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Kiyan Prince on Fifa 20 Ultimate Team
at 17:01 2 Jul 2020

Really nice touch from EA on Ultimate Team at the moment where you can earn a QPR kit with Kiyan Prince sponsor and big picture of Kiyan on a TIIFO (mesh thing behind the goals). That’s worldwide coverage so fair play to Mark. Great stuff.
Nahki Wells
at 14:00 5 Jul 2019

Just wondered what people's thoughts were on getting him back on loan - obviously wages a problem but if they weren't would he be welcomed back?
Personally I could see his class and can't think of many better tried and tested strikers that might/would be available. I'd give him another season, when he was on it I thought he was excellent although obviously tailed off at the end
I did see a tweet where he said he would love to come back again but probably lip service.

Premier League 100 - Les Ferdinand
at 09:51 12 Jun 2019

On Sky Sports this morning.
30 minutes - all his PL goals (149 of them).
He scored 60+ for Rangers - it was lovely to see them all consecutively - reminded me of great times.
Oh and not one of them was a penalty.

Far as I'm concerned he'll always be a legend and my favourite QPR player.
at 12:54 14 Jan 2019

Not seen enough, just wondering if this was the first time we had played against 3 at the back this season. Potentially one of the reasons we struggled so badly?
[Post edited 14 Jan 2019 12:55]
Lloyd 'f&!£ing ' Dyer
at 16:37 22 Sep 2017

Calling it now.
He is one of those players that always seems to have a fantastic game against us. Doesn't matter who he's playing for.

Who else is there that fits this bill?

Jordan Rhodes
League Cup 2nd round - not seeded
at 13:23 10 Aug 2017

Meaning we'll be playing one of the following


AFC Bournemouth

West Bromwich Albion

West Ham United

Leicester City

Stoke City

Crystal Palace

Swansea City



Hull City





Sheffield Wednesday

Huddersfield Town


Norwich City


Cardiff City

Aston Villa

Leeds United

Sunderland (if they beat Bury)

Derby County/Grimsby Town
Been back a while
at 19:58 4 Feb 2017

Brilliant start, Mackie should have scored. Manning stroking it about, winning the ball back' looked imperious. Then we stopped. Blackburn dropped off and let us have the ball. We couldn't string passes together or unlock the door. Everything went across the back left to right and back again without any real intention. When we did try and force it the passing was inaccurate, Luongo the main culprit.
Their forward from Southamton was very good, big, strong, quick intelligent. Danny Graham looked like he'd eaten Danny Graham!
Second half was much the same. Decisions in the final third really let us down that and the final ball/ cross. Smith came on and won everything, Washington wasn't really anticipating things very well.
The 'goal' that wasn't. Looked well over the line from where I was. Couldn't believe it wasn't given. Not sure how the Lino couldn't see. Washington took it well to be fair.
We needed to get the ball a cross as Smith was winning everything.
We all knew as soon as they broke forward it was gonna be a goal. As soon as the goal wasn't given I could have written the script.

Overall they did okay. Not enough in the final third. Certainly deserved more. I think Luongo and Mackie could have done a lot better. I would have taken Perch off put Goss on and moved Him forward into the midfield.
Caulker update
at 12:37 12 Jan 2017

It never rains etc etc
Standard backtracking on Sherwood but have got Ferdinand on record
at 13:52 8 Nov 2016
On way back
at 17:58 17 Sep 2016

First time this season as live in Yorkshire. First half was unbelievably bad, if they sat off Shelvey like they did here with Mooy then it's no wonder we lost by 6 on Tuesday. Mooy was different class, at the centre of everything, all the time in the world, passed with purpose and invention, never looked like he was rushed. Henry was diabolical, just watched as everything was played around him. We were utterly dominated in the first half. Aimless balls up to Washington which just kept coming back. Cousins didn't do anything on the right and Chery was completely anonymous.
Changed to 4-4-1-1 after the break , Borysiuk in the middle did more in 2 mins than Henry all first half, he made a difference. Conceded the second to real schoolboy football. Shodipo who was lively but completely ineffective just watched his full back run fully 60 yards and put in a perfect cross to head in, really really poor not sure if it shows inexperience or just not very good. Right decision to bring Shodipo off and Sylla made a difference as did going full on 4-4-2 but of course it meant Cousins and Chery were wide midfielders which meant still narrow. Chery was very poor and Onohua is never a full back and really showed.

(Should have read lively not lovely!!)
[Post edited 17 Sep 2016 18:45]
'R' Tunnel
at 15:54 8 Aug 2016

Anybody know how you find out if your picture has been used at all?
New signing curse strikes again
at 14:33 19 Jul 2016

Borysiuk out for 5-6 something - not sure weeks or months!!! On his twitter account.
SKY matches to end of September
at 16:40 13 Jul 2016

Games further announced this afternoon

Basically only the Leeds game so far for us - nice.

