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Gambling with FFP — Column
at 19:41:09

FrancisBowles. A new sky deal came into effect after we'd been down for a season. This bizarrely resulted in our second parachute payment being greater than our first! We also benefited by retaining both our third and fourth years payments despite fourth payments being removed altogether from the new package and not qualifying for the third year under the revised terms.

With regard to your third point, the Premier League FFP regulations allow clubs to lose up to £105 million over their rolling three-year period, the UEFA regulations only allow losses upto 30m Euros.

Myke: Drop the word cycle, it is misleading. We are always in the third year of the rolling three-year period. This season we will shortly submit our Future Financial Information for this season (2019/20), along with the audited accounts for last season (2018/19) and the one before (2017/18). Around this time next season we will submit our FFI for 2020/21 along with the audited accounts for 2019/20 (this season) and 2018/19.
Is this thing on? Preview
at 19:37:05

Can I claim the goalkeeping contract please?

Goss almost ran me over on Tuesday at Harlington. To be honest it was his number plate I recognised rather than him...…

I always enjoy your reviews Clive, nice to have them back.
Tough battle ahead in ongoing war with FFP - Column
at 19:37:08

Antti - I tried so hard to build to a positive ending and you and Dave (on the forum thread) politely trash it. ;)

Myke - No, nothing for Bowler. The chances of us benefiting from whatever those add-ons were must be slim.
With regard to the new keeper, if we are shipping Ingram out and Kelly is on £1000 pw less then there is an immediate saving even after allowing for the transfer fee.
As for the accuracy of my number, there are a lot of assumptions in there, some with more foundation than others. I saw that Dave McIntyre mentioned a £4 million fee for Smithies recently, that would make a notable difference and if, say, our disallowable costs were closer to £5 million that would help enormously.

Whatever the accurate numbers are, this is going to be our toughest season.
Changing tack? — Preview
at 20:03:48

With regard to whether we have money or not, I'd suggest that we have a little more latitude this season. We have the same parachute payment as last season, but do not have the wages of Caulker, Ned, Robinson and Smithies to name but four. I did expect us to use this season to get ahead of FFP as next season will potentially be the toughest yet, but in Hoos we trust.

I don't envisage us being able to loan players of the caliber of Hemed and Wells next season which is why it is imperative that we bring on our own; if loaning some of them out is the best way to do this while maintaining our position in this league, then so be it.
QPR end horrible week on high, stunning Wolves - Report
at 17:55:06

It must be great relief to write such a positive match report after the least few, but Clive "now just four points off the play off places" don't, just don't.
Coming home to roost — Column
at 07:22:39

Excellent analysis of the situation Clive, thanks.

"Does this fine, if successfully levied, mean that QPR will now breach the current FFP rules they’ve worked so hard to comply with?"

I'm absolutely certain that any FFP fines are excluded from future computations. I can't immediately recall where I read that but I'm sure it was a reputable source; I'll dig around and try to find it again.
Close but no cigar for QPR despite leading twice at Boro - Report
at 20:58:30

"That dramatic change in striker styles caught Boro cold and bore immediate dividends for the visitors when Mackie scored the most Jamie Mackie goal you’ll ever see within five minutes of the restart."

Ha ha, spot on; it would only have been more Mackie if he'd shinned it wide.

To almost hold such a strong team with a make shift defence speaks volumes for our determination and team spirit, whatever limitation people see in Ollie, he is rubbing off on the team.
Ollie on transfers, cup exits, Gary Penrice and Bruce Forsyth - Interview
at 20:46:06

Excellent interview Clive. Good questions rather than the usual bland nonsense we see elsewhere, but then I'd expect nothing else from you.

I'm particularly interested by the Morrison answers as I really struggled to see how Morrison fitted in with Ollie's template for a QPR player. I can accept that his answer of believing that he could change him was at the heart of it and that he'd pack in football if he lost confidence in his ability to do so, but were you convinced he gave you the whole picture?

Washington brace sends QPR flying out the traps — Report
at 18:54:49

We looked at the team sheet down the pub before the match in, let's call it, amazement, but Ollie got it spot on. It was great to see Scowen, Freeman and Luongo build on their performances against Bournemouth and Ollie have the courage to leave out the target man.

I'm sure we all know that performances will be up and down this season, but that was a massively encouraging display and hopefully a glimpse into what the future has in store for us.
Gordon Jago: A Soccer Pioneer — Column
at 20:16:57

Gregory liked to interfere, and to be fair to him, it was his club.

