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Dion Sanderson
at 16:15 23 Apr 2024

Facing a drunk driving charge. Papers say he's to appear in court just after Birmingham play Huddersfield but it would be hypocritical of me to take that at face value.

Stripped of captaincy too (I still find it hilarious that he was given it in the first place).
Finally I feel I can predict how the season will end.
at 14:36 21 Apr 2024

Huddersfield will beat Birmingham, and then both will lose their final games against the tractor crunchers. Meanwhile Wednesday will pickup one more point, completing the job, and getting Danny Röhl an enormous amount of plaudits, allowing Marti to quietly get on with prepping us for next season.

Oh and three clubs will go up.
Leeds moved to the Friday, 8pm.
at 14:23 5 Apr 2024

Still can't go. :(
Since Chair's starting can we all now accept that the Sun is worthless?
at 14:13 24 Feb 2024

I'm sure most of us don't need to told, but for the remaining dozen or so, please, enough is enough.

You Rs!
Would anyone be kind enough to give me a lift to Stoke and back?
at 14:02 12 Feb 2024

I'll split petrol and meet you near any tube station.

Coach has sold out. Thanks in advance!
Is it safe to turn notifications for the QPR app back on yet?
at 21:57 9 Nov 2021

Or will I still be hearing about it Jimmy Dunne interview (as enjoyable as it was to watch the first time) every five minutes?
Loyalty Points
at 16:51 8 Oct 2021

Just listened to the excellent podcast. Came for the Bonds, but the loyalty points conversation towards the end really got my attention.

As it happens, I've thought about it before, and I have thought of a way to refine the system that could possibly solve the closed shop issue. I've emailed the club and the outline of my proposal below is more or less pasted directly from that email. I received a very prompt acknowledgement saying that my suggestion was passed on to the relevant people who make the decisions so I'll just have to see if I get a response. The email was sent on the 28th September, so about a week and a half ago.

Rather than wiping points and starting again, which would only lead to the return of the same situation a few years later as well as causing great upset to every fan who has attended many games over the past decade, I would propose to keep all loyalty points counted as they have been, but to add a weighting towards recent seasons as follows:

Every fan's current loyalty points tally would be calculated by first dividing the number of points accumulated in each completed season by the number of seasons that have followed that season. Then add those results together along with the loyalty points accumulated during the current season.

For example, supposing a fan had accumulated the following points across the past 5 seasons:

2016/17 - 220 points
2017/18 - 192 points
2018/19 - 213 points
2019/20 -180 points
2020/21 - 140 points (the only points available were those awarded for season ticket renewal)
And then the same fan currently has 161 loyalty points at this stage in the 2021/22 season.

So their total would be 161 + 140/1 (1 season ago) + 180/2 + 213/3 + 192/4 + 220/5

That would equal 161 + 140 + 90 + 71 + 48 + 44 giving a total of 554 loyalty points.

Fans accumulating points for longer would still have something to show for it, but continued commitment to the present day would be rewarded with higher priority, and younger or newer fans would also have a realistic chance of joining the group of regular attendees who earn themselves access to the tickets that are in greatest demand.

QPR Bond - thoughts from those with expertise?
at 11:06 30 Sep 2021

I have some money sitting in a savings account that does very little except act as a place for my other savings account to empty into annually. I would like to invest it into something a bit more interesting and I am very tempted to believe that the Bond for the new training ground could be it.

So for those of you who've done this sort of thing before (or do it often), what do you think?
QPR App problems
at 13:00 22 Sep 2021

Anyone else having trouble with the QPR app? The QPR coins feature hasn't worked since Saturday, and as of yesterday all tickets disappeared. I had to show my receipt and get a printout to get in yesterday. Fortunately I have my season ticket in my google wallet too, because that's disappeared from the app as well. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but that hasn't changed anything.
No Prematch Interviews today?
at 12:45 6 Aug 2021

Not only has Warburton not given a pre-match interview for tomorrow, but I've looked on the BBC site and there aren't any previews for the Championship games at all. Not even for tonight's game. Can't think why. It seems Guardiola is giving a conference today, but Rodgers isn't, and I think Guardiola's going to be talking about Grealish rather than tomorrow's game anyway. Also would have been nice to get some insight on which players are likely to start for all the teams this weekend to help my decide on my fantasy football team.
The New Johansen Song
at 19:40 28 Jul 2021

Everyone needs to learn this in time for Millwall.

