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No Brexit impact papers 12:28 - Dec 6 with 3840 viewswestside

Davis telling untruths
[Post edited 6 Dec 2017 12:29]
No Brexit impact papers on 21:21 - Dec 6 with 1564 viewsLohengrin

No Brexit impact papers on 21:08 - Dec 6 by exiledclaseboy

Again, you’re giving these people way too much credit. They really are as inept as they appear to be. This isn’t some kind of conspiracy to defy “the will of (some) of the people”. They’re just useless. It really is that simple.

When I was a kid I held politicians in Olympian regard. Laugh at that if you like but the only one I had personally encountered was Michael Foot. I naively thought they were all like him for a while!

The older I get the more I'm identifying with Charles I.

An idea isn't responsible for those who believe in it.

No Brexit impact papers on 21:51 - Dec 6 with 1534 viewsPapaLazarou

N/A. on 21:11 - Dec 6 by Huw57

[Post edited 18 Jul 5:20]

If Labour come out tomorrow and flat out oppose Brexit, that gives the Tories and the right-wing media all the ammunition they need to deliver the hard Brexit that many of them want.

Imagine the headlines: "Liberal Lefty Luvvies To Defy The Will of The People", ad nauseum...

Starmer has been very clever in maneuvering Labour towards a position where they hint strongly at continued Single Market and Customs Union membership. Surely keeping all options open is the best bet for now.

Labour still has to retain, and make further gains in areas that voted Leave in the EU Referendum. If they oppose Brexit from the off (no matter how sensible it may seem to you or I) then it would be a disaster for them at the next election, which will probably be held prior to leaving the EU.

Apologies if some of this was obvious...
No Brexit impact papers on 21:51 - Dec 6 with 1534 viewsLeonWasGod

No Brexit impact papers on 17:40 - Dec 6 by Nogginthenog

There is only one word to describe my thoughts "incredulous"

These fools are taking us for fools, they should let us have a general election .

We've just had one. Turkey's voting for Christmas springs to mind.

How anyone can look at this bunch of Tories and think 'they seem like an honest, clued-up bunch who have the country's interest at heart, I think I'll vote for them' is beyond me.

I know the opposition is poor, but still.
No Brexit impact papers on 22:26 - Dec 6 with 1518 viewslonglostjack

No Brexit impact papers on 21:01 - Dec 6 by Lohengrin

Or is this all an elaborate charade? Was the intention to scupper the referendum from the moment the result was declared?

It's simply not possible that any sort of negotiations conducted anywhere could be this inept. The whole affair is beginning to stink to high Heaven.

They are far too incompetent to make a conspiracy work.

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No Brexit impact papers on 22:51 - Dec 6 with 1505 viewsLeonWasGod

N/A. on 21:11 - Dec 6 by Huw57

[Post edited 18 Jul 5:20]

They don't need a Brexit policy - that's down to the Govt. Labour can just sit back and watch the Tories feck it up. But they do need to get their house in order and become a more effective opposition. They probably need a clear position on Brexit (which may be what you meant) - I don't see any conviction from them in how they are attacking the government. But they should be having a field day with the Tories this week.

Meanwhile in Westminster today, they ruled against the devolved parliaments having more powers in being able to modify EU laws as we adopt them on leaving. Obviously don't want the provinces trying to turn this mess to their advantage.
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