Their relationship took a down turn in April 1974. Jago had been approached by Sir Alf Ramsey to coach the England U-23 on a summer tour. Gregory blocked it and insisting that Jago went on a jolly with the Ranger’s team to Jamaica which was a reward for their excellent season. After Jago turned England down, Gregory told him that he should stay back in England in case the opportunity arose to sign new players, only to go away himself taking his cheque book with him. He quit, but was persuaded to stay on. From that point on, Jago felt that every decision he made was being questioned and before long he couldn’t take the interference any longer and walked.
Brentford pile on the misery as QPR lose six straight — Report
at 07:22:07

Thanks Clive.

I've got Bidwell down as culpable for their penalty. Lynch made a solid block/tackle and was off balance as the ball rolled towards Bidwell, who promptly did his finest Cinderella impression and ran off leaving Lynch stranded. That said, Lynch has been a massive disappointment to me this season. When he came on pre-season against Watford he looked like a rock and won everything, but I don't think they attacked him on the ground. I hope not to see either of them play for us again, but the chances are they will both start on Saturday.
Richard Thompson on how it all went sour at QPR — Interview
at 20:07:25

Great interview Ron, nice to see you back.

Did all of Thompson's answers sound genuine to you?
Ngbakoto sparks QPR comeback - Report
at 21:04:46

Cheers Clive.

Yesterday was the most fantastic day. I really enjoyed the pre-match drinks, the club excelled with the match programme, having an article regarded by Dave as good enough to be re-printed in the free issue of AKUTR's was incredibly flattering, my mate Beth proudly wearing her 1967 rosette succinctly symbolised what the day was all about, the return to Loftus Road of Neil Warnock, the richly deserved acclamation of the class of 66/67, the comeback victory, even the journey home ws enjoyable; seriously, who could ask for more? Occasionally, just occasionally it is all worthwhile.
Mark Lazarus 50 years on — Interview
at 18:03:05

Nice interview Clive, thank you.

It must be very hard for players of his era to watch the modern game. The money, the lack of contact, the ball, the quality of the pitches, the histrionics, it is hardly the same sport at all.
My winter with Ollie - Column
at 20:33:44

Excellent Lewis, many thanks. Living the dream.

There was surely never any doubt the Ollie was a pork pie man though, was there?
More comebacks than… History
at 07:29:16

Gramps (RIP), author of "QPR The Old Days", was friends with Lazarus and did a Q&A with him a few years ago. This is Lazarus' recollection of the infamous short story:

There are a few games that stand out in your memory bank and there was lot that was spoken about and written about that incident. It was against Carlisle in the fifth round of the League Cup and I split my shorts. My shirt was covering my embarrassment and I had to take my torn shorts off by the dugout. I threw my shorts to Alec Farmer (trainer) and he threw me a new pair. Before I could put them on the ball came my way. It was instinct. I was on the field of play and was not about to let the ball go to put on a pair of shorts so I just ran down the line with no pants on. I had a good game that day and laid on both goals for Rodney. I was tearing Carlisle apart at the time and, as was the case in those days I got a cheer every time I got hold of the ball but on this occasion there was a cheer and roars of laughter. That’s the be all and end all of it.

The whole article is here for anyone interested:

A fork in the road — Preview
at 20:38:36

I remember that Spurs game very well. I was listening on the radio as I was driving out to Maastricht. The commentators laughed at Sherringham's shabby attempt to con the ref and were then stunned when it was given. I doubt any of us realised quite how significant that season was going to be at that time.
The last thing Hasselbaink needs now — Preview
at 07:37:30

While I totally understand your reasons for saying it, I think this match is exactly what Hasselbaink needs. It is a great chance to prepare properly, set the team up correctly, decide on an appropriate game plan, send the players out fully motivated, prove that he can adjust tactics on the fly and make game changing substitutions in a match where few expect us to win.

It is a great opportunity, I just wish that I could see him being able to take it.
Blackburn peg back Chery’s world class strike — Report
at 16:43:40

Was Shodipo booked for the tackle or for pointing out to the ref that it was a perfectly fair one? The back row of the Loft was a long way from that action, but I thought the latter.
QPR's cup wagon rolls on - Report
at 06:43:29

Thanks Dave.

By some bizarre coincidence, that song popped into my mind on Monday - I even Googled the lyrics!

I wouldn't get too excited by the next round. Sunderland may not be the most daunting opposition, but we will be facing 7 matches in 22 days - the poor little loves will never cope.
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