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at 09:49 7 Feb 2024

Unlikely but available candidates for the job...
at 09:54 20 Feb 2023

Nicola Sturgeon

Recently out of work after a long period at the helm. Might get something out of Dykes although may see that as a difficult issue for her. Big step up after Scotland though...

Any more?
at 07:59 9 Dec 2022

I had a go on that new AI thingy and asked it to write a couple of scripts for me. Here is what I got (it would not let me do a script for Michael Beale fails at GR:

Sure, I can try to write a script for a Muppets movie. Here's a brief outline that I came up with:

Title: "The Muppets Take QPR"

Synopsis: The Muppets, led by Kermit the Frog, are on a mission to save their beloved theater from being demolished by a greedy businessman. Along the way, they meet a lovable group of misfit characters who help them on their journey, including a QPR fan named Bernard who teaches them the importance of teamwork and friendship.
Act 1: The Muppets are rehearsing for their big show at the theater when they receive news that it's being sold to a developer who plans to demolish it. They decide to raise money to buy it back, but their efforts are thwarted at every turn. Meanwhile, Bernard is trying to convince his friends to join him in supporting QPR, but they're not interested.
Act 2: The Muppets meet Bernard and his friends, and they quickly bond over their shared love of music and performance. They come up with a plan to put on a benefit concert at QPR's stadium to raise money for the theater. However, the greedy developer sabotages their efforts and threatens to shut down the concert.
Act 3: With the help of the QPR fans and their new friends, the Muppets put on an incredible show and raise enough money to save the theater. In the end, they all celebrate their victory and agree to continue supporting QPR and the theater together.
This is just a rough outline, but I hope it gives you an idea of how a Muppets movie set at QPR could play out. Let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions.

can you write a script called Michael Beale has lots of integrity?

Sure, I can try to write a script that centers around a character named Michael Beale who has a lot of integrity. Here's a brief outline that I came up with:
Title: "The Integrity of Michael Beale"
Synopsis: Michael Beale is a successful coach at Glasgow Rangers who is known for his strong moral principles and unwavering commitment to doing the right thing. When faced with challenges and temptations, he always puts the well-being of his team and the club above his own interests. Despite facing adversity and criticism from some, Michael remains steadfast in his beliefs and proves that integrity is the key to success.
Act 1: Michael is introduced as a rising star in the world of coaching, having led his team to several victories and earning the respect of players and fans alike. However, he is faced with his first major test when a rival club offers him a lucrative contract to join their team. Despite the temptation, Michael remains loyal to Glasgow Rangers and turns down the offer.
Act 2: Michael's decision to stay with Glasgow Rangers is met with skepticism and criticism from some, who question his loyalty and commitment. However, he remains steadfast in his beliefs and continues to lead the team with integrity. He also becomes a mentor to some of the younger players, teaching them the importance of honesty and hard work.
Act 3: As the season progresses, Michael's team faces several challenges and setbacks. However, they remain united and determined, thanks in part to Michael's guidance and leadership. In the end, they overcome their obstacles and go on to win the league championship, proving that integrity is the key to success.
This is just a rough outline, but I hope it gives you an idea of how a story about a coach named Michael Beale with a lot of integrity could play out. Let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions.

My fault
at 07:45 9 Nov 2022

Brought two newbies along to introduce them to the wonders of QPR. Every time I have tried to swell the numbers over the years we do that. Every time. Apologies.
Wilder sacked
at 09:43 3 Oct 2022

not one you would have expected at the start of the season
at 10:12 8 Apr 2022

1 Not getting relegated.
2 Shiny new training ground coming along
3 its spring bound to warm up soon
4 Chelsh:t - ha ha ha ha ha
5 Not playing Brentford or Fulham next year
6 Reading and Derby- ha ha ha ha ha ha

any more?
at 10:09 17 Feb 2022

Just back after 5 days there to celebrate a significant birthday for Mrs Phildo. Also means I was away for the gloom of two defeats. But blimey what a place. Saw the Northern lights and a load of other incredible sights. Strong recommend.
Famous people I have had a waz next to
at 08:59 13 Jan 2022

In my 50 years on the planet I have had a pee next to Sir Les, Gerry Francis and Stan Bowles(not all at the same time). I only really need a peek at Rodney's manhood to complete the set.
at 07:31 2 Oct 2021

On one of two of his life’s two great traumatic moments
Biblical Rangers......
at 16:40 30 Sep 2021

Obviously we have Moses playing for us.

Kane (after kiling/dissing his brother Abel/Kakay)

Adam (roll the) Bolder (away)

Gus (give unto) Caesar

any others?
transfer embargos...
at 10:30 6 Apr 2021

10 clubs in the championship embargoed due to filing accounts late. For some of these it will be administrative as the government allowed late filing but EFL rules did not but for others it means trouble ahead. The fact the EFL imposed this in a pandemic suggests they mean business:

Wilder sacked at the blades
at 10:57 12 Mar 2021

Harsh- took over with them in league 1
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