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Your Report added at 08:08:19
Something almost more important than the match itself happened today: it felt like Unity had been restored between fans, players, manager and the club itself
Your Report added at 23:56:51
Substitutions transformed the game

Wolves front three Dazzled in the first half; Onuoha and especially Perch embarrassed - appealing for offsides instead of defending; preceded both goals

Your Report added at 10:26:40
That's more like it

But still got to learn not to wobble after conceding a goal
Your Report added at 17:50:22
And emotional day ramps up the memory; on any other day and in any other fixture This game will probably not have remained long in the memory

Coming from behind to win a match in white shirtshasn't happened for a while!

My takeaway from this game is that
we have a decent squad of players who are slowly but surely blending into a team
Luongo is destined to never score a goal for QPR
Neil Warnock is destined to rant into eternity! (Saying that in an affectionate way) check out the final two minutes of the full replay on QPR player!
Smithies should keep hold of that green top, black shorts White Socks combo - so much classier than the Canary outfit
Your Report added at 14:19:09
Five things we learned from Ewood Park
One) two northern games in four days not really an excuse –they stayed up, somewhere nice
Two) Darnell still has a way to go– But we should stick with him
Three) Manning and Luongo may be presenting us with a Lampard/Gerrard problem. I think.
Four) Smith on 20 minutes evidence, looks like Poulter without the aggression BUT he won every ball in the air and will certainly link well with Conor
Five) Holloway needs to read the game better; Emnes immediately swung the momentum Blackburns way bullying Darnell with little protection from Yellowcard Perch or anyone else
Six) Perch looks like he could get a red card almost every tackle (Yes, of course, we knew that already)
Seven) Bidwell looks as though he could mature into an outstanding left back
Eight) 89 mins 'Coyle Out', 90 mins 'Owen Coyle's Blue and White army'
Nine) we learned nothing from brief and super-brief appearances from Ravel and Kazenga respectively - except that perhaps they should of come on earlier
10) England were poor but still beat France
11) the Bournemouth supporters at Norton Canes
services were more fed up than I was

11 things we learned… Okay, I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition…
Your Report added at 18:04:49
The football gods were smiling on us today and we are blessed with an outstanding goalkeeper

Despite Lee Masons prodigious attempts to steer the match Fulham's way we still came away with three glorious unlikely points

On another day against a sharper team we would have been done

Henry had one of his best games for us – but was allowed to as Fulham had no recognised midfield destroyer

At times Massimo looked class above any player on the field

I thought that Fulhams substitutions of Parker and Martin were certainly puzzling– Although there is a suggestion that Parker may have been injured

Suddenly, Singapore Speechgate has – for the moment – dropped off the radar

At 18:04 hours this Saturday evening, I am feeling very content ...
Your Report added at 13:47:38
Leadership on the pitch makes all the difference

Derby County need not worry about promotion

Really like the look of Cheri/Polter up top

No one really had a bad game but I wish Phillips would give us more

DO NOT move Perch from left back

Find A Way to get Faurlin to a 90 minute player
Your Report added at 15:35:31
Reasons for the debacle are crystal clear

No on-field leadership.
Fulham understood how important is the local derby was to their fans

In no mood,nor any need, to dissect this corpse further

Your Report added at 08:31:08
Hull City were simply the better team and deserved to win
Your Report added at 08:24:58
We're all probably happy today, but only because we won. Without the 94th minute Jet- out- of-jail card, we would all be lathering in spume spattered anti-Ramsey invective.

Negatives: non existent defensive unit fails in its attempt to concede more goals than we score on this occasion. Karl Henry. Again. He must know where the bodies are buried...

Positives; Jet, Leroy step up to the plate. Konchesky' best game, Cheri redeemed. Return of the Beast. QPR top Championship scoring charts.

Jury out; Angella and Toczer

Loved the last 2 goals, though. And the jerk chicken outside the Springbok...
Your Report added at 22:11:11
Puzzled by team selection
Puzzled by the substitution
Puzzled why no other substitutions
Puzzled by formation
Puzzled by tactics
Puzzled why Charlie was kept on the sidelines so long
Disappointed in too many poor performances - by both teams
Wondering when CR is going to come up with a coherent matchday strategy
Other than that, the Ron Springett moment was observed appropriately

Thinking of him - and looking at the brilliant shot of Parksie in the Gala Night advert on the screen, I remarked to John (FL Block F44) that it's a shame that neither of them is available tp play for us now....
Your Report added at 23:58:26
Shambolic pre-season, unfit players, shed load of new signings, bewildering substitutions, conceding late goals

Lessons learnt? Seems to me we have been here before..

More worrying: Surrendering a 2 goal lead at home will give every championship side the confidence that we can be easily beaten home or away

And right now it seems we can

On this evidence we won't get anything at the Molyneux Wednesday. 1 point from 3 games.

Your Report added at 22:48:02
I can scarcely bring myself to rate this bunch of witless wasters

An insult to us fans

Well done Blades, you maxed out on the opportunity
Your Report added at 21:11:44
Sorry, Rio, nothing personal, but it's just not working

It didn't work with Ji Sung Park either

Class players playing alongside class players Rio with Vidic, Evra, Rafael etc: - Works well

Class players, especially class players past their best, alongside players of less ability - well, we all saw it for ourselves..

