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England v croatia thread.
at 02:36 13 Jun 2021

not too confidant on this one.
hope i'm wrong...

kane for us.
Goonies.....secret garden.
at 20:29 9 Jun 2021

thats kids for you.
anyone else woke up to school holiday films every morning for 6 weeks or more, and knowing every word to the bloody film.
goonies, son, 1987 when he was 4.
secret garden, 1990, when she was 4.
at 23:51 5 Jun 2021

this time next year we will reflect on peoples predictions.
it seems most on here are excited for next season to start and have high hopes.

i'm predicting we will finish 6th. 2021/22
at 14:27 31 May 2021

sunderland away, the night game we won 2-0, chris ramsey in charge.
went overnight, took the mrs along for company, but only for a few drinks before the game, she's not a football person, but enjoys the social side.
had to meet proudlock in a working mans club in the town centre over that bridge from the ground, the club was called the gunner.
me and the mrs walked in, speaking to proudlock on the phone, said he was in the bar on the right, walked in, and mass up roar, "get her out," or words to that effect, "no women aloud in this bar" my god, you'd have thought she'd walked in with a gun, but that was their rules and we had to respect them. apparentley plenty of places in sunderland like that, so we were told.
anyone come across anything like this in recent years......thought they were a thing of the past.
Man bags.
at 19:00 28 May 2021

been watching clips of man city fans and the other lot in portugal.
never seen so many man bags in my life.
is this the new football fan fashion abroard, or do we have to carry a lot more to games.
funny to watch them belting ten kinds of s....t out of each other last night with them things wrapped round them.
Cant wait ....roll on next season
at 14:56 24 May 2021

Glastonbury 2021.
at 17:08 22 May 2021

anyone banged out a score to watch it at home.

obviously not the same as being there, but for you regulars that go, is £20 a bit steep.
Could we become another leicester.
at 21:47 15 May 2021

loved what they done today, and in the last 6 years, taking the premier by the b...ll..ks and commanding a good bit of respect.

never impossible i suppose, but what would it take?
the tinkerman started it, and with new management its continued.

come on warbs, you know you can do it.
at 22:48 3 May 2021

did everyone enjoy the plastic pitch.
must say there was a few classics on it.

Box office back open.
at 22:02 3 May 2021

tuesdays and thursdays starting from thursday 6th may.
phone lines open all week. 10am till 5pm.
Music fans
at 23:39 1 May 2021

how good were queen

watching them now..... wembley.. fantastic.

gutted i never see them live.......
All games this season....with a crowd.
at 22:19 1 May 2021

our last game against luton would of no doubt created a great atmosphere.
but, not including this one, what game with a crowd would you have liked to have been at.

mine, millwall at home.

the come back and atmosphere would have been electrifying.
Since christmas...
at 17:53 1 May 2021

derby, rotherham, birmingham and forest have all beaten us, if only.......
Them 12 points would have come in handy, what would of our chances of beating brentord in the play offs.
Different league.
at 21:57 24 Apr 2021

watched a catch up on this documentary about derry city, from the troubles in 1972, to 1985. a group of men, the gang of four, got derry back on their feet, doing the trebel and beating benfica in 1989.
loved the quote from one of their fans..."we could'nt afford tickets, so we all stood on the grass verge that overlooked one part of the stadium, we called it skint hill".

well worth a butchers.
RIP les mckeown
at 16:59 22 Apr 2021


European super league
at 15:28 18 Apr 2021

can anyone see it taking off.
talks of 6 clubs from the premier.
on sky news now.
Our next and last 6 games.
at 19:41 10 Apr 2021

on paper a hard run in to the season....but who cares, we're safe.
rotherham A
midd'gh A
swansea A
norwich H
stoke A
luton H

just as well we've got the points in the bag.

at 20:28 6 Apr 2021

don't know much about this lot only that they done the double over us this season, 6-1 agg.
just had a look at the top 6 and there they are.....jesus, how long they been up there.
did anyone honestly expect them to have done so well this season, and could well be the surprise package to go up through the play offs.
Punk rock thread
at 11:38 4 Apr 2021

45 years this year punk rock was starting out big.
were any of you a purple haired zipped up anarchist.

remember coming in from work and watching this, think grundy was sacked the next day.

Our yorkshire farm.
at 18:13 3 Apr 2021

been watching a series about a yorkshire man and his mrs with 9 kids, brilliant viewing.
all mucking in on their farm, hard work and fun, good and bad days, but overall succesful.

anyone owned or bought up on a farm.
used to go to the inlaws farms in sligo but seemed like a lot of hard graft, but always fun down on the farm..aaaaarrrrgh.
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