Am now presuming that the October games will get picked up

Fulham away - always on
Reading - for some reason they pick this fixture over and over again with much the same result.
Brentford - not sure this has ever been televised before so would expect it to be this time.
[Post edited 13 Jul 2016 16:45]
Who is the lad on the 'back to training video?'
at 12:44 28 Jun 2016

On about 0:54 - He is a unit, don't recognise him (don't think it is JET but could be wrong) - anybody know?
P.S. - Caulker looks to be in good shape at least - thought he would have piled a bit on not playing.
[Post edited 28 Jun 2016 12:47]
Replay of game tonight
at 13:36 30 Oct 2015

Am missing the game tonight and don't have Sky Sports to record it. Anyone know of anyway I can watch it say from 10pm if I manage to not find out the score??
Team for tomorrow
at 14:49 1 May 2015

As usual it's hard to predict what the actual team will be. I think we've got to go all or bust so for me it should be:


McCarthy, Hill, Isla, Henry, Hoillet, Krancjar, Zarate
Parking for Anfield
at 20:16 29 Apr 2015

Making my first ever trip to Anfield on Saturday, one of the fe grounds I've wanted to visit. Am driving, some useful tips on various ground guide sites, just wondered if anybody here had good tips as well.

Burnley mates letter to Guardian - re Chelsea love in
at 20:36 25 Feb 2015

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am deeply puzzled as to why yourselves, Match of the Day pundits and now the FA continue to dance to the agenda set by Jose Mourinho and Chelsea Football Club.
in todays front page article (Angry Chelsea want rule change etc)you give the oxygen of publicity to Chelsea’s opinions about the above incident with no counter arguments.
You write that Chelsea are left ‘appalled’ by the decision to reduce the Matic suspension by only one game.
'The club are incensed by Ashley Barnes’ tackle’
'reacting to a challenge by the Burnley forward’
‘a bare minimum gesture . . . might have left the midfielder with broken leg’
‘universal condemnation of the reckless challenge’
‘unjustly punished . . . . to a career-threatening tackle’
‘protect players from dangerous challenges’
‘Mourinho, who has been scathing in his criticism of barnes’
Let it be said,
Barnes neither tackled nor challenged Matic.
He played a pass cleanly to a colleague and his right foot followed through to connected with Matic’s leg which was in fact ‘late’ coming in on Barnes.
This was potentially, a horrific accident, not a tackle or a challenge.
Noone responded to the incident at the time, except, indisputably, Matic ran ten metres to push Barnes to the ground, violently in the back.
He received a red card.
He then continued to fight to get at other players or the referee rather than leave the pitch.
(meanwhile Ivanovich took the red card from the referee’s hand, constituting a red card in itself)
This is an automatic three match ban.
Mourinho, on Match of the Day, said he doesn’t speak about such things (though he did for 23 minutes on Sunday) but cites certain minutes during the match that were crucial he claimed, which the pundits then debate for the rest of the analysis.
This of course, deflects debate as to why his £400,000,000 team failed to beat lowly Burnley, and why the ‘Ginger Mourinho’ somehow out-thought the ‘Chosen One’ who is not slow to feed his own myth.

Or, why his players simulate injury and scream abuse when not award fouls,

Or, FAIL, to throw the ball back to the burnley goalkeeper after Heaton had rolled the ball into touch so that Mee could receive attention on the floor in front of him.The Chelsea players ignored the tradition of sportsmanship that prevails, but used the throw-in to remount their attack near the Burnley goal.
And now, I read, that the PGMOL at Cobham sent a deputation to Mourinho to discuss the incident and build bridges!
Relations in the meeting were strained!
In other words Mourinho was still behaving as though it is he who controls the FA, the referees, the media.

Your report says Mourinho has been scathing in his criticism of Barnes.
I wonder what Ashley Barnes thinks of Mourinho?
We won’t find out will we?
Mourinho wasn’t scathing, in fact he refused pointedly, to name Barnes, saying he ‘wasn’t fit to be called a player’.
I find that deeply offensive.
‘Universal condemnation of the reckless challenge?’
How would that be monitored?
Certainly Chelsea’s histrionics have lightened Matic’s just suspension, to the disgust of parts of the football world:
Robbie Fowler, for one considers it to be an ‘absolute shambles, should have got a game extra for such a frivolous appeal’.
And finally, if you want a measured, dignified, statesmanlike response to the whole matter, read Sean Dyche in an interview for the Lancashire Telegraph.
Now, THAT’S the way to behave.
Yours faithfully,
Andrew Bolton
(I was there)
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