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Now tv 14:12 - Mar 8 with 1114 viewsAguycalledJack

I’m a bit of a technophobe.

I have sky tv but not sports.

Is the Now tv day pass easy to set up? Is it a case that I can then only watch tonight’s game on a phone or laptop?


Now tv on 14:59 - Mar 8 with 1061 viewsLeonWasGod

Very easy. A whole bunch of devices can use the app -

We have it on a laptop and then just plug an HDMI cable into the tv. You just order the day pass and then you get 24 hours from when you activate it. All fairly intuitive.

Now tv on 15:27 - Mar 8 with 1019 viewsAguycalledJack

Great 👍

Now tv on 17:09 - Mar 8 with 931 viewsSTID2017

If you have a Smart Tv , check what apps you have (Now TV was already set up on mine).
Another option with a Smart TV if it has an internet browser is to search for Now TV through that.
Failing that as was suggested link up your device to your tv

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Now tv on 17:46 - Mar 8 with 885 viewsLuther27

I cancelled Sky and use Now tv. I know it's Sky owned but I save a fair bit as there's no contract. I use the stick...take it with me and have it set to my mobile and laptop. Even a technophobe like me can use it.

Now tv on 19:17 - Mar 8 with 791 viewsBadlands

NowTV - just down load the app (or log in from desk top)
Join the system with your details and payment details.
Go to sport and by a pass for however long you want.
I used NowTV for 3 years on an 'entertainment' package with no problem and when I wanted to finish I just stopped the Direct Debit.
Sports paid for as one offs.

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Now tv on 23:37 - Mar 8 with 635 viewsRevJames

Not tonight! Payment system was down so unable to 'Pay Now' and missed the game 🤬

Now tv on 08:47 - Mar 9 with 553 viewskeith_gatebroth

Watch Now TV on any tv in your house. It can come with the option of a tiny plug in box or an hdmi stick which you can buy at places like Curry’s. Set up your account on line and away to go. The signal comes through the internet and not a dish. There are three choices, the Entertainment Channel with a load of Sky channels, Sky Sports, and Sky Cinema. All can be stopped and started at will, per month.
There’s no red button on Sky Sports so you can’t pick matches to watch when the option is available, otherwise all good.
Offers appear now and again, I’ve just had Sky Sports for 3 months at £20 per month. Cancel when offer finishes and wait for the next offer to come along. You can also get a day pass for any particular match you want to see.

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