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Middlesbrough Preview - note to Clive
at 13:13 21 Feb 2019

Surely given our miserable run and how low everyone is feeling, it is worth a reprint of the excellent Awaydays report from the promotion season.

How did it end now...? something like they counted us out and they counted us back in, Queens Park Rangers we're top of the League.

Happy days
QPR - A proper football team
at 08:16 19 Feb 2019

Nice piece from Giles Coren in The Times today - will resonate with many...

I took my five-year-old son Sam to Loftus Road on Friday night to watch Queens Park Rangers play Watford in the fifth round of the FA Cup. To keep him real.

Sam is a football nut and an Arsenal fan, a situation I engineered because after 45 years of heartache, boredom and irrelevance supporting QPR, I felt I owed him the chance to follow a team that has lots of other supporters, a handful of famous players, a massive modern stadium and occasionally wins things.

But when Rangers beat Portsmouth to reach the fifth round of the FA Cup for the first time in 22 years, making it pretty much our biggest game for a quarter of a century, I thought Sam might as well get a glimpse of his dad’s ropey old first love, from poky folding seats where even he would struggle for leg room, in a rusty old sardine tin of a ground, just to get a bit of perspective.

On the way, I explained that, no, we have never won a major trophy. Except a League Cup once upon a time, when dinosaurs walked the Earth. This year, in the league, we haven’t even won a match. On the night, in typical fashion, we played better than Watford but went a goal down just before half time to their first attack of the match and were knocked out of the cup. Season over.

One detail I’d forgotten about Loftus Road was the terrible sightlines created by the stanchions holding up the roof. From where we sat, one goal was completely obscured so that as play moved, the crowd around us swayed from side to side, like the front row on Top of the Pops, trying to get a better view. Next to me was an old season-ticket holder who has watched QPR from the same spot for the past 43 years.

“But it’s a terrible seat,” I said. “You can’t see a thing. Why have you never moved?”

“Can’t move,” he replied. “It’s my lucky seat.”

“Lucky?” I laughed. “We’ve had the worst 43 years of any club in world football!”

“That’s not my fault,” he replied glumly. “It’s all these other bleeders sitting in the unlucky seats.”

at 13:11 15 Feb 2019

Nice interview in The Times today. Hereferences grown men kissing his Dad after the Oldham game. He said "it was all I'd ever know so it was not weird, I was unbelievably proud"...
Bristol City Away
at 15:01 4 Feb 2019

Just seen something from the club confirming they will refund lost rail fares as a result of the short notice change of fixture date
Just Back
at 23:12 25 Sep 2018

Struggling to find the words to describe that performance tonight. It truly was abysmal and I just cant fathom why McLaren thought he could just throw 11 players together and they would get into a cohesive unit.
There was no evidence of a game plan, our passing was poor and our attacking strategy consisted of long balls to Smith which he either didn't win or we then didn't win the second ball.
I actually felt sorry for some of the younger players thrown into that shambles. Some of the senior players need to look in the mirror. Not sure what is going on with Scowen but he was racing around making foul after foul, got a yellow card after the 3rd and then lost a 50:50 which he could easily have been booked again for. He was subbed quickly afterwards (rightly in my view) and stormed off.
Cousins then raises his hands and pushes a player when already on a yellow and gets sent off. Both of them werebraindead.
Worst if all for me though was the complete disrespect shown to the travelling support. I was prepared for a few changes but never expected that starting 11. You then look at the bench for a game changer and there are no options.
McLaren said afterwards we weren't prepared for the physical challenge yet the size of their team was plain to see and we start with the likes of Scowen and Chair who are tiny by comparison.
I can't remember feeling this disappointed for a long time. Perhaps we would never win this cup but a winnable the to enter the last 16 and perhaps get a big draw and we never even tried.
Gutted on so many levels....
Sky picks October
at 12:29 28 Aug 2018

All, apologies if I've missed this elsewhere but does anyone know if the Sky picks for late October have been made yet. Trying to sort trains out for Villa on the 27th.

Thanks for any insight
The morning after the night before
at 07:26 22 Aug 2018

Still feeling empty and stunned and really cant work out in my mind what is going on. The comments on here and Twitter are sad and watching people falling out with each other is very depressing, along with seeing the club on its knees and the poisonous atmosphere that surrounds it.

I'd ;love to know what the answer is. I'm not singing the praises of McClaren, but I admit that I did think his coaching pedigree would be valuable to us.The concern was always that he isn't a strong enough manager to unite a team and get them playing for him and that seems to be manifesting itself.

That said its hard not to have some sympathy for him. Sure he has made mistakes (for example he should have shut up shop when we were 4-1 down at WBA), however looking at the goals last night you have to wonder how he or any manager can legislate for that. A full back slipping and a goalkeeping error for the first, a full back losing his man for the second and a poor pass (from Scowen) creating the opening for the third.

I do think that the simple fact is the team isn't good enough and the summer player departures have weakened us to a point where we are struggling to compete (particularly defensively). If the much mooted loan players come in quickly then perhaps the tide could turn. I remember many years back the team being in a very poor state defensively and then Tilson and Peacock coming in, and things picked up quite quickly for the better.

Having said that if we lose Saturday, it is hard to see McClaren surviving.

Apologies for the rambling, needed to write something down - very dark days.
And as for that kit.....
at 20:17 19 Aug 2018

Sorry to say this but I detested that pink kit when launched. We have been dreadful away for many seasons, why add to the things that we could be ridiculed for. I cannot comprehend why anybody would sanction it - use the Dennis the Menace or plain red shirt or red and black stripes or....

Appreciate we have bigger things to worry about but I genuinely scratch my head at this.
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