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I think it's time to do this 07:50 - May 22 with 300 viewsdickythorpe

Why haven't more pubs done table ordering service and followed Wetherspoon's ordering app?

Queuing in pubs has always been a pain in the arse.

I think it's time to do this on 11:08 - May 22 with 228 viewsLeonWasGod

You'd still be queuing at the outside bars. I don't see how this would work - imposing social distancing in a pub is opposite of what pubs are all about. You might as well sit at home and drink on your own. People are bound to meet up and ignore the social distancing rules.

I suppose they're desperate though and need to try what they can to get the tills open again. I wonder how many more places will have gone to the wall after this.

I think it's time to do this on 13:34 - May 22 with 176 viewsdickythorpe

When it's sunny and I've done the lawn I love being socially distant with my table and chair.
But every so often I need a change of scenery.
I hate queuing for a pint.
Table service would be good but it'll probably become another expense landlords won't want to fork out for.

I think it's time to do this on 14:01 - May 22 with 162 viewsWhiterockin

If you are not keen on smoking pub gardens are mostly a no go area. Even if an area is segregated for smokers, the slightest breeze and the smell drifts. This is the reason I seldom sit outside a pub and tend to stay inside (well used to anyway).
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