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Very QPR indeed - Report
at 03:46:13

Hindsight or no - I hope Warbs reads this. I'd play Albert at left back if I had to just to get him on the pitch such is his attacking prowess and final delivery.
Best and worst - Preview
at 09:51:38

Thank you Clive - you really are a genius.
I consider myself reasonably articulate but have never quite managed to convey the m4 car crash that is watching our team - can’t not look but scared of what you’ll see.
Thus my long suffering Australian partner, having stayed with me until 3am is often left providing commentary as I hide in the darkened hallway, one to the good with 5 minutes of injury time announced.
I have just read her your first paragraph. Now it may not be that she completely gets it but I genuinely believe she took comfort from the fact that there are others of a similar disposition
QPR doing QPR things - Report
at 03:03:21

Brilliant Clive
Your initiation is not dissimilar to mine albeit mine being 10 years prior and Essex not nearly as far.
As I’m sure you’re aware, it was said at the time if you got to Stamford Bridge by 12 on a Saturday you might get a ticket – get to Loftus Road at 5 to 3 and you’ll get a game. Some things don’t change – our benevolence to anyone looking for a bit of form or a goal included. We should loan Dykes to someone and let him play against us – nothing more certain to break his drought. I was saying to my long suffering partner who aspires to stay with me til 3 am (we’re in Aus) how we had the makings of a really good team – alas, she was snoring on the couch long before half time.
Can’t remember who said it but it’s the hope that kills you.
Alarm bells ringing after another Barnsley humbling - Report
at 23:51:51

What's great about your reports Clive is that it allows me to vent vicariously, as where I live, there is no one to vent to. Other that is than my long-suffering partner who stays up with me – or at least doesn’t go to bed -until 2am - which allows me about 15 yards of vent time to a slightly sozzled, sleepwalking but understanding Australian on the way to it.
You elucidated my frustrations particularly well this week - in that Warbs explanation of the Bright and Manning situations don't make sense.
We have ALL seen the penalty coming from Dickie for weeks but clearly no one from above has had a word.
That once again, a move breaking down on or beyond the halfway line or a long punt forward has resulted in a goal yet AGAIN.
That we have started most games well and considerably better than the opposition for the first twenty or so but it always falls away.
And that 10 men or not, it should not have been such a cakewalk for a team such as Barnsley and that it really could have been 6 or 7.
I wonder if Warbs appreciates that without the option to vent at, on the way home from or in the pub after the game the keyboard brigade are only going to get worse, particularly after debacles like this one.
Please keep it up Clive as henceforth - with your clocks going back (or is it forward I could never remember?) my missus will now be coerced to recline on the couch until 3am lest I, heaven forbid, become one of Warbs much maligned - or does this make me one?.....

Bright off the mark, covering a familiar failing - Report
at 01:56:17

I thought it a slightly better game than that. Less playing out from the back and in turn less turning back - a better balance. Thought we got or at least attempted more crosses too. After all, he may not be in Kansas anymore but it shouldn’t mean we Change his diet.
Also thought Bright was close to his best - getting past defenders with his pace and power - a couple of his runs really could have (should have) resulted in goals.
That said, I did indeed watch the game on my laptop - in bed - finishing after 2am having imbibed a standard Saturday night quota so I probably have it all wrong.
Ps. Glad it’s not just me - last week I left the room for corners, this week I hid behind the covers.
Back to work – Preview
at 17:04:56

Alas I did not - was 40-45 years ago when I was with my dad at The Kenilworth.
I was outside with a coke and a packet of crisps
Back to work – Preview
at 05:13:56

My mum & dad were from Shepherds Bush and Notting Hill respectively. Alas, having had my sister two years prior in Hammersmith hospital, while pregnant with me they moved to Essex in 1965.
Nonetheless, my earliest memories are of sitting on my dad’s lap in Ellerslie Road along with my cousin and a couple of uncles. Dads lap was not for the lack of seats; indeed, as I’m sure you’re aware Clive, t’was said back then that if you arrived at Stamford Bridge at midday you may be lucky enough to get a ticket – arrive at the Bush at five to three and you’ll get a game. It was simply that I was that young. Not many believe that one of those memories include once landing in the next row when Rangers scored, my dad, along with his cohorts having more than whetted their whistle at the Kenilworth Castle in Notting Hill.
My cousin Paul and I continued the trek from Harlow to the Bush throughout the eighties & nineties, usually finding our way to Epping and getting the tube directly to the Bush. Unless it was raining, we avoided alighting at White City preferring the pre-match buzz of the green and Uxbridge Road not to mention the requisite pre-match pie, mash & liquor. We hugged each other as well as total strangers at Highbury when Clive pit us through – another eternal memory.
In 97 fate took me to Australia, a situation I’ve endured ever since. Much to the consternation of my family & friends, on every trip home since, and there have been many, my itinerary has always included every possible game the trip could incorporate. This meant always coming at Christmas – the most expensive time to fly.
So it was that trips home aside, I very rarely got to see the R’s. True, the premiere league in which we occasionally dipped our toe was shown here but as you know, we invariably found it too hot. Some years ago, whilst scouring the net for anything QPR I staggered upon a certain blog where the author seemed perfectly in sync with my passion and frustrations. It was a blog that was to become my principle source of QPR nourishment. Whilst I don’t remember the player in question, I recall vividly the looks I received from my office associates upon reading that “he’d come as a 1973 vagina,” - still my favourite.
That was until a few years ago when they started the live streaming. I knew my players again, the good the bad and the ugly - was part of it again and could put clarity to your reports that still go unmissed.
Streamed games with no crowd are indeed nothing like being there and I acknowledge as a life-long fan, one that even managed to seduce my Australian partner of four years to sit with me til 3 in the morning to watch, that Pie & liquor it ain’t, but in its absence it’s still, as the Australians would say, “a bloody good feed.”
Warbs talks lockdown form, signings, contracts and defence – Interview
at 13:32:35

