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Best and most Solid away support at a regular game.
at 13:44 17 May 2021

Stoke away when Bircham was doing his thing for starters, winning 1-0
White Riot the movie
at 15:56 3 May 2021

Beggars belief that stuff really happened. Remember having to take off your badges of bands linked to RAR as the skinheads patrolled the underground on the way home from gigs.

And to the present day have to listen to all sundry like shearer and other ivory tower dwellers driving home the narrative of peaceful protest only. Soon that won’t be even allowed.
[Post edited 3 May 16:06]
Why is it costing Rangers £1/2M a month to be sustainable?
at 18:19 20 Apr 2021

Seems to be a football problem.
[Post edited 20 Apr 18:20]
Mick Jagger/Dave Grohl tune
at 13:47 14 Apr 2021

New Song put out by both of them. Pretty good.
Got a snarling Rotten Sex Pistols ‘Liar’ vibe.
Top gear season 30 episode 1
at 03:18 31 Mar 2021

Anyone notice the green Porsche 911 with the license plate OPR 911 situated on the presenters right outside the tv center during the opening monologue.

Who’s is that I wonder.
The price of football podcast
at 13:14 11 Mar 2021

Excellent listen and episodes of late about, football index and Paladinis poodle and all around good guy, Nick de Marco.

Football index as a concept, wow, there’s some brazen cheeky feckers out there. ‘Ever felt like you’ve been conned’ quote courtesy of Mr Rotten.
Fake Crowd noise
at 14:06 28 Feb 2021

Watching Leicester v Arsenal on nbc sports in the land of the free, or the bedroom, and the fake crowd noise was ‘I’m for ever blowing bubbles’ followed by United,United,United. Different!

[Post edited 28 Feb 16:42]
BBC I player recommendations
at 15:09 25 Nov 2020


With the miracle of a vpn I now have access to the BBC. Have been abroad now for 10 years and would appreciate any recommendations as I’m out of touch.

Wife likes a good mystery, myself, the more irreverent or thought provoking the better. Mortimer and Whitehorse fishing is simply wonderful.

The BBC With the phrase, inform, educate and entertain, a good recipe for life.

Queens gambit on Netflix, very very good.

Ps There’s a couple of guys who wear there che/$*e In my neighborhood especially on weekends. Funny thing Is they just can’t handle me giving them a bit of stick. Cultural differences 😃

Ted Lasso
at 20:12 6 Sep 2020

My lovely American Wife’s is badgering me to watch Ted Lasso together thinking it’s a good watch but more importantly a couple watch.

Should I?

Last night we ended up watching a Bollywood movie Called Dilwale. Struth I can enjoy something if its bad and poke fun at something all day long but that was a jaw dropper concerning entertainment.
Hoops retro shirts, I think that’s what they are called
at 14:24 3 Jul 2020

Found a twitter page with a guy getting old adidas shirts made. Tried to get in touch a few times but no luck. Has he gone awol, anyone know? I don’t have twitter and asked my wife to reach out. Even tried the email.

Would love some of these shirts. My originals don’t fit me anymore😃

C Mob memories
at 03:20 19 May 2020

Oldam away first game of the season. Four of us in a Hillman imp, and the driver Dave started in Brighton.

The police actually put us in the home end with the Oldham fans as there was no away end. Weird.

Anyway on the way home while sitting in a service station in walk c mob. They then decide to get in the food line and casually help themselves and either eat as they went or take it with them. Literally carrying plates of sausages and stuff. The staff were going mental.

Respect, kind of.
[Post edited 19 May 2020 3:21]
Spy planes and bird song, coming to a town near you.
at 17:23 13 May 2020

As I sit on a relatively sunny and warm day in Baltimore the peace and tranquillity are continually disturbed by a constant droning hum in the background. It’s flying around from dusk to dawn.

So the Baltimore Corrupt as fcuk police force at a cost of $3.7m have acquired a surveillance plane. They arethe ones who need to be surveyed, not us citizens. Where did they get it from? Well a retired hedge fund manager, now a philanthropist from Texas kindly helped.

Another right wing so called do gooder who sits in his ivory tower using his money thinking he knows what’s best for us. Thoughts here are to go to his house and play recordings of this thing all day long, and see how he likes it.

It’s the same with cameras in the UK, I get it. However planes flying around funded by certain thinking individuals, fcuked up in every way possible. I know about every argument and angle, I just don’t like it and doesn’t sit comfortably with me. Governments and legislation are not there to watch and monitor us

The thing that really irks is since the lockdown wonderful bird song has filled the air and now sadly has to compete with the constant droning of this thing.

Songs you turn off when it comes on the radio and why
at 20:09 20 Mar 2020

True, Spandau ballet

Absolute contemptible shyte :)

Bohemian Rhapsody, at school every one loved it, 10 weeks at no 1. Couldn’t get away from it. Painful.
[Post edited 20 Mar 2020 20:11]
Terry Venables nickname at Rangers
at 16:43 7 Feb 2020

Was Slippery, apparently.

According to Rodney Marsh on the radio today. Also said TV, with a lawyer. made him take that nickname out of his book. Apparently he really didn’t like being called that.

Maybe that’s why Gregory didn’t sell the club to him and had his doubts.

He also talked about a brilliant hat trick he scored against Birmingham City which was not only televised, Div 2 game, and had the good fortune as a 10yr old to witness sitting in SA Road with my Dad.
[Post edited 7 Feb 2020 16:47]
Brentford stream
at 12:51 11 Jan 2020


Press big arrow, opens new tab, close that, go back to hesgoal press play,. Same when refresh needed

Swansea stream
at 14:12 5 Jan 2020


Press the big arrow and it opens another sight. Close that and back to hesgoal, press play

Drink tea
My US mail carrier is a Birmingham fan
at 13:23 12 Dec 2019

So come 3pm east coast time in Baltimore I’m sitting up on the second floor of where I reside, watching the game on espn+,and across the street in his big van Sam the mail carrier is watching the same game on his phone. Very surreal and bizarre and pretty bludy random.

Apparently he was part of the original Zulu mob and left the UK when he was 26. He said, as he was of mixed race, had to deal with a lot of crap back in the 80.s. Yes I did offer warmth and a cup of tea but declined due to the USPS having a tracking system on their carriers.
[Post edited 12 Dec 2019 13:31]
Ex pat returning looking for a 1 Fulham ticket
at 17:12 6 Nov 2019


NRA survey and recruitment drive on LFW home page.
at 02:13 5 Sep 2019

Took the survey, loaded questions about the 2nd amendment, law abiding gun carrying citizens, protection from bad guys/terrorists and taking away your freedom, giving teachers guns, opposing gun free areas and college students(trained mind you) allowed to carry guns on campus. Convoluted questions that are meant to confuse.

Living here you have to put up with this brainwashing nonsense and FEAR sells baby. Like all right wing conservatives, all over the world, use a sledgehammer to crack open a peanut thinking.

At the end of the survey they want your cash and you’re fighting for freedom. I’m paid up and I got a free hat.

As I said to the man at the immigration office as he searched me for weapons etc It’s not us immigrants killing Americans it’s AMERICANS KILLING AMERICANS.
[Post edited 5 Sep 2019 2:38]
at 18:13 13 Jul 2019

Following on from The Smiths marmite chat heres a band that polarizes opinions.
[Post edited 13 Jul 2019 18:57]
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