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tonights result
at 14:59 2 Oct 2019

tonights result

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Do we have an injury crisis looming?
at 10:52 22 Sep 2019

Not sure why Odysius Alfa from U23 was on the bench yesterday.

Where are the rest of the squad?


All unavailable yesterday. I hope most of these will be back next week but just shows you the fragility of any squad

Hairy Redknobb would have put Dillon Barnes on the bench

I know this is why we have a squad of 24 but one third were unavailable.

Praying that our key players remain fit.
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My dear old granny
at 21:14 18 Sep 2019

When working her way through a box of chocolates my old nan used to press her thumb onto each chocy to find the softer ones as the hard ones got stuck under the plate of her false teeth.

Sadly she didnt like some of the soft ones and left them in the box all prolapsed like.

She did knit me a blue & white scarf and bobble hat though for my 10th birthday

you gotta love your granny
Lootown pikeys caravan suede leave our pubs alone match thread
at 06:11 12 Sep 2019

Starting this thread in Bangkok then to hq via the cafe.

3-2 win for the R’s

You r’s!!!!!
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China aviation authorities threaten Cathay
at 07:18 11 Sep 2019

Recently took a flight from China to another destination via Hong Kong on Cathay pacific. Cathay dragon

China trying to grind Cathay into the ground.

Was taking an early morning flight which meant the aircraft and crew was stopped overnight so no delays waiting for incoming flight.

Flight shown as on time but we sat in departure area until an hour after departure time when an announcement was made that no departure time could be given. I had watched the aircraft loaded and there were no signs of technical issues.

I see several uniformed chinese guys board the aircraft then an hour later we are allowed to board way behind schedule. Fortunately my onward flight was late afternoon so I still had time but this was not the case for some Taiwanese Malaysian and other passengers who had tighter wait times.

Chatted with a crew member who told me that this is happening daily only with Cathay dragon and that Chinese aviation authorities came aboard in insisted on see all paperwork appertaining to the entire workings of the aircraft most of which had to be relayed over from Hong Kong. They even wanted the use by dates on the food. She said they are trying to crush Cathay pacific and that all crew are worried for their jobs.

All crew where interrogated and informed that if they took part in any form of anti chinese protests in Hong Kong that they would be dismissed

The ceo was asked to make a list of all staff members who had taken part or had bad feelings towards China. Apparently he offered his name only and then resigned

Not sure how long Cathay dragon or the Hong Kong we know will survive
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Sheffield Wednesday v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
The Roker Roar
at 20:28 26 Aug 2019

Bit in which way will they roar................Signed Joel Lynch!!!!!
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Queens Park Rangers v Wigan Athletic prediction logged
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Queens Park Rangers v Swansea City prediction logged
EZE we've got two of them
at 22:08 20 Aug 2019
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Bristol City v Queens Park Rangers prediction logged
ticket for tomorrow going spare
at 13:59 16 Aug 2019

Cant make it now tomorrow ao one ticket available.

Trouble is I'm in Enfield
Lost raybands sunglasses
at 14:19 14 Aug 2019

My son lost his rayband sunglasses last night in South Africa upper G block row O seat 215

Don’t suppose anybody found them

Small reward offered

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