He sounded fired up - I liked it.
Warburton gets his ball-playing centre back - Signing
at 22:42:40

Didn’t see Leistner as that bad - he played in the 6-1 against Cardiff - very nearly scored a blinder too. One would have thought keeping him as cover and or to bring on when proper defending was required would be preferable to just paying him to leave
Second half R's storm back with ten men - Report
at 03:05:02

Seems Warbs does indeed have a plan B
Toni Leistner is a fußballgott - Preview
at 05:32:08

My whole life I’ve struggled to understand - maybe even sympathised with supporters of ‘big clubs’ Christmas every day after all would cease to be Christmas and all we’d do is compare it favourably or otherwise to yesterday, where’s the fun in that?
Also glad you share my views on the Simon Cowell & cretinous tv we are asked to endure these days - had reluctantly concluded it was because I’d reached a certain age. Confident I have 15 years or more on you however, I can continue boring those within earshot with my grumpy old git routine, safe in the knowledge that my loathing of such mind numbing tripe and disdain of those that follow it qualifies me as no more than a git, albeit a grumpy one.
Clarke-inspired rally comes too late for QPR against Bristol City - Report
at 02:37:48

It’s time to have the time keeping out of the refs hands and for the clock to simply be stopped when there’s an injury - faked or otherwise just as they do in rugby. Same for substitutions - I’m guessing there’s a reason it hasn’t happened.
Could the last one out... - Preview
at 07:36:50

Great write up Clive - I somehow feel better after reading it, particularly when you rant - it’s as if I’m venting my own frustration vicariously through you!
I’m still baffled by FFP and that when challenged (I think we did anyway) legally it stood up. We’re constantly told football is a business and yet the business owners are not allowed to invest in it. Imagine Bransons airline had a bad year and was told he had to sell 3 planes to balance the books or face a massive fine.
Yes one can argue that the vast fees & wages have stolen our games soul but that’s hardly the fault of regular fans. What is more soul destroying is having to, as you say, watch a team put together by the accountant.
Everton can afford to REJECT $85 million for a player & we can’t afford (read are not allowed) to pay $5 to maintain some relevance for the rest of the season. THATS soul destroying!
Fair play? Do me a favour.
F-awesome Forest set QPR on road to ruin - Report
at 04:16:00

The problem Warbs has is having started so well. If we"d started as badly as last year we maybe wouldn't be so negative.
Glad you picked up on Manning's shocker - worst game he's had by a country mile.
Out ball retention (or lack thereof) was shocking but again, when we were keeping possession it often involved going backwards if nothing was on just to keep the ball which also had the keyboard warriors blunting their nails. speaking of which, some of the crap I've seen (and I try to avoid it) since the game is shameful - didn't realise we had so many wan...r's supporting us
Lacklustre QPR pay Brentford penalty - Report
at 02:34:50

You've said many times that we are losing to the better teams - I fear however that the average teams have worked us out now too. That said, we did have momentum when the penalty was awarded and, not withstanding we were not playing well, in the same way had Eze and Chair not shot directly at their keeper, without the pen we could easily have gone on to win.
I do think it time there was a review panel similar to Autralias AFL whereby, if a player dives (in the penalty or not), tries to get a player booked or feigns an injury and the ref misses it or is not sure, he can let the game flow and the review panel can award points for said player which result, when enough are accrued, in a suspension .
Too much respect? Knee Jerks
at 00:00:58

Yep, great summation - and perspective.
Very good point about Leistner/defenders only being as good as what presents itself in terms of distribution. Also that the goals were preventable - not saying they weren't comfortably a better side but on another day we may have come away with a 0-0. On the other hand, it perhaps just highlights our defensive frailties.
Impressive Baggies return Rangers to earth - Report
at 00:03:09

Great report as usual.
My concern is that we've now been found out - press us hard and our passing game goes out the window. Agree that Kane was off it - seemed afraid of having a go which was a shame as he was regularly found in space and one on one.
I said this game would tell us if we're the real deal or not and we found out.
Still, as my beloved reminded me - with the football we're playing and current position, I'd have bitten the proverbial arm if offered at the start of August.
I got a goddamn plan – Preview
at 02:53:38

I remember one of the Brazilian coaches saying - we don't care how many they score as long as we score one more
You are correct of course - Matt will win a pen.
I'm mindful that as badly as we started last season, we then had a great run only for it inevitably to come falling down around our ears. I feel we have more substance this season but then, this is Rangers....
Summer-long striker search turns up Brighton loan – Signing
at 02:39:48

He’s brought in a bunch of ex-players who, if not old, can hardly be deemed one for the future - and the majority of the youth are here on loan.
Strikes me that unless Warburton has deviously put together a team capable of getting promoted, all previous proclamations about building for the future – including to sell them on have flown.
I’m as fickle as any, and if this team does achieve the miracle or even does slightly better than last season I’ll no doubt be declaring him the new Gordon Jago. If it doesn’t, we’ll need a brand new 11 next season.
That, I accept is henceforth our lot and we need to do all of this just to survive. But how can fans relate to new players every season, half of whom we don’t own and will be gone at the end of the season. Aren’t FFP regulations meant to be GOOD for the game……
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