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Gerry Francis looses both parents
at 11:43 21 Jan 2018

Our Captain manager and all time legend lost both his parents within days of each other

RIP and condolences to Gerry and his family
Pod Casts
at 22:32 10 Jan 2018

Currently listening to They Walk Amongst Us.

Chilling true life tales of serial killers poisoners and down right naughty people.

They haven't done John Terry yet
No shocks in Irish FA cup
at 20:22 6 Jan 2018

Cant we enter this competition instead?
next 3 league games points accumulation Brizzle H Ipswich A Millwall A
at 18:52 21 Dec 2017

next 3 league games points accumulation Brizzle H Ipswich A Millwall A

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Ipad help
at 11:55 15 Dec 2017

I went onto a recipe website(honest) on my ipad and left the page open as I was using it to follow a recipe.

I closed the cover on the ipad and didnt return to it for about 48 hours.

When I tried using safari again a page flashed up saying I had to remove onuvo(I think it was as it literately flashed up and disappeared).

Now I cant get on the internet at all. I powered off and on several times cleared all browsing history.

Anyone offer some advice please?
Parking tickets again again again!!!!!
at 10:26 13 Dec 2017

My son got a Parking Notice Charge at Barnet Hospital

Arrived 1430 Departed 17:22

He paid at 14:37 until 17:37 and then topped up 17:37-18:37 which he didnt use. We have copies of the receipts for these payments with the correct Reg#

My question is shall I invoice them for time taken to reply, cost of stationary, stamp and time and if so how much and how should I word my response letter?

Any legal eagles out there prepared to give some free advice?
usa lottery
at 10:02 7 Dec 2017

I just got an automated call from US Lottery telling me I had won 2nd price.


I wouldnt mind but I didnt even enter

I hung up
Bstrd car damage
at 10:10 30 Nov 2017

Some horrible bsts decided to drive his van down the side of my sons 56 plate Fiesta when it was parked up

Insurance say its a write off.

Wil need 2 replacement doors and a front panel

Young driver so been paying thru the nose for 4 years, his first claim and wallop

What a bunch of.......
Raiders v broncos
at 21:56 26 Nov 2017

Nice bit of fisticuffs going on in this game

3 players ejected and a ref knocked down
Executor of a will
at 18:43 22 Nov 2017

My wife is the executor of a will of a distant aunt....who is still alive but is now saying her neighbours (not family) bare going to sell her flat and put her in a residential home(she is 91).

Thats fine by us if its her choice (shes a pain in the wotsit) and she wants this couple to deal with all her matters from now on)

How does one discharge themselves of being an executor of someones Will . We dont want any comeback on us when shes gone and these neighbours have lacked certain scruples.

She is of sound mind although always been a bit dithery for the past 20 years.

My wife is also her next of kin although we believe there is a step niece somewhere .

Any legal eagles out there have any input?

(yes her property is worth a bit but a care home in leafy North London aint going to be cheap)
Yes we can win away
at 11:15 12 Nov 2017

Please add Ian Hulme to players I cant stand(even though he had a terrible accident)
just back
at 20:14 4 Nov 2017

from brent cross thanks mrs enfield for once you were right
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