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Not that I’m complaining but Chas looks off to me…
at 07:33 16 Jan 2022

(If only I could post a screenshot)

But don’t give a toss after some serious moly poor refereeing performances this season which have cost us
Last minute last night, got away with one there!
at 04:48 25 Nov 2021

Be interested to see it back, but either Dixkie or Dunne went for a header on the edge of our box that he didn’t get near, and poleaxed their forward. Def pen at first look, which would’ve been heartbreaking and, on the balance of play/chances, a travesty..

Loving it all under warburton, never a dull game and as someone else said, we are being royally entertained (one way or the other!) every game.
stand up Chris Charles - top bloke
at 08:43 20 Nov 2021

I couldn't let Chris' incredible kindness and thoughtfulness from last night pass without public appreciation and thanks.

Background is that there are 3 generations of us that go to all home R's games and have done for a very very long time. Sit in Ellerslie. My mum and dad are respectively 86 and (almost) 89. My dad has been going since before the war, me a season ticket holder since 1966, my son Tom for the last 25 out of his 30 years. Using Dad's disabled badge, we are able to park on the Uxbridge Road (close to the KFC), to make the walk as short as possible, especially for my dad who has breathing difficulties and is a bit unsteady these days. Anyway, last night, having parked up, we of course couldn't go the usual route and had to go the long way round via Loftus Road, mum in tears at the drama of so many police and dogs and concerned about dad. Me and my son Tom of course stayed with them the whole way, as they struggled along, and were walking up the stairs of Ellerslie just to hear the cheer as Chris Willock scored. No matter, we could always catch the highlights later on.

Mum and dad always leave 5 minutes early, to avoid the rush out and to get to the car as soon as they can. And did that last night, none of us thinking that the usual way out turning right out of Ellerslie would be blocked still. And as me and Tom rushed out at the end, we must have overtaken them without realising. Got to the car and they weren't there. And here's where Chris Charles comes in. I walked back to find them to help them along, soon met them being accompanied by this lovely gentlemen who they explained had come across them early on the trip back, asked how they were, walked with them in the crowds at their very pedestrian pace and would not leave them (despite the allure of the pub!) all the way. And with me in tow, he saw them right back to the car. And that's when he told me who he was, a bloke I have been listing to on the pod for years!

He showed incredible kindness, he had no idea of the state my mum was in (more worried for my dad than herself) and I cannot express enough our thanks and how that random act of kindness has moved us all. Chris is a top bloke and a real credit to himself, his family and the QPR community.
[Post edited 20 Nov 2021 11:51]
Left wing back
at 09:13 15 Oct 2021

If both are fit, who would you play? I’m completely undecided!
at 10:32 7 Oct 2021

Fabio Carvalho apparently going to be fit for the clash with us - this isn't great news as, according to a Fulham-supporting mate, he is massively influential and has been a huge miss for them over the last few games
Luke Amos
at 14:04 29 Sep 2021

apologies if already discussed on the very long match thread, but i thought he looked excellent last night, the same player that was superb in his last proper appearance at Bournemouth. Added energy and pressing and we might just have another top player there.
odds to win the title
at 17:36 22 Jul 2021

on Betfair exchange we're 26/1. 12th favourites, and behind Stoke, Boro (though i guess that's the Warnock factor), Birmingham and 'Wall . 12the favourites?! they don't usually get things wrong, so perhaps our own hopes/expectations are too high?
laser eye surgery
at 14:53 11 Jun 2021

hi chaps

I'm a 61 year old with a job sat at my desk in front of a computer all day. somewhat miraculously, i didn't wear glasses until a couple of years ago but then had them fitted for short sightedness, Since then my eyes have got markedly worse , leading (i think ) to constant headaches cos the prescription is now wrong. So was going to go back and have a new prescription and someone recommended laser eye surgery.

Anyone had it/recommend/not recommend it? if so, any places close to the Staines area? (not sure if recommendatons are allowed?!)
at 07:28 3 Jan 2021

No!!!!!!!!! Please no!
Todd Kayne
at 16:52 19 Dec 2020

Anyone ever see him actually not allow his man a free run at him over 10 yards and then do whatever he wants with it? What a complete liability
Really nice touch from the Club
at 13:00 27 Mar 2020

my dad is 87 and has been going to the R's since before the War, and he's has just had a half-hour conversation with Lee Wallace, asking how he and my mum (who has also had a season ticket since the early 60's) are and making sure they're ok. He's made up. Lovely touch by the club.
Time for Ryan Manning
at 13:03 9 Feb 2020

He was our best player (going forwards) for the first part of the season. He lost that firm when the manager (understandably, for defensive reasons) seemed put a lid on him going forward.

But he has pace and can create and score goals. I would much rather see him in centre mid alongside Ball than the rather anemic Amos. Besides, he’s our player. We need some real urgency and pace in the middle and he can provide it. It’s all too pedestrian at the moment.
at 17:18 29 Dec 2019

I tell you what’s a good idea. Why don’t we stop
The player with most assists in the league from going over the half way line, in an effort to stop leaking goals, still concede a shitload of goals and now nullify our best chance of scoring
at 15:07 25 Aug 2019

Isn’t it great to have a manager who doesn’t like what he’s seeing and actually makes positive and sensible substitutions. It won’t always come off but at least he tries!

A refreshing change from the last one who’d have a sub stripped off for 10 minutes then sit him down again!
After 53 years of season ticket this is it
at 18:53 19 Apr 2019

I just cannot cope with utter shite performances, mainly from the managers, who year in year out, week in week out, for season after season make such basic bad decisions, it is unbearable. Today a case in point. Why when we played a high pressing game with massive early success on Saturday would we not do the same today. Was Eustace overthinking it?

Why would Mcclaren find a way for us to be scoring goals with 3 at the back and Smith and Wells up front (yes we lost but we played great and were unlucky ), then deviate would from that? Why would he play against a team on strike with a centre forward and two wide players who hugged the touchline and no one in midfield backing up the centre forward?

Why was Steve Palmer played in centre midfield forever? Why was Karl Henry, possibly the most
limited midfielder of all time, played for season after season?

Why has our best player Freeman been played wide and totally negated for weeks (except Leeds)?

Why do we never turn up and roll our sleeves up at Brentford or Fulham?

Why have any number of players constantly been played out of position over the years when we can all see where they should be playing?

I swear I could do a better job than the lot of them (Warnock excluded).

And whilst I am about it, why are we the only club that I know that cedes noise and support behind the goal to the oppo fans and stick our loud ones in the bloody corner? They’re always noisier than ours, through no fault of theirs. Go to villa, Everton, Liverpool, Arsenal, Norwich, Newcastle and countless other places and you’re stuck in a godforsaken low or high corner or on the side because, do you know what, it means the oppo fans can’t see and can hardly be heard. Why not stick them in the corner of ellerslie and give our fans both ends

And another 500 and odd quid for next year to be served up guaranteed shit and heartache. If I could be bothered to go on, I could be here all night.
[Post edited 20 Apr 2019 6:39]
Fair play to Stoke
at 08:28 10 Mar 2019

And I didn’t think I’d ever say that, having disliked the Pulis years so much.

They were rightly down to 10, but played with no cynicism after that, went for the win, no time-wasting. Admittedly the game was shocking due to us being so sh1t (why would you not bring Eze in in those circumstances?) but I liked the way that went for it.
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