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Come on you flibbertigibbets
at 17:30 5 May 2024

I thought for one wild moment we were being praised by Rod Liddle in the Times.
“QPR thumped a disintegrating Leeds side. Marti Cifuentes brought in to replace the hapless Gareth Ainsworth has somehow transformed the West Londn flibbertigibbets into a more than competant midtable side”
Didn't he call us Stripey Nigels once ?
To think he writes for the most famous newspaper in the world.
Be Careful Out There….
at 22:54 30 Apr 2024

Tomorrow's the day ships sink and airplanes crash
at 21:21 28 Apr 2024

I can't locate from my ipad. Anyone know if it's still up and running ?
Knowing other results
at 20:36 19 Apr 2024

We will of course be in the rare position of knowing how our rivals have fared before KO.
Given that some of our players are a bit questionable with their mindsets, I wonder if this will really be to our advantage.
Of all the “must win” games we've only beaten Brum and that due to the late heroics of two of our players that one wouldn't expect to score.
Tfl update..
at 00:01 18 Apr 2024

Blimey, no closures planned on the lines serving LR this weekend - can such things be ? Is this an omen ?
Marti's Reward
at 22:38 14 Apr 2024

I think if he keeps us up he should be awarded The Freedom Of The Borough Of Hammersmith & Fulham.
Any other honours or encomiums ?
Free pint of Pride in the Crown & Sceptre ?
Asmir apologises
at 22:45 11 Apr 2024

“I'm sorry boss” he said to Marti.
“Yeah, so was Brenda Lee” said Marti.

Actually, I think Begs might play a blinder in the next game.
Reggie Cannon
at 13:11 10 Apr 2024

Obviously I defer to Marti's knowledge but I'm surprised Cannon hasn't been tried in somewhere other than being on the bench as RB sub.
He wasn't match fit when he played early in the season but looked pretty good.
We've been barrel-scraping for options lately and I seem to recall talk of him being OK in other positions.
at 22:25 31 Mar 2024

Seeing as we've got a couple of music threads going……I think I may be the only country fan on here but Beyonce has a country album out which newspaper critics are wetting themselves over. The Times had a little list of essential country records which surprise, surprise, would not appeal to real country fans.
Anyone heard her album?
I expect I'll find it on youtube eventually.
AI Beers
at 14:39 30 Mar 2024

Startling article in my paper this morning saying AI, although threatening the future of mankind could lead to better beers and ales.
I'm OK with that - perhaps they could get Youngs to produce a beer to rival that which it brewed before they closed the Ram brewery in Wandsworth.
Casey Wasserman
at 09:49 30 Mar 2024

No, me neither. Head of one of the biggest sports and entertainment agencies predicts some Premier league matches will be played in the USA within ten years
In fact he goes so far as to say he'll be “shocked” if this doesn't come about.
Nothing without the fans eh ?
Hammersmith Council
at 20:52 25 Mar 2024

I've just discovered where all the yellow-box incursions and parking fines I've paid them over the years has gone.
The council has been ordered to pay an unfairly dismissed worker the sum of, wait for it……£4.6 million.
By Crikey Dr Watson, no wonder the bins are collected late.
They may as well have rounded it up to 5 mill.
Fair Game UK
at 00:12 22 Mar 2024

Belated report of a letter in today's Times from Niall Couper of the above mentioned group.
I am not aware of this body but I'm sure many of us are.
Since the inception of the Prem, no less than 64 clubs have gone into administration and more than 50% of clubs in the top four divs are technically insolvent.
Crikey O'Reilly.
Win double
at 22:57 17 Mar 2024

I've got a win double with Paddy Power:

Putin to win the Russian election and QPR to stay up.

Well, that's the first leg in the bag.
Vaughan Gething
at 18:27 16 Mar 2024

Announced as Wales next first minister.
He's a Cardiff fan. When they score he cries “Gething”
Lighten up the load
at 17:35 10 Mar 2024

We haven't had any daft wordplay to take our minds away from the tension.
How about some fish-influenced popular music stars ? I was thinking:

Doctor Eelgood
Ling Crosby
Ticket office
at 11:00 3 Mar 2024

I have a mate driving down to london overnight and wants to get a couple of tickets for the two home games.
Anyone know what time the ticket office opens in the morning ?
Can't find opening times on the offish
Sports bars
at 15:04 21 Feb 2024

Not my cup of tea, but found myself in one lunchtime having had half an hour to kill.
Ross McCrorrie of Bristol City on one of the many screens saying it was “yoomiliatin'” losing to QPR.
In future I'll look for a real pub or else sit in the park. Although it was raining.
Division bell
at 23:02 18 Feb 2024

Funny the things that have always been there but you don't know about.
Pubs near the House of Commons had a division bell in the bar to call MPs if a vote was about to take place. Died out cos of mobile phones.
Most of the boozers I'd been to had bells followed by a rough gutteral voice shouting “ aintcha got no 'omes to go to ? ”
March fixtures
at 23:57 17 Feb 2024

Pretty daunting huh ?
As if the Rotherham game wasn't important enough.
The Bard said March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.
Guess we'll find out soon enough.
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