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Imagine if we won - Report
at 07:37:03

Barbet gets bludgeoned after 60 mins. You can only wonder what he said to Warbs when it was, as no doubt it was, suggested that he'd be subbed for Ball. No way was he having any of that. A truly magnificent 90 mins from Barbet and a great comparison to Gorkks and Macca. Dunne also superb, like his namesake he's a heroic warrior.
OK, so Charlie isn't close to being as effective as hew was a few years ago but he does strike fear to any defender inside the box. When it went in it took me back to Jamie Mackie v Liverpool. Fantastic.
Yes, the crowd has been a bit quiet recently but the ground really came to life. What an atmosphere.
Great game, great performance, great report.

Archer save moves QPR into fourth round... and a keeper crisis - Report
at 08:09:20

Oh how we miss the skill and threat posed by Willock and Chair. Their absence seems to put too much load on to Johannson and his natural game is being stifled.
I really don't like picking on individuals but Gray is slow, his first touch is poor and he just doesn't look anywhere near good or consistent enough. His finish at Derby shows what he can do but he just doesn't seem able to pose a threat.
And whilst it pains me to say it Charlie really is looking well past his best these days. I love him but we have to look beyond him.
Still, we didn't play at all well but scraped a win.
Another trip to Peterborough, a nice local game for me. Surely we'll be better than the recent defeat up there in the league game.

Familiar refereeing complaints struggle to mask QPR shortcomings – Report
at 08:12:13

Agree totally with Myke. Stroud was awful but not the reason we lost this game.
Fields booking was harsh but not the reason they scored. The failure of four tall defenders to mark a 6'2" striker who has already scored 17 goals this season was the reason they scored, not because we conceded a free lick. If Dykes had scored that goal (as if .....) it would have bee regarded as stunner.
Barbet's aggression to the Bournemouth bloke lying on the floor fully deserved a yellow as did Dozzell's (second) yellow for steaming in. Didn't make any difference to the result as the game was lost by then.
No shortage of effort from R's, just a (pre Albert) lack of creativity and attacking threat. Two shots on target says it all. Cahill was excellent.
Bournemouth looked good in every area of the pitch and deserved their win.
Onwards and upwards, R's will regroup and move on.
The gaffer's Christmas message - Podcast
at 08:16:30

A tremendous interview with MW full of passion, common sense and honesty. I don't think us fans fully appreciate how good MW is for our club. Together with Les, Lee and Reuben etc. we have a fantastic up front and back of house team. Players will come and go and results may not always be what we want them to be but these guys are the real backbone of our club and.
The interviews with players and staff are superb, many thanks to all the LFW mob for their efforts.
All the time in the world - Report
at 08:24:08

Nothing wrong with a bit of "shithousery and game management", we can do it as well as anyone else up to a point but Knob Ends approach was pathetic.
The four minutes added at the end of the game should have been at least six but obviously rather glad it wasn't.
To state the bleeding obvious, the goals against tally is worrying.
Is it me or has Warbs has lost a bit of his much stated love for Ossie Kakay.
Nevertheless, this was one of those days when in awful wet conditions our much loved KPR really came to life.
The drive back up the A1 was for once enjoyable.
QPR doing QPR things - Report
at 10:01:26

Kane's miss was bad but we lsot the game because we were really ineffective in everything we did for 90 mins. The shots on/off target don't lie.
Austin and Johansson were really poor, maybe we've psushed them too hard too soon. Trouble is that if we drop Charlie we're back down to Dykes and Bone and everyone (except Warbs) knows what that will bring us !!.
The result was bad enough but the dire performance was a real the big worry.
Can only hope for a Bristol City type performance against Waaahhhllll on Wednesday.
Pee'd off but still keeping the faith !!

Rangers run ragged by rampant Tykes – Report
at 08:06:09

The recent run was great while it lasted but inevitably had to hit the rocks at some time but I didn't expect it to be against Brum. It's easy to overlook the performances of 'lil 'ol Barnsley but whenever I've seen them they always looked very impressive and this was always going to be a tough game. And so it was !!.
They outfought, outran and outplayed us in every department. Fair lay to them, they deserved the win.
I was pissed off with a very poor performance against Brum but lets not beat ourselves up over losing to Barnsley who are a very good and well organised team.
We ran out of ideas and the lack of goals really is becoming a problem. Dykes and Bonne were bought in to score goals but let's be honest, their record in that department is abysmal. I desperately want them to be successful but let's be honest the signs aren't good. We have no choice but to persevere with them and I really hope it turns round for them but the there's scant grounds for optimism.
It's right that Warbs defends our players in public but I just can't accept that deep down he's not concerned about the clear limitations of some of our squad. I'm damn sure that Les is very aware of their limitatons !!.
I continue to support Warbs but wish he'd should stop his "three games in eight days is tough" line after very game. Yes, it is tough but it's tough for everyone including Barnsley who didn't seem to have a problem despite having a small squad.

Thank God we picked up loads of excellent points last month or we really would be in big trouble .
Keep the faith !!
QPR head to Wembley after Birmingham semi - History
at 11:09:35

The Birmingham semi final was memorable for me.
I first went to Loftus Road in 1961 but wasn't really into football so don't really remember that momentous occasion.
My old mate Bob Izzard (are you still out there Bob ?) suggested we go to the Birmingham semi final and of course the Wembley final.
50+ years and 1000 home games later and I'm still there.
Where dos the time go .....................
Barbet on the spot as QPR learn to win ugly - Report
at 15:26:11

We rode our luck against a very good Blackburn. We weren't great but every one of our guys fought and battled so well. I'm no expert of formations but the 3-5-2 really does seem to work well for us. Let's give a good word for Wallace who played well and looks a better option that Hamalainen .
Travis clutching his face when he was hit in the chest by Charlie was truly pathetic and certainly worthy of a yellow.

QPR toast first cup final success since 67 – Report
at 08:01:00

A memorable result. Once I'd stopped buzzing after the game I just longed to read Clive's report. Needless to say it was superb.
Hate pissing on the fire but Bonne - really ???
So Dykes was self isolating - surely he's been doing that for four months.
Ongoing home woes stall Rangers' recent progress - Report
at 08:22:56

Another utterly miserable watch on the TV. It's been pretty clear for ages that our midfield may be willing but it certainly isn't able. It's easy to criticise Chair but he's the only one who can make things happen and trying to do it on his own is just too much of him.
Charlie doesn't look fit but maybe that's a fit as he ever gets these days. With every passing game it's clear that whilst Dykes can score a few goals north of the border his goal record is abysmal he's clearly well short of skill and mobility necessary in the Championship.
I bet I'm not the only one who has Googled "felching" . Thanks Clive for making my breakfast seem unusually yuk.

Been here before - Preview
at 13:20:27

Little doubt that the recruitment has been poor but let's not forget that c.£5 million has been spent on Dykes, Bone, Kelman, Dickie and Willock. Hve to wonder whose decidio it was to but those players, Warbs, the Board or a stir the pot mix of all three.
Les and Lee aren't blind, they know as well of the rest of us that we're sinking so fast and we're in a real relegation battle. To have any chance we must use the January window to strengthen with players who are proven fighters and, crucially, fully fit to go straight into the team.
As for Warbs. I agree that changing managers may not be the answer but we're clearly fast approaching stick or twist time.
As an aside.
If we keep BOS until the end of the season we can apparently get compensation for him when he does leave for nothing. Where does the compo money come from and how much is it ?.

QPR and Stoke grind out dire bore draw - Report
at 18:47:02

Brilliant report on a thoroughly depressing evening.
Do we really think we're too good to get relegated ?. This team needs to fashion one hell of a turn round in the next four weeks. We're sinking fast and, try as I may, I'm seeing very little to to be optimistic about.
Chair deserves huge credit for his non-stop heroic efforts to try and create something.
A small crumb of comfort is that the defence is looking better. Dickie is a real star in the making.
I can understand that players are knackered but if that's the really case why do we keep playing them. Give Bettache, Kelman and Masterson a run out.

Olise's late strike ruins return of crowd to Loftus Road - Report
at 08:17:47

Depressing to watch R's at the moment.
How we were spoiled with Eze, Chair and a fully committed BOS running teams ragged in midfield and together with the crosses from Manning it's easy to see how Wells and Hugs could fill their boots. Sadly those days are over and the ability of our current midfield to dominate games and put the opposition under real pressure is light years away from that.
Cameron is capable but age is clearly catching up with him. Warbs wants Masterson to get game time but he doesn't want to play him. Perhaps he doesn't rate him.
Dykes looks like a lost soul but the lack of service to him is painful to watch.
Why is it that Carroll and Willock fade in the second half. Surely they should be up to full fitness by now.
Totally agree with Mykes comments. We need to stick with Warbs and review when his contract expires. I just hope we're still in the Championship at that stage !!.
It will all look better when we've beaten Stoke on Tuesday and WW on Saturday ...........

Terriers steamroller woeful Rangers – Report
at 09:23:38

Spaghetti Hoops is clearly deluded.
Huddersfield weren't good but not great. They were clearly better than us in every area of the game. They beat us comfortably without being outstanding.
None of us like seeing R's beaten but there was something deeply annoying about that game. It's getting very annoying to hear Warbs blame fatigue, other teams have played the same number of games and don't use that as an excuse. He keeps saying we're that we're a young team and still learning, that's not really true as there is plenty of experience in the team and most of the youngsters are warming the bench.
The team he played on Saturday is one bought , trained and prepared by him and his team.
He says he's working on a tight budget, that's true but he's still spent good money.
I've seen too many managers in my fifty years supporting R's and changing again will mean yet more turmoil. I'm still backing Warbs but he really does have to start getting a consistent tune out of this squad, the fans are beginning to lose patience. Millwall,Reading and Stoke are very big games for him.
The view from the Pu - October
at 15:21:52

Perfectly sums up the situation.
The BOS thing is indeed getting very boring. In Warbs speak "he's a lovely lad and fully committed to us while he's here" but it really does seem to me that he's on his way out. A huge disappointment to all of us as he's one of the very few game changing forwards we've got.
I suppose he'll end up either as a panic buy for WBA where he'll be a bench warmer or go to Glasgow Rangers where he'll destroy many a Scottish Prem full back and. I suspect the latter.
If he stays really and sees out his contract does anyone know how much compensation we'd get ?.

And finally, anyone taking bets on when Dykes (aka Conor Mk2) will get his first non-penalty goal ?.
QPR circling the drain after Sheff Wed debacle - Report
at 19:19:39

Ooops. Six games. It just feels like seven !!
QPR circling the drain after Sheff Wed debacle - Report
at 19:11:15

72% possession and one shot on target. In the seven games since lockdown we've managed 13 shots on target and two goals. Tis is one of many stats that show how far we've dropped off since the return.
What the hell is going on, I don't think any of us saw this slump coming and it's getting worse not better. It's a sad thing to say but far too many players have got bored and given up. We know the squad is thin but don't tell me that losing Hall and Pugh is the reason for the slump.
I'm still 100% with Warbs as, as is so often the case, it's the players who are letting the club and us fans down. They need to have a good look at themselves and hang their heads in shame.
It’s all the same, only the names will change - Report
at 21:38:26

Two desperately poor performances and it's hard to see where the next points are coming from.
Hugill without Wells is pathetic but we're so short of forwards he has to play. Do we need him next season - no way.
Kane and Amos are turning out to be typically ineffective loanees.
If any scouts have been watching Eze and BOS we might a swell accept that they'll be going for a fraction of what we (or Les anyway !!) thinks they're worth.
How can we be so far off the pace compared to Barnsley and Charlton. The heady days of Jan/Feb seem light years away.
And I was so looking forward to the resumption …………..
Nightmare eleven - Column
at 12:27:49

Good selection although surely Hateful Hateley should be in there and I think it's a tad harsh on Henry and Borrowdale.
I'd almost excuse Scully because of the stunning goal he scored against Palace in the 6-0 final game.
Incidentally, both Scully and Stefan Moore went on to play for my local club, St. Neots Town in the United Counties league. They were really impressive at that level !!
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