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Dom Ball
at 18:19 15 Feb 2020

Take a bow. Absolutely the fighting heart of our team today and really making CM look like his. He’s big, committed, physical and can play. Tracks runners too.

BOS has to be MOTM but Ball and Eze close behind him.
at 12:06 3 Dec 2019

We really needed Pugh to be a major signing but he's just never got going. I'd describe him as 'low energy' so far. He doesn't look like he's got the stomach for the scrap, maybe his legs have gone.

Thoughts on here?

Why there is no movement at Warren Farm
at 19:20 14 Nov 2019

I've been told it's because Fernandes wants to sell the club if he can't get this stadium over the line.

Until it's been decided the work is on hold.

Could be utter b*llocks but it's from a pretty good source.

Literally nothing to see here
at 20:05 5 Sep 2019

Yeeeeeeahhh... my mistake. I was told I could get a much more substantial run down of the details of the meeting's minutes... but no.

So I'm going to quietly leave this here and slide off. Apologies.

Suffice to say - it was not a successful meeting.
[Post edited 6 Sep 2019 9:37]
Ollie: Never the brightest spark.
at 11:29 21 Aug 2019

I really don't miss this.

His prejudice against foreign players, which I was told was nonsense, makes more and more sense.
at 12:21 2 Aug 2019

So pleased he’s caught Warburton’s eye. Love this kid he’s got great bite and wand of a left foot. I get Rowlands vibes. Think he could be a real cult hero at Rangers.

We haven’t had a full back who can cross as well as Manning can since the Bard

Really hope it works out and be plays
at 01:11 25 Jul 2019

Pretty much any singing that’s been (a) good (b) good value in the last few years have come from Gary Penrice.

So where are the signings from his scouting this summer?

We need two or three unpolished diamonds from the lower leagues if we’re to keep the conveyor belt moving.

We need another Freeman
Tickets for Watfart
at 15:57 14 Feb 2019

I need three - anyone fancy selling? Happy with a mark up.
Charlie Austin - a chance?
at 10:10 30 Jan 2019

Papers say Southampton want rid.

What's he on there do you reckon? 50K a week?

And if we return all our loans this summer and move on a couple on do you think we could move heaven and earth to bring him in?

[Dons hard hart for the enraged FFP pelters from the realists and better informed]

If there was even a chance... even a measured overspend and fine... I'd say it's worth it. He's 29 so he's not old and he'd fire us into the Prem and possibly even keep us there. He nearly managed it last time and we're a better run club now.

He can play up top on his own, great link man, heart of lion, Rangers legend and goals goals goals.

He's woefully under-rated and we should try and take advantage.

That said surely Burnley will be all over it. Warnock will probably like the look of him too.
Very very impressive
at 22:05 23 Oct 2018

I can’t deny I’m getting more than a bit excited by what I’m
seeing. The whole team has clicked into another level. Not a single bad performance, lovely pass move, steel and commitment, and goals. Proper unit.

Special mention.

Cameron. For me quite possibly the most important factor in our transformation. He doesn’t just win the ball he has great feet as well and moves the ball quickly accurately and creatively. He passes forward with his head up. A rare quality.

Freeman. Spiky, livley and scary quick feet

Eze. What to say? I think he was tackled once in the whole 90. His touch, calm strength on the ball, swagger, looks like he’s walking around people - and vision. Real vision. The weight of pass incredible. He’s a huge talent. Unplayable. Enjoy him while he is here.

And massive well done so Steve McLaren. Has to be send he’s just doing a great job right now.
Kakay and Eze
at 23:11 28 Aug 2018

Firstly - I owe Kakay an apology. I was harsh and said he looked clumsy. Tonight versus Rovers he showed again he has an exceptional first touch and loads of commitment in the tackle and poise on the ball. Yes he can look a little raw but he actually very rarely makes a mistake. Stood out in our team as a class above along with Bright.

Brilliant cross for Smith tonight. Absolute peach.