Is the league bringing the game into disrepute?
at 14:05 19 Jul 2020

I've been trying to have this argument on Twitter and it seems that people think I'm saying something different from what I'm intending to. So I'm going to try here without that 280 character limit and see if I can figure out where the communication is breaking down. Could be at my end, could be at theirs.

Now then. There's this rumour going around that as part of the deal to sell Darnell Furlong to West Brom at the start of the season, a clause was included saying that should the baggies get promoted, they would pay an additional fee to us.

Here we are going into the last game of the season where a win for them, against us, guarantees them promotion.

Now as far as I'm concerned whether or not the clause is actually there, is not the most important thing. What is important, is whether or not the league rules allow such a clause to be there.

I am sure, despite having to admit my pro Rangers bias on this, that QPR would never ever consider a financial incentive to throw a game, and I'm quite sure that West Brom have far too much integrity to look at the fixture list and consider the benefits of making the offer of such a payment when approaching us to buy Darnell. Out of pure trust and faith in the integrity of both clubs I would bet any amount of money on nothing dodgy having gone on there.

That is the part that my interlocutors on Twitter haven't understood. They think I'm accusing either or both clubs of being unscrupulous. I absolutely am not.

What I AM saying, is that if (and I mean if because I don't actually know what the rules say here), the rules allow for the possibility of such a clause, that means that the rules themselves, not any of the clubs or players, bring the game into disrepute.

At this point, I think I need to explain what I mean about disrepute, because again, some of the people on Twitter seem to think by using the word disrepute I am necessarily levelling an accusation at QPR, or West Brom, or both, and again, I am not.

The fact that fans are speculating on the possibility, is a form of disrepute. We have reached this situation with the game a few days away, everything riding on it, and there are discussions taking place among fans and other members of the public, speculating about this as a possibility. Even if not one person actually believes that QPR or West Brom would stoop so low, that discussion is taking place, and that is detrimental to the reputation of the game and its integrity. Hence I am questioning the integrity of the league itself. Not the clubs, but the league: The organisation ultimately responsible for deciding the rules of the game and the rules surrounding business done between clubs and the effects they have on the game.

And just to strengthen the point, let's suppose (and this doesn't take a lot of imagination because it's very unlikely that this is the first time such a situation has arisen) that instead of QPR, the selling club facing the promotion candidates were a club facing the threat of administration, a points deduction and relegation, all of which could be avoided if the club received the amount of money in a transfer deal promotion clause. Let's imagine that that small payment would make an even bigger difference to the future of the receiving club, than promotion would to the other club. There'd be a breaking point somewhere, and even if the breaking point isn't there, you can bet that the speculation about it would go on and on, damaging the reputation of both clubs (possibly through no fault of their own if they were trying to be scrupulous and play the game fairly the whole time), as well as the league itself.

So for these reasons, I am very serious about why the mere possibility, allowed within the rules, for this type of transfer clause between teams in the same division, brings the game into disrepute.

Anyone here who reads all of this and still thinks I'm accusing QPR or West Brom of match fixing, please explain where I've gone wrong.
[Post edited 19 Jul 2020 14:15]
It's not about the kits any more. It's about the lies.
at 18:26 1 Jul 2015

I am really disappointed with the kits, but I'm absolutely furious about the lies.

I hope this video covers the whole story. If you don't think it's that important, feel free to ignore it, but if you're bothered either by the kits or the lies or both then please help make some noise about it.


My view of Barton's goal
at 21:27 4 Apr 2015

I happened to capture this while getting some injury time clips for my usual video of the away day.
QPR definitely know how to greet charity fundraisers.
at 21:25 25 Feb 2015

That much is obvious from the way they support the tiger cubs, but even so I was really taken aback with the reception we got when we arrived today.

The full video will have to wait until next week as I am so busy in between 12 mile stages this week and then I am recording some guest sax features on a ska vand's album at the weekend, but here's a clip that should give you a good idea of how we were greeted.

Some of those Hull fans are really good value :)
at 16:44 22 Feb 2015

Dear Chris Ramsey
at 23:01 8 Feb 2015

Dear Chris Ramsey:
Charity Walk visiting Loftus Road this month.
at 08:09 5 Feb 2015

Morning all!

I'm doing another charity walk with Jonjo Heuerman for cancer research this month.

It's a 50 mile route again, this time a circuit of London's Premier League grounds. We arrive at Loftus Road at the end of day 2 (Wed 25th Feb). It would be great to see a few Rs waiting for us when we get there.

Meanwhile here's a link which I'd really appreciate you sharing around - the all important sponsorship page:

And here's the promo video I uploaded this week.

Thanks for your support! :)
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