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World Cup, tickets and kits
Written by Catullus on Monday, 16th Jun 2014 21:47

If you read my previous blog, you will know how I feel about the World Cup/International football.

But even choosing not to watch it doesn't mean I can escape it entirely. I have seen the news reports and even sat through a highlights program, because there was next to nothing else worth watching!

What I have seen so far leads me to two conclusions.

1, There are plenty worse referee's than we have in the Premier league

2, No matter how hard you may try, you cannot escape any major sporting event. They are on tv, radio, in the papers and even when oput walking the dog, non football fans want to talk about it!

Now onto tickets, over the years there have been plenty of complaints about our ticketing system. There have been so many things wrong, it's just too much nuisance to list them.

My own personal experience isn't great. Not so much around the ability to buy tickets (though the online system has been rubbish at times) but more because I own a season ticket and I cannot buy two tickets and cannot part exchange my current seat now and again.

I'm not sure that will change now ticketmaster have taken over. But maybe the trust can raise this point.

I usually end up giving my seat to a friend or family member. But this is against the rules and I don't have faith in common sense being applied if something happens!

I can't be sure things will improve under the new regime. Ticketmaster have had their own problems after all. One of the biggest complaints I can remember is the booking fee.

Why is it you get charged that fee per ticket? If you buy five tickets at once, it is only one transaction after all. Having to pay an extra £7.50 feels like a rip off. I doubt I am the only one who feels that way.

Something else that feels like a rip off (usually the older you get, the more so it feels) is the constant stream of new kits.

These kits are never cheap and maybe we can all remember Freddy Shepherd's huge kit based gaffe up in Newcastle, he also said all Newcastle girl are dogs, which is not my experience at all! Even more of an insult is the extra money for a premier league badge.

And if you put a name on the back of the shirt the cost just rises. I araely buy a new kit. My son had to make do with the kit from last season when it went on sale. But he is only 5 and I'm sure in future years he will nag me to death for a brand new one, name, Premier badge (hopefully) and all.

Maybe I'd start saving now because it will cost a small mortgage the way things are going.

Having a home and away kit is one thing. But some clubs turn out extra kits and have been known to have four or even five kits on sale at the same time.

Is there a pattern in this, are the clubs we love actually trying to rip us off? It certainly feels like it at times. And those times are on the rise. After all, when you consider how much we spend following our teams, the season ticket, travel, food, drink and almost inevitably the sports channels at home too, a trip to the club shop can become a nightmare unless you are financially well endowed.

Given that everyone knows what colours other teams play in, the very most any club can justify is three kits. But can they justify a new kit every season?

I don't think they can, every other season should be enough. When just a shirt costs £53 (with Premier badge) and a full kit £70 or more, being asked to pay that every year becomes a hardship. especially if your loved ones expect a home and away kit.

I suppose you can make allowances, if a sponsorship deal finishes and a new deal is struck, you know the kit is going to change. But again, if your club has a long term deal (just how long have Everton been with Chang?) a new kit every season is taking the proverbial!

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