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No wonder Orwell thought working folk ought to own rifles.
at 00:47 19 Aug 2022

It defies belief.

Olivia Newton John has died.
at 20:54 8 Aug 2022

Gone at 73. Stunning-looking woman in her time.

Bit of trivia for the history buffs on here: her Welsh father Bryn was an MI5 agent who worked on the Enigma Project at Bletchley. He was also Rudolf Hess’ interrogator.

Rock ‘n’ Roll & the 8th Army’s campaign in the western desert.
at 13:53 3 Aug 2022

Fantastic listen this. The ‘We Have Ways’ podcast is always a brilliant show but here they have Brian Johnson late of AC/DC … and 3 Para … as their guest.

Some of you will love this:
Ten years on from first posting this up on Planet Swans…
at 21:15 24 Jul 2022

A decade on this is still one of the most musically exciting performances I’ve ever seen. Jeff Beck is a maestro, nobody argues with that, but his reaction when Imelda May saunters up to the mic and comes in pitch-perfect is the pointer for everything that follows.


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Lady Diana Spencer.
at 22:36 22 Jul 2022

I’ve just been listening to a fascinating programme that posited James Goldsmith was the real father of Diana Spencer.

If that was true this would be her brother.

What do you think? Is there a resemblance?

Angela Rayner
at 15:59 15 Jul 2022

Having just listened to an extended interview with her, and not only empathised with her own story but instantly recognised her story and how close it is with the experience of kids I grew up with. I’m left shaking my head. Sweetheart, WTF has modern Labour got to say to the likes of us?
[Post edited 15 Jul 16:00]
at 21:52 6 Jul 2022

If you like footballing documentaries, which I’d imagine we all do, there’s an excellent production on Amazon Prime charting Rangers run to the 1972 Cup Winner’s Cup Final in Barcelona, featuring some nice cameos from ex-Swan Derek Parlane.

…and Willie Johnston is still as mad as he ever was!

Football’s looming crisis.
at 14:22 3 Apr 2022

With utility bills set to rise at a surreal rate millions of home owners are going to be forced to look where cuts can be made to non-essential outgoings. Where do you think the first port of call is likely to be? You’d have to think for many, the majority, Sky subscriptions would have to be pretty high on the list, wouldn’t you?

Can you just imagine what could happen to football’s operating model were the Sky sponsorship to be severely curtailed? The years of obscene wage structures and clubs living well, well beyond their means could be coming to an abrupt end.

Feathers will really fly when this chicken comes home to roost...
In this age of political correctness...
at 18:57 2 Apr 2022

I appreciate this is 2022 and morality has been turned on its head, but Cardiff, honestly, don’t tell me that sodomy doesn’t hurt...

[Post edited 2 Apr 18:59]
Can it really have been forty years??
at 14:18 31 Mar 2022

In just a few days, 2nd April, will mark the fortieth anniversary of the start of the Falklands Conflict.

Can it really have been forty years? It’s all gone by in the blink of an eye.

Sometimes words just fail you, you simply can’t understand.
at 12:59 31 Mar 2022

Tremendously sad this morning to read in The Evening Post that a memorial to young Port Talbot soldier and Swans fan Dean John, killed in action In Afghanistan, has been vandalised in Vivian Park.

What goes through the minds of these creatures is completely beyond my ability to comprehend? I simply can’t understand it.

This is Dean with two of his boys:

This is his widow Wendy with all three:

Spare them a thought today.

EU spending on Russian fossil fuels since the invasion of Ukraine began.
at 00:05 23 Mar 2022

Not a good look this, is it?
Birmingham Erdington - have we sounded bottom yet?
at 13:46 4 Mar 2022

Any of you catch the coverage of yesterday’s by-election in Birmingham? Well, Labour in shape of Paulette Hamilton have somehow contrived to get an absolute space cadet through the gates of Westminster. A woman apparently torn between “the ballot and the bullet.” Someone who thinks a a black uprising may be the way to achieve her ends.

No, I don’t know where they find them either?

Starmer was on the wireless now just, lauding her as “an authentic working class voice.” Ha! I don’t know how many works‘ canteens Keir has been in but I’m guessing its not too many.

What of the Tories? What could the most venal and corrupt administration in living memory conjure up to counter this loon and send a message to the good people of Erdington that they were a safe, sensible choice?

They decided to think outside of the box and came up with Robert Alden. To fight this rough, city ward they produced a candidate most would mistake for a nineteenth century rustic poet!

Here he be:

The upshot of all this is 73% of constituents turned their backs on the whole business. If you think that stat is an exaggeration, go check for yourself. If you lie to people, then lie, then lie some more eventually reality seeps into even the thickest of skulls. Who wants to continually pour coins into a machine when the fruit never, ever lines up?
Supply collection for Ukraine?
at 12:40 28 Feb 2022

Do any of you know if there is a collection being made for Ukraine anywhere around here? Somewhere you can go and donate medical supplies etc..?
What real heroism looks like.
at 14:20 25 Feb 2022

You see the term bandied about wildly out of context in the world of sport, but if you want to see what it truly is look no further than the valiant defenders of Zmiinyi (snake) Island.

Heroes of an Eastern Thermopylae.

A vote for Trump was a howl of dissatisfaction.
at 21:35 23 Feb 2022

Trump was a wildly imperfect instrument, but if you want to understand 2016, and possibly/probably the next election, you need to pay close attention to what Bannon had to say at Oxford.

If you find fault, have a critique, chip in.

Six year old Swindon fan...
at 17:26 17 Feb 2022

Can’t come to a game because his Mother can’t afford food. FFS! I’d happily drive up there and take him myself and buy him a shirt, after I’d taken his Mother shopping.

Grotesque to think this is one of the most advanced nations on Earth. Our polity is rotten to the core, the whole thing needs to be brought crashing down.
Aaron Ramsey signs for Rangers...
at 17:15 31 Jan 2022

Wow! I didn’t see that one coming!

If you were a Labour Party strategist...
at 18:33 19 Jan 2022

If you were a Labour Party strategist would you really want Johnson to resign?

If that was my job I’d be strongly urging Starmer to ease off. Johnson’s reputation is irreparably tarnished, he’d be exactly who I’d want leading Labour’s opponents into the next election.

Are they capable of taking the long view?
Echo in the Canyon.
at 19:20 18 Jan 2022

Anybody else seen this on Netflix? Probably the best music documentary I’ve caught in years, highly recommended if you’re a fan of the late ‘60s California sound - Beach Boys, Byrds, Mamas & Papas, CSNY etc...

It can’t be easy for a son to flourish in a shadow cast as long as Jakob Dylan’s father, but he does.

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