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If the Swans had signed quality like this we'd never have been relegated
at 00:20 7 Jun 2020

At last... some good news emerges from the current crisis
at 14:40 3 Jun 2020

Now I'm no fan of Aaaron Banks
at 12:41 2 May 2020

But I'm a touch surprised that those inflicted with Brexit Derangement syndrome, BDS, who have been running about and screaming 'It was the Russians wot dunnit' for the last 4 years didn't feel moved to highlight this piece of news from a couple of days ago.

I'm sure that some will take the opportunity to apologises to Mr Banks here in recognition of their false hysteria.

A touch unfortunate of course that yet again a substantial chunk of our taxpayers money will be handed over to settle up the legal bills, money which could and should be spent on more necessary things and which really should be paid by the individuals who raised the case.


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The Nasty Party
at 12:45 23 Apr 2020

Day after day after day.


What is it with assorted rabid lefties and a seemingly unceasing flow of Labour Party members and sympathisers?
13,000 NHS letters sent to old or wrong addresses Maybe I have the answer why
at 15:51 17 Apr 2020


Twice now in recent years the Welsh NHS have sent appointment letters to old addresses of mine despite being supplied with my correct current address by my GP referring me for a consultant appointment. This resulted in me patiently waiting two years once for an appointment only to discover when enquiring what was happening that the NHS had removed me from the waiting list for 'Failing to turn up for an appointment'

So there I was waiting more than patiently I'm sure that you will agree, for two years for an appointment on a list that I wasn't even on. I played hell at that time as you can imagine even having a meeting with three senior managers at Llandough hospital in Penarth who apologised profusely and were unable to give a reason as to why this happened.

Due to this as I was convinced that this wouldn't be an isolated case over the years I have advised all and sundry to check that they were on the waiting lists that they thought they were and several have come back to me having discovered exactly the same thing that they had been struck off waiting lists for not turning up to appointments that they knew nothing about because the appointment letters had been sent to old addresses despite current addresses being supplied by their GPs to the Welsh NHS.

To add insult to injury we then have to regularly witness Welsh government idiots and senior Health service managers pop up in the media whining about patients not bothering to turn up for appointments and wasting scant resources when in fact we have no idea how many missed appointments are purely down the Welsh NHS administrative incompetence actually wasting those scant resources.

To cap it all the same thing happened to me yet again not long before the lockdown an appointment letter turned up at an address that I briefly lived at 10 years ago and it only reached me because the present occupant knew me and got in touch.

After requesting a meeting with senior managers at the Heath Hospital in Cardiff they revealed that their IT systems were so inadequate that even though they received current address details from GPs, if old addresses had been left on the system then the Welsh IT system automatically overrides the current address that is punched in on receipt of the GPs referral and sends out appointments to patients old addresses ( I have this in writing and on the CD copy of the transcript of the meeting supplied to me)

To compound the problem, the system initially sends out the confirmation of receipt of GP referral to the correct current address just to lull patients into a false sense of security that their address details are held correctly but the duff IT system bizarrely then overrides that address when the appointment letter gets sent out so it wouldn't even do you any good to check that they have the correct address details because they would confirm that they had and the system would then eventually override those details at the appointment letter stage.

Obviously this doesn't happen in every case buts evidenced by my own experiences and those people who I know and mention above that have taken my advice to check if they are still on a waiting list and found out that they have been removed also in similar circumstances then I have always known / suspected that there is a major fault with the Welsh NHS administrative appointments system but obviously have also never known the full extent of the problem.

The alarming bit is that the managers at the meeting I attended who had identified the IT problem when I requested that they immediately demand that the IT department sort the 'Glitch' out meekly response with 'it doesn't really work like that but we will ask them to have a look at it.

Ask them! Ask them! I would have thought that they should already have been in the IT office raging at the IT manager demanding that its sorted out on the spot. But my impression was very much Ce La Vie so I don't expect anything has changed.

If this has happened to me twice in recent years and others that I know, how big exactly is this problem and how many people are missing appointments that they knew nothing about, having their medical details shared with unsuspecting householders living in these patients old addresses and how many people are patiently waiting for appointments with consultants but have actually been removed from those lists without their knowledge?

So the lists given by the Welsh NHS to Local Authorities who are administering the vulnerable peoples lists may well wrong and full of inaccuracies through no fault of the individuals expecting to be on them.

Btw when inquiring about the latest foul up in my case the administrative staff initially tried to blame me for moving and not updating my address after referral. I had to point out that I hadn't moved in years.

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DVLA query
at 15:02 14 Apr 2020

Don't know if any of the DVLA bods on here are able to answer this query from someone on a motor forum that I frequent.

Understandably the chap has been having a bit of trouble getting a response through the normal channels. His query is:-

"Is there any way of tracing the owner of a particular reg plate?

Been looking for a personal plate the perfect plate would be D34NNA. Looking it up it's registered to a 1987 Austin, most likely the original plate that car was registered with. However the car hasn't been MOT'd since 1998.

Does anyone know if there is any way of tracing the owner of the plate? Assuming the car still exists. And if the car is scrapped, is it still possible to purchase the reg from DVLA?

Thank you for any advice that may be forthcoming
Time for a return to a UK wide NHS
at 13:39 31 Mar 2020

If ever those incompetent fools in the laughably titled Welsh Assembly Government have been exposed for the waste of spaces that they are then it is now.

I travelled up to the Heath hospital yesterday to get some urgent medication for a kidney patient in Penarth whose dialysis has been delayed, The medication was only available from the pharmacy there and had been picked up by the staff at the kidney treatment department who had no way of getting the medication to the person in need, the person in need contacted me after mentioning that they had no idea who to turn to or who to ring for help.

Upon speaking to the staff up the Heath when collecting the items I mentioned that surely what was needed was a couple of people in an office who held the contact details of all the volunteer organisations and individuals who were ready to help and had come forward in order that Doctors nurses and those in need could ring up explain the delivery requirement and that central office could contact the nearest local group or individual eager to help in order that medicines, emergency food supplies etc etc can be distributed and delivered.

They told me that they had been asking for such a facility for days now but had been ignored and also had not received any communication whatsoever in regards catering for such scenarios.

just look at the difference in the volunteering websites provided by the English NHS and the joke site highlighted by the Welsh government after being pressed as to why they had not followed the
English model


Welsh joke site


This is just their general volunteering for beach cleaning, hedge cutting along country paths site with an uninformative pathetic unclear Covid-19 bit tