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It’s all the same, only the names will change - Report
at 21:38:26

Two desperately poor performances and it's hard to see where the next points are coming from.
Hugill without Wells is pathetic but we're so short of forwards he has to play. Do we need him next season - no way.
Kane and Amos are turning out to be typically ineffective loanees.
If any scouts have been watching Eze and BOS we might a swell accept that they'll be going for a fraction of what we (or Les anyway !!) thinks they're worth.
How can we be so far off the pace compared to Barnsley and Charlton. The heady days of Jan/Feb seem light years away.
And I was so looking forward to the resumption …………..
Nightmare eleven - Column
at 12:27:49

Good selection although surely Hateful Hateley should be in there and I think it's a tad harsh on Henry and Borrowdale.
I'd almost excuse Scully because of the stunning goal he scored against Palace in the 6-0 final game.
Incidentally, both Scully and Stefan Moore went on to play for my local club, St. Neots Town in the United Counties league. They were really impressive at that level !!
Accounting for success – Column
at 15:35:17

Thank you such a plain and understandable summary of our situation.
I've seen chairman back as far as Jim Gregory come and go. Some have been good, some much less so. Lee Hoos, and others of course, are doing a magnificent job in getting our Club back on a sound(er) footing, they deserve the utmost praise for their efforts.
Will the idiots that witter on Twitter etc. agree with me ?, I doubt it but I want Lee and his team to know that the vast majority of real fans accept the damage incurred a few years ago and are fully behind what Lee and his team are doing.
On the same vein. Mark W and Les F deserve enormous praise for giving us a team that is well balanced, more skilful and more entertaining than last season without spending a penny on transfer fees.
You R's ………….
A rot stopper - Report
at 11:23:09

Superb reading. These day I almost look forward to Clive's reports more than I do actually watching the match.
Pugh, Cameron and Angel are great pros who contributed really well to a good team slog but they are beginning to show their age. Manning is really important to us, if could just be a bit more solid as a defender he'd be a really top player.
I've called Hugill "Washington Mk 2" for months. He is a tryer but just isn't very good, especially when working as a lone striker.
Oteh is no Les Ferdinand. It would be good to see what he can but he hasn't exactly set the world on fire at his loan clubs.
I just can't see Hugill being with us next season which means that we have to find at least two new strikers. Chair, BOS and Eze are a joy to watch but their goals to chances figures aren't great. How does Warbs improve them in that area is key to us - and their future transfer value.
QPR's in-form firepower downs Swans - Report
at 19:24:16

A wonderful week. BOS, Chair and many others were superb but special mention for Masterson, he looks a very talented modern centre half.
I've seen to close on 1000 home games since 1967 but rarely do Cup games but made a late decision to come to this one. I forsook my usual seat in SAR and sat behind the goal in the LR Upper stand. The last time I watched a game from the LR end was in 1972 against Leeds when it was an open terrace, I think the ground record was set at that game. Really enjoyed the experience and the goals.
We've had Neil Harris and now Steve Cooper berating their players after the last two games by the clearly superior R's. We may criticise Warbs for defending his players after a defeat but I'd sooner have that than the pathetic criticism Harris and Cooper handed out to their own players.
A stunning start to 2020, let's enjoy this wonderfully entertaining team before the vultures start swooping.
QPR punished for wastefulness again - Report
at 07:50:35

Okay, I know this comment is utterly pointless but how many would Charlie Austin or, going back a generation or two, Clive Allen have scored this season …………..
Hugill works hard and contributes well but doesn't score nearly as many as he should. He even looks like a larger, stronger version of Connor Washington
Bright's brilliance lights up Birmingham - Report
at 14:00:51

Watching on TV always seems harder work that actually watching it from the ground. OK, it wasn't a great game but another solid and strong looking performance against a truly dire Birmingham side.
BOS, Cameron, Hall and others were excellent and whilst BFG can be a bit iffy at times, his all round performance over the past two games has been first rate.
Despite attending most home games since 1967 I don't get to many away games and have the highest respect for the hardy souls who travel to a midweek away game on a cold December night, you lot really are amazing. Bet you all enjoyed the trip home last night !!.
QPR on Eze street as Warburton changes tack - Report
at 08:41:58

Eze and BOS were of course superb but there were other excellent performances. BFG has stopped spraying those impressive but generally daft 50 yard diagonal passes out to Manning and got back to doing what he does well ie. big, bold, brave and frightening their attackers.
Well done to Kane as well, he had a really good game. In reality every single one of them played really well.
When Scowen came on I said he'd be booked within 10 mins, I missed by prediction by a couple of mins !!.
QPR take excellent point from Wayne's World - Report
at 11:59:04

Yes, a much more promising performance.
I agree that whilst Chair is a very talented lad, he just doesn't seem to have a great influence on the game. His lack of goals is also a bit of a worry. He will come again but BOS is a better option for now.
What exactly is the "new" rule on run up to a penalty. I thought that stopping on the run up a la Eze had been banned. Can someone explain the ruling.
Various websites are saying we're about to sack the capable, confident and positive MW and appoint Gaz. This is, hopefully, utter nonsense, why do these idiots waste their time.
A Hull of a day for Eze as QPR win away again – Report
at 07:33:30

Oh how I look forward to Clive's reports when we've won !!.
Wonderful stuff. Having said that, BFG's attempt to win the ball for Hull's first goal was a bit rubbish and Kelly was mad to come charging out for their second goal. Hey, we scored more than they did so that'll do for me. Roll on the next two home games, this brand of football deserves better home crowds than of late.
As an aside, I thought they'd banned stuttering run ups for penalties ?.
Sweet spot - Knee Jerks
at 07:33:16

A good summary and I agree with everything.
On a slightly different matter. A glorious late Summer day, a team on a winning run, local opposition who filled the away end yet it was still short of a sell out with plenty of spaces in the Lower Loft. Not getting a full house was disappointing yet still we talk about building a new ground with a 25/30,000 capacity. I don't dispute that we need a new stadium but do we honestly need one that big ?.
It's all gone very quiet on the Scrubs relocation plan. About time the Club gave us an update.
Forest flop leaves QPR nursing unwanted record - Report
at 09:23:13

I've seen some crap teams and a good few relegations in my 52 years watching R's but this was the first time I've left the final home game when the whistle blew and not stayed for the players lap. Like everyone else, I'd have enough of the crap we've had to sit through since Christmas.
Yes, we have some seemingly useful youngsters but we need more than that. There is no steel, no fight and no leaders in that team. 0.5 points per game in 2019, that means 23 points for a full season, do the players honestly realise how awful they've been.
We've variously moaned about JFH, Holloway. McLaren but the team hasn't improved under any of them, the problem is the players not the manager(s).
Despite all that, I still have this strange masochistic desire for the start of next season.
Things can only get better - or can they ???.
The only high points of a dire season are Clive and Antii's wonderful and always eagerly anticipated reports. Well done and thanks to all the LFW contributors.
QPR's crawl to finish line reaches Derby - Preview
at 09:48:52

Thanks Myke. Of course you're right re. the Spy Who Loved Me naming.
Leistner and Cameron are far more important to us than we realise.
Could be a long and tough afternoon …...
QPR's crawl to finish line reaches Derby - Preview
at 19:21:17

Another superb article by Clive, 100% correct in every point made. Thank goodness for the mid-season highs or we'd have been relegated weeks ago. We know there's no money available but Les and the Board need to think long and hard about next season as it's going to be a real slog.

Maybe I 'm a bit dim but what's the meaning behind calling Leeds "The Spy Who Loved Me" ?.
Charity begins at home - Preview
at 11:41:39

Okay, I admit that in a previous post I made a comment re Barton being on the next manager list. Let me make it clear that I wasn't even a teeny bit serious. Just making the point that every man and his dog is seemingly (still ….) in the frame.

The Crisis Centre Stadium. Wonderful !!

As a complete aside. Why is our beloved ground called Loftus Road when, to the best of my knowledge, the club offices have always been in Ellerslie or South Africa Road.
McClaren suffers long term pain after short term gain – Column
at 17:01:36

A quite superb article as we have come to expect from the peerless CW.
Let's be fair, we do have a nucleus of good Championship level players but something has happened to turn us from a justified top 10 position to the current disaster in a few months. We will never know what get's said/done behind the scenes and in the dressing room but something clearly gone wrong.
I've seen far too many managers in my 52 years at Loftus Road, I've wanted all of them to succeed but it just wasn't going to happen with McL.
as fort he future, please not Sherwood or Rowett, they will both be a disaster.
Surprised no-one has mentioned the Fleetwood duo of Barton and Hill. Is Clint still registered as a player ???
QPR plumb new depths in Rotherham debacle - Report
at 07:59:36

In 52 years I've seen just about every sort of performance, this was even worse than the Stoke capitulation and must rank as our worst week for many a long year.
We keep getting told that McL is a "top coach" but there's absolutely no reason to justify that. It's blindingly obvious that something isn't right "back of house" or why else have our basically decent bunch of players fallen off a cliff over the past couple of months.
We've performed poorly under every recent manager and whilst McL's star is fading fast I'm not at all sure that anyone else would do much better. It never has in the past !!. Bhatia's patience with McL is clearly running out and a defeat at Hull may well be the final straw. Having said that, what manager would want to take over this basket case ?.

A recent article by Clive pointed out the number of staff employed at Loftus Road, we've got no money yet still have a huge back of house and coaching staff. Hoos and Les should have a very close look at this and start a cull.
Clive is 100% correct about the numbers of coaching staff employed by McL, what the f... are they all doing.

As for Hemed, I thought it was a worthwhile acquisition but his performance (or lack of) in recent games is totally unacceptable. Wells isn't much better but at least he tries. The effort and questionable scoring record of Washington was better than these two experienced highly paid pro's.
Happy days !!
Blame game after Preston pain - Knee Jerks
at 16:48:45

Agree with everything said by Clive, Antti and the other message posters. It's not the end of the world but lessons need to be learned.
I will say that whilst Preston's goals were down to defensive mistakes (aren't they all ?) they certainly put the chances away really well, if only we could finish like that.
QPR fall in familiar Preston hole – Report
at 16:48:26

It's always disappointing to lose a home game but losing like this was utterly miserable for the entire 90 minutes. I really didn't think we'd miss Mass and Cameron as much as we clearly are.
No-one played well and whilst it's unfair to single out individuals I have to say:
Eze was exciting and effective earlier in the season but for the past half a dozen games he has been anonymous and is easily shut down by even a modest opposition defenders, they don't even bother to man mark him any more. He doesn't influence games and his strike rate is worse than Washington, he's just not doing enough to warrant a place in the team at the moment. He will come good again but he needs a break.

OK, big Smith scored but he is a dinosaur in the modern game. His movement and first touch is dreadful and even when he does manage to jump high enough to win a ball his flick-ons are totally ineffective. I just can't see what McC sees in him.

All is not lost and we'll come back from this utterly miserable game but the goals are drying up and we're relying far too much on the usually immaculate Freeman.
Keeping a settled team is great but it's falling very flat and needs some new ideas.
A very un-QPR display - Knee Jerks
at 16:25:36

Just remember the great old saying that a pessimist is merely an optimist in possession of all the facts !!.
Eze can be a joy to watch but he seems to have run out of steam. Maybe he's knackered, maybe teams have sussed him out or maybe he's being asked to drop too deep but he's nowhere near as influential as he was earlier in the season. I think BOS deserves more than a ten minute cameo.
Steve McC and his staff have got this team very well organised with everyone knowing exactly what is required of them, all very different to this time last year.
Bring on Reading !!.
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