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Is it kicking off tonight?
at 17:06 1 Aug 2020

Arse v Scum FA cup final
Pubs full, 90 thousand thst wouldbe there spread all around.
Heat and summer madness.

My local already has a couple of coppers hovering...
Somebody said something unacceptable
at 21:01 14 Jun 2020

Who was it?

Re: Statue Enthusiasts
How rude!?
at 18:04 12 Apr 2019

Category D!

Anorak thread (non QPR)
at 17:16 23 Jun 2017

I am of the belief that trains (locomotives) in the UK are by some law meant to be painted yellow at the front, for reasons of safety. And that the French got the 'ump a bit about this spoiling their Eurostar design.

Unable to find the search terms to answer the question using Google, I am guessing there is someone who looks at this message board who can answer the question:

Why are the fronts of the Elizabeth Line trains not yellow?
And some people say we're lethargic
at 16:02 6 Nov 2016

Watching Liverpool hammering the Hornets.

5-1 up and it's as if the 2 minutes silence is still going..
[Post edited 6 Nov 2016 16:08]
Legoland Heaven
at 07:45 7 Oct 2016

Just came across this:


Hover over main image for more images...
God is fading
at 11:40 24 May 2016

Slowly, rationalism and reason pushes superstition aside.

I for one find this encouraging.

I'm sure there are one or two who will shout 'the Muslims are gonna take over.'

They're not.
In or Out
at 11:15 7 May 2016

Of the playing area?
Let's start the annual debate. I always enjoy the holier than thou "I wouldn't go on if the stand was on fire and Kelly Brook wanted to marry me on the centre circle" stuff..
[Post edited 8 May 2016 11:10]
Friday choons discussion supplement.
at 12:09 29 Apr 2016

I'm here at work with Lexicon of Love playing.

Sets me wondering if Sheffield could be the most consistent city for producing decent bands.

Obviously Woking won't be beaten for the very best single band! Snick, snick! but city/town nominations anyone?
[Post edited 29 Apr 2016 15:53]
Friday music - canine toons
at 08:01 22 Jan 2016

The Wolves are coming...

My dad loved this - probably still does

And within the Bowie memorium 'brickies in eyeliner' was mentioned, this lot took it to the next level - look at the hat!

Oh, and from Barking

And Wolverhampton

[Post edited 22 Jan 2016 8:11]
Who would you choose to support?
at 19:26 14 Dec 2015

If you went only on the shirt sponsor?

For me it's Derby now. I love Just Eat! Click, click, 40 minutes, yum, yum, yum. I've even done it from the one I normally walk to! I've used Virgin Trains and have an American Express card, the rest leave me a bit baffled.

The majority of the Premier league I have little idea what they do (most of it seems to be betting) - I think I have a couple of policies with Aviva, and I like lager, but I'm not certain I've ever drunk Chang. And I drove a Chevrolet in the USA two years ago.

NB. I got a Samsung phone last week - because that's ok now. Seriously, I wouldn't have considered it before!

Yep, Junior Iz has been leaving his favourite website open again:
One point from the drop zone!
at 18:04 13 Dec 2015

Newcastle push them down a place. Please Leicester, rip them a new one tomorrow!

They've got Sunderland at the Bridge next. Whodda thought that would be a relegation six pointer? Didn't Sunderland do them there last season?
[Post edited 13 Dec 2015 18:14]
Mixed Emotions bonus Friday Music thread
at 07:48 18 Sep 2015

Apologies to FDC, but let's work alongside.

After the A level thread a few weeks ago, many of us will be hitting the motorway this weekend to proudly watch our first born (in my case - but of course younger sprogs too) fly the nest and enter the world of Academia. Utter pride, but a tear or two of yearning for a lost littlun.

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