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Best British Films
at 19:34 17 Sep 2018

Italian Job has some great lines;

You're only supposed to blow the bl00dy doors off

In this country, they drive on the wrong side of the road

Fulham-bit dodgy really

Well, practice makes perfect, Mr Bridger

and of course

Lads, I've got a great idea.....
Corny Joke Warning
at 15:03 3 Sep 2018

What did the bus conductor say to the guy with three heads, no arms and one leg?

Ello, ello, ello-you look 'armless-hop on
The Most Heartbreaking goal we have conceded
at 14:48 18 Nov 2016

Must be the Cantona goal in 1996.

First big Sky TV contract for the Prem due to come in for the following season.

We were playing in a ground similar to Southampton, West Ham etc, with similar gates, and now the gulf is unbridgeable.

Vauxhall Motors was pretty bad too.
Well done the foxes!
at 14:44 3 May 2016

I agree that Leicester have been great. Their high energy style is surprisingly hard to counter. They have had luck in being able to play a settled team. No big injury problems.

But look at the opposition-they all blew it, for different reasons;

City-This season's team changes made them worse, not better. No surprise Pellegrini is being moved on
United-Just amazingly average by their standards
Chelsea-could not recover from the Eva Carneiro incident
Arsenal-blew the best chance they will ever have-they needed a decent striker
Tottenham-almost made it, but their uneven start to the season did for them
Liverpool-at least they got rid of Rogers, but too late for this season

Surely there will never be another season where everyone messes it up again?

Come on Burnley!! I'll keep my cash in my pocket though.
at 15:18 27 Apr 2016

Thanks to whoever posted the Guardian article. The BBC followed up with a reasonably good article as well.

This whole ghastly episode demonstrates what happens when those put in authority do not trust the people.

I hope the lesson will be learned.

The best memorial for the 96 is that anyone put in a position of responsibility in future must realise that with authority comes accountability.
Baseball Thread..
at 10:30 27 Apr 2016

I saw that movie about Jackie Robinson playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers on an aeroplane. It was tremendous. One of the freeways in Brooklyn is now called the 'Jackie Robinson Parkway'.

Ironically my first baseball game was at the LA Dodgers,when Mike Piazza was still playing for them. 'The Piazza Man always delivers'-he did that day, as I recall.

I could cope with living in the US if I could go to baseball regularly. Not interested in the other sports over there. I went to one NFL game at Giants Stadium. It was freezing cold, and the stadium emptied out as the winning visitors played out time. Went on for ages. Ice hockey at Madison Square Garden wasn't bad though. At least the fights are entertaining.
Baseball Thread..
at 09:00 27 Apr 2016

I don't follow a particular team (but I do have a soft spot for the Yankees-sorry!). The 'Subway Series' (Yankees v. Mets) in 2000 was unreal. I was in NY when it was on (no, I didn't get a ticket!) and everyone was on one side or the other. All the bars were showing it and they were packed.

I like the (mostly) warm weather, the beer and hot dogs at seat.

Best moment-saw Yankees pull out a win in the bottom of the 9th with successive homers. The place went mad. Everyone was singing on the subway back to Manhattan. Happy days.
Your first job (non-QPR)
at 12:50 11 Apr 2016

The first pay packet I received was £3.52 for 8 hours in the local public library as a Saturday assistant during A levels (thereby missing the 1975-76 season in its entirety....). 44p an hour....
Name of the game?
at 18:34 11 Mar 2016

Or the Hogarth Roundabout?
Name of the game?
at 18:32 11 Mar 2016

I do like 'El Traffico', if we have to go for a Spanish one.

Otherwise, why not split the difference and call it....

The Chiswick Roundabout?
Beijing and Shanghai (Non QPR)
at 16:05 2 Mar 2016

Been to both, but was 15 years ago.

Can't speak for the pollution in Beijing now,but at least the weather should be OK in April.


Beijing-Forbidden City is amazing, and HUGE. It took us a whole day. Really worth it. The Summer Palace is pleasant (picnic in the grounds with everyone else if the weather is nice). They remind you that the Brits burned down the original in 1900. Another imperial misadventure. Didn't bother with Chairman Mao-huge queues. When we were there, there were two places to get a drink-either the Beijing Hotel (full of Swedes getting totally wrecked-their PM was on a visit), or-the Kings Arms in the grounds of the British Embassy! Is it still there? The Great Wall at Badaling (quite a long climb to the top, but a good view when you get there) and Ming Tombs is worth doing-a day trip. Book a taxi.

Shanghai-should be amazing now. They were just starting to build out the Pudong area when I was there. The Bund is nice and there is a great view across to Pudong. Try the Peace Hotel-is the 'original' jazz band still there? They were pretty ancient even then. Shanghainese food is great. Take your own chopsticks if you are brave enough for the street stalls. The ones they give aren't called 'hep sticks' for nothing. Nanjing Road makes Oxford Street look like a country lane.

Loftus Road - the noisiest you remember?
at 08:32 1 Mar 2016

He's got bird shit on his head.....

Now that was funny-and loud.

5-5 was amazing but not loud-only 15,000 or so there to start with.

The 1990 Arsenal game for me. The Sansom goal was incredible. I can remember the roar now.
It's not about the kits any more. It's about the lies.
at 18:29 2 Jul 2015

I've got a kitbag shirt. Wore it to Hillsborough 2004.

The best shirt ever. The only one I will ever put on.

Enough said really.
ok who would you choose as manager ?
at 13:28 11 Jan 2015

Can't change now. There are 8 equally bad teams in the division and you just have to make sure you are not in the bottom 3 on the last day.

Change the now manager without a Plan B and you are doomed.

I'd get rid at the end of the season whatever happens. Gareth Ainsworth would be my choice.
Eric Cantona scores at 5.02pm.
at 19:13 12 Sep 2014

I was there and also remember it vividly.

Yes, the Fergie time was a joke (and yes, I jumped around the room for the Aguero goal-perfect scenario, we were safe and the Team from Salford did not win the league).

But the goal was at least partially self inflicted.

Impey went towards the corner flag-good.

Nobody to pass to-not so good.

Impey whacks a hopeless cross straight down Schmeichel's throat-pretty silly.

Schmeichel recycles it immediately and they zoom down the other end-disaster.

Whatever you think of them, they did remember that a match does not end until the ref says it does.

We forgot it, they remembered it.

Still can't stand them though.
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