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Sky picks October
at 12:29 28 Aug 2018

All, apologies if I've missed this elsewhere but does anyone know if the Sky picks for late October have been made yet. Trying to sort trains out for Villa on the 27th.

Thanks for any insight
The morning after the night before
at 07:26 22 Aug 2018

Still feeling empty and stunned and really cant work out in my mind what is going on. The comments on here and Twitter are sad and watching people falling out with each other is very depressing, along with seeing the club on its knees and the poisonous atmosphere that surrounds it.

I'd ;love to know what the answer is. I'm not singing the praises of McClaren, but I admit that I did think his coaching pedigree would be valuable to us.The concern was always that he isn't a strong enough manager to unite a team and get them playing for him and that seems to be manifesting itself.

That said its hard not to have some sympathy for him. Sure he has made mistakes (for example he should have shut up shop when we were 4-1 down at WBA), however looking at the goals last night you have to wonder how he or any manager can legislate for that. A full back slipping and a goalkeeping error for the first, a full back losing his man for the second and a poor pass (from Scowen) creating the opening for the third.

I do think that the simple fact is the team isn't good enough and the summer player departures have weakened us to a point where we are struggling to compete (particularly defensively). If the much mooted loan players come in quickly then perhaps the tide could turn. I remember many years back the team being in a very poor state defensively and then Tilson and Peacock coming in, and things picked up quite quickly for the better.

Having said that if we lose Saturday, it is hard to see McClaren surviving.

Apologies for the rambling, needed to write something down - very dark days.
And as for that kit.....
at 20:17 19 Aug 2018

Sorry to say this but I detested that pink kit when launched. We have been dreadful away for many seasons, why add to the things that we could be ridiculed for. I cannot comprehend why anybody would sanction it - use the Dennis the Menace or plain red shirt or red and black stripes or....

Appreciate we have bigger things to worry about but I genuinely scratch my head at this.
at 12:43 13 Aug 2018

...piece of analysis in The Times Sports section today. I'm away currently and struggling to post a link.
Mcclaren interview with LFW?
at 21:08 29 Jul 2018

Just wondered if Clive had approached the club on this front and whether an interview is on the radar. Lots of interesting ground could be covered...
Rod Liddle
at 16:43 29 Jul 2018

He has written a piece reviewing the Championship in the Sunday Times.

Let me quote...

"....and wouldn't it be fun if a lacklustre QPR, under the stewardship of Shteve McClaren, continued their slow descent towards league one".

Out of interest he has Stoke and Forest in the top two. Not that his opinion is of any value.
[Post edited 29 Jul 17:54]
at 10:52 5 May 2018

Great read in The Times today, interviewing players who have played in his promotion teams. Derry features and most of the interviews tease out his man management approach.

Love him or hate him well worth a look.
Accrington Stanley
at 05:44 18 Apr 2018

Amongst all the football greed and money another great story of a team that has defied the odds and on a shoestring budget has punched above its weight.

A great achievement and restores a little faith...
Simon Stainrod
at 12:36 10 Apr 2018

They often say you create your heroes in your formative years (whatever they are!). People talk about Pele, Maradona and others but for me it was always Cruyff.

Similarly for Rangers I saw Bowles, Thomas and co but was a bit too young to appreciate it. My first season ticket was in the 81/82 season and it was always about Stainrod, so skillful and played with a swagger and confidence.

Anyway tonight he is inducted into the Forever RS club. Gutted I cant be there.

Box office
at 17:49 31 Dec 2017

Can someone remind me of the number for tickets that goes direct to the box office

Unhelpful behaviours....
at 07:20 30 Dec 2017

Our footballing position is, as we know, pretty dire. There has clearly been a lot wrong that we are trying to put right and in the main I have been in the camp of tough it out with Holloway, partly on the basis of change never helps us at managerial level and who else would we get anyway.

I have to say however that Holloways behaviours are starting to increasingly irritate me.

The outburst after Brentford has been done to death now, so little further to be said on that. However when I listen to his after match press conferences the lack of depth I do find infuriating, surely the fans deserve a little bit more than that. We then go to Millwall where as expected the reception was hostile and unpleasant but that was not a surprise, so with the team needed to be fully focused for a very important game was it really necessary to delay the exit from the coach whilst Holloway waved at the Millwall fans and cupped his ears to their jibes?

Then there is the hat. Ok not the most important issue I agree but other bald managers (Dyche, Guardiolo etc) manage to conduct interviews after a game without looking like something between a cross between prohibition America and Peaky Blinders. If it's a cold night watching the game wear a woolly hat that is fine but really if you want to be taken seriously then behave and dress appropriately.

Maybe that is just how he is, but when the footballing situation at the club is so poor then the off the pitch distractions need to be minimised. Or maybe I just need to chill out....

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