I don't doubt his sincerity or commitment - it's just too hard to adapt to the ordinary after years of relentless success with a world giant like Man U

Mistake repeated I'm afraid.

Agree with Recoilboss about this early injury crisis - must be something to do with training

Strange that the pre-season stars Hoilett and Onuoha can't get a start. Remind me who signed them?

Barton redemption has been the highlight of the last 2 seasons - remind me who signed him?

Simpson sold a week before we ditch 3-5-2 - why?

Last minute trolley dash again - Harry admits it. None of them fit, two can't speak a word of English.

4 transfer windows; still no continuity, still no stability and still no maturity; only 4 Wembley heroes on the pitch yesterday....

Trying to keep the faith in the face of bewildering signings, baffling selections, weekly formation changes and knee jerk substitutions

Other than that, it's fine.

Your Report added at 19:10:44
Match rating 8 because of its importance and the 3 points

Sunderland desperately wanted something from this game

We have to learn how to take control of games, last 10 mins was like a Wembley replay.

Fer has to be fit enough for 95 mins.
Your Report added at 21:21:18
All of bigears plus two other failings

2nd to the ball every time
Way too narrow in the second half until the too-late substitutions Never stretched them on the flanks

Just wondering if the McLaren factor is missing. Barnsley - regressed, Millwall - late lapse, Burnley - way too casual way too sloppy

Were the first 8 games a mirage as we suspected?

Wigan will be telling
Your Report added at 18:43:56
Well it's another 3 points but I still have this nagging doubt that we are not yet singing at concert pitch

Plus points? Carroll greatly improved, Austin hard working and effective - really warming to him; right to be patient

Negatives? BAE and Hoillett looked too casual for me, Kranscar average compared to last week, central defence - whisper it - looked occasionally shaky. But that's being really picky

3 straight away games to come will be the acid test - inc. the league leaders in the frozen North

Would play Henry and Faurlin in the defensive midfield roles keeping Hoilett and Carroll as impact pacey subs when O Neill runs out of puff

No game at W12 for a month - when we entertain McLaren's undoubtedly rejuvenated Derby followed by another tricky away day at Reading

Wouldn't tamper with anything else - need to pick up 5 pts from these 3 games

Am I right in thinking that 40 years ago Burnley and QPR finished 1st and second in this division? 2 years after that promotion we missed out on the big title by a whisker.

Repeat prescription please..
Your Report added at 21:12:48
Good stuff

Not sure 1 up front will work when we finally get to play top half teams - but we certainly went up a gear against a rather unimpressive Boro

But there are clearly.more gears to engage

We have to be patient with Austin, Faurlin, Kranscar, Carroll, Philips....

Nice to walk back to the car with that feelgood factor
Your Report added at 13:45:06

1. Selection

Spot on at kick-off given injuries etc.

2. Formation - conditioned by injuries

I'm never happy with 1 up front at home

With 5 across the middle why didn't we get in more crosses with their twitchy defence ? - the few deliveries from the bye line always resulted in corners or possibilities

3. Substitutions

BEA's debut was, in the context of the game, outstanding; looks fit, slotted in seamlessly, good going forward and confident. Nice one Harry

If you asked 100 QPR fans to name 100 QPR midfielders, Jermaine Jenas would be Pointless.. Faurlin would have delivered more

Traore the right sub for the tiring, not-yet-fit Phillips - who, BTW, looks the business..


Wrong to say they were typical Championship side looking for a point, they have an appealing passing game. Defence jittery in the first half, couple of unforced errors could have cost them. They only hit the keep-the point-button in the last 20 minutes; great travelling support


After 70 minutes I felt we ran out of ideas and they wanted the point.

Lack quality without AJ, Hoilett, Johnson injured

Another clean sheet so Green & Co (Defenders) Ltd are happy

The most underwhelming top-of-the-table moment I can recall in decades of hooped fan-dom - except that it primes us with anticipation

Your Report added at 15:01:46

Metronomic progress, football for narcoleptics

We are riding our luck; we cannot continue to play like this and expect to get results - woefully short of creative strike power; all these 1-0s have been scored pretty much on the goalline

Back five looking solid as they generally cover each other's errors - and Ned looks a mighty player this season.

Injuries to Hoillett - again - and Johnson - again - rapidly dilute the quality quotient. Does Harry pick Zamora in the hope it will scare defences?

Pleased Austin got on the scoresheet - we bought him for these opportunistic goalscoring instincts

All the new boys - and there's loads of them - will take time to blend in. We criticised Mark Hughes for precisely this team turbulence last season - lets hope we can keep results rolling.(Sticks in my craw that Stoke are getting traction this season)

Finally Barton... well, whatever you may have thought about his behaviour two seasons back, there's no denying he is the class of the team - and probably the division at this point

Tick, tock, tick, tock - can we engage third gear v Brighton on Wednesday?
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