Eze. Learnt some interesting info. Hoffenheim came in for him in the summer and there is generally a lot of interest from Germany. We told Hoffenheim they’d need to pay £7million. They offered £3 million. After which Eze signed a contract with us even though he knew he had plenty of options to move on. He’s happy in West London, got a girlfriend from the area and loves life at the club. Have to say he was laughing away in the stands with Shodipo tonight.

I personally think he’s a HUGE talent and I really hope he stays in the team. He could be special
James Collins
at 15:01 23 Aug 2018

As I said pre-season on here, he'd be a big signing for us and just what we need.

Get him in and Wells to add to Hemed and might, just might, have a chance.

Still think some pace at centre back would make a huge difference.

I wonder if we can sneak in on Swansea's loan deal for Carter-Vickers from Spurs?
(Realistic) Transfer Target Thread
at 13:46 9 Jun 2018

I’ll start.

Mark Sykes, Glenavon. 20 years old. AMC / WF

The boy looks special to me - carries the ball like Cristiano Ronaldo and strikes it like him too. Vision, touch and drives from midfield.

Suspect £250k would do it.
James Collins
at 10:15 20 May 2018

Been released by Wet Spam. 34. I know he’s v old but I think there is room for a grizzly old leader at the back for a couple of season while we bring the youngsters through. I seen him doing a Richard Dunne / Ryan Nelson job for us.
What a difference!!!
at 21:58 13 Mar 2018

The right formation makes. Four at the back, people in their natural positions, some width higher up the pitch.

Massive cred to Ollie for bringing the young lads through into the team, with Smyth, Eze and Manning we've got some really bright sparks. Maybe Shodipo will return too??

Last three results have been much better - and tonight it really clicked. Well done lads what a truly brilliant result. Love it!!!

And the lesser spotted Manning!!! Quality is always decisive.

(Hate to say I told you so but...)

[Post edited 13 Mar 2018 22:03]
Garry Monk
at 11:23 5 Mar 2018

Might have taken the Rangers job after all?
Switch to four at the back
at 10:30 20 Feb 2018

Bidwell goes off, Symth joins the attack, three at the back changed to a four, we make two goals and win.


I know they were a man down but I make that several times in the last 5 to six games that we've switched the system (after starting with wing-backs) and then scored.

The width Smyth provided to set up the goal was plain to see. I just which Ollie would wake up and see it.
Left wing back 'the grave-yard shift' according to Ollie
at 15:16 6 Feb 2018

I assume he's mixed his words up (what a surprise) as 'grave-yard shift' doesn't make any sense in relation to a football position. Unless he makes Bidwell play there late at night when no one else is around - and on his current performances he might as well.

Ollie must mean the position has been a grave-yard for the players because it's destroyed their confidence or reputation.

And if that's the case he's basically admitting the system is killing the players because no one can play wing back.

Begs the question, if you know the wing backs aren't working, why do you keep playing the system?

[Post edited 6 Feb 2018 15:29]
Ollie & foreign players - worrying pattern
at 16:51 31 Jan 2018

It's very obvious he's got an issue with foreign players.

- He took against Sylla right from the start.
- Banged on about Sylla & Yenni's English when everyone knows in this day and age in football it's not the most important thing
- He also seemed to be genuinely surprised Wszolek was good - like he had presumed a foreign player couldn't be good. Kept mentioning how amazing it was that he could come in and have good relationship with a bloke from Poland. Now he's dropped him.
- He binned off Polter
- He binned off Chery
- Both Chery and Polter seemed eager to leave after about a month under Ollie too. Coincidence?
- He binned off Borsyiuk

In fact there isn't a single player in the team who doesn't speak English as a first language. Very unusual in today's football.

Gino Padula was the closest thing we had to foreign player last time round he took and age to give him ago despite that face he was playing well in the reserves. Also Gino had been at Walsall.
[Post edited 31 Jan 2018 16:57]
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