with a poor pass.
Warburton in his 'hard to keep my temper' comments, blamed it squarely on injuries. Without question we have been decimated by injuries, but we are not alone in that. SU's entire strike force is absent, but still they are where they are. The malaise had set in before all the injuries had. and he seemed uncapable of stopping it. As someone said on the match thread, last night's game was a microcosm of our entire season ; good enough for the first half despite a few close calls, but no answer when the going got tough.
Thanks Mark for three memorable seasons, let's hope your successor can continue your excellent work.
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My bi-polar club
at 17:11 23 Apr 2022

If you were to take the performances of 2021 we would be in the Premier. If you were to take the performances of the latter half of 2020 and the 1st half of 2022 we would be in league 1. Such a dichotomy in performances and results is baffling with the same manager throughout and many players around for all or mostly of it. Staggering and I have no clue why
The next Eze
at 13:42 19 Apr 2022

Due to a combination of serious injury and/or loss of form, the most likely candidates (Dieng/Willock/Chair/Dickie/Dykes ) don't seem ready for a big money move during the summer. This places us in a bit of a quandary Do we hold out for 'big' offer (as Swansea did with Patterson) that may not materialise? Do we accept reduced offers (assuming we get offers of course) which we know are below the player's potential value and build in significant sell-on clauses? Or do we hold onto them all and hope that their natural improvement and (hopefully) lack of injuries will compensate for having no extra money to spend this summer Finally, how much will these potential scenarios influence whether Warburton will be our manager next season or not?
Dude, we got our team back
at 21:51 15 Apr 2022

Superb second half performance, played completely on the front foot. We dominated the second half and at times Huddersfield could not get out of their own half. First half we were a bit tentative, but didn't fold despite conceding early. The equaliser came at a crucial time and second half we snapped into tackles, won second balls all over the park and passed the ball FORWARD (shock horror) at every possible opportunity.

Of course, with an improved performance (which has actually being gradually coming over the last two games) comes the frustration that if we played anything like that in just TWO games against the two shitiest teams in the league, we would be on 66 points and right in the promotion mix. Today's results show that all the teams in and around the play-offs will drop points. but sadly it comes too late for us- even if we won the 4 remaining games, 72 points is never going to be enough.

What it does prove (i hope anyway, although the cynical in me whispers that the players were putting themselves in the shop window for the next manager) is that Warburton hasn't 'lost the dressing room' and this must both give him great heart to continue (if he wants to) and Ferdinand and Co food for thought regardless of where we finish.
What it also proves is that with a couple of pacy additions up front (and McCallum please, than you) we are a promotion -chasing team

Special mention for our two full-backs (who played more advanced than when they were playing as wing-backs. Moses seems to have come through a very ropey patch and is showing real form lately. McCallum was my MotM for his attacking play, aggressive defending (and that remarkable goal-line clearance - for all our good play, if that goes in, it's game over)
Finally, a shout out to Dykes who looked much more like the guy in the clip leading up to the first goal, that Clive against Preston. At one point, he headed away a ball inside his own box, then charged the length of the field to force a Huddersfield defender turn around and pass it back to his keeper rather than launching another attack.
Not buying the not able to buy argument
at 23:23 10 Apr 2022

Never felt really comfortable with the concept that we can't compete with Fulham, Bournemouth etc budget wise therefore cannot expect to compete with them on the pitch. For virtually every QPR fan the recent game with Fulham was a foregone conclusion because 'Mitrovic' cost 18 mill' etc etc - how can we compete with that? Then they get comfortably beaten by a team with a smaller budget than ours. The game was over inside 25 minutes. And it was not a once off. Barnsley went within four minutes of beating them. Blackpool (just up from League 1 after a torrid few years) fell behind to a Mitrovic strike even earlier than we did, but battled back for a creditable draw. Luton (one of the smallest budgets in the league but in the play-offs) also fell behind to a Mitrovic strike but equalised. With Bournemouth, there are numerous more examples.
On any given day, with the right effort, attitude and application any club can beat any other - even 'moneybags' Fulham. I have seen next season written off already as a foregone conclusion with Fulham, Burnley (or Everton) and Watford a shoe-in. They are not, as SU are showing this year. We have as much chance as anyone of we give it a real go - just as we were this season until the end of January. For weeks now we have not been brave enough or intense enough (for reasons speculated on to death) and the results reflect this. But I don't accept that our squad 'cannot compete' against the Fulham's of the world. In the transfer market maybe, but on the pitch, over 90 minutes, 11 men against 11- not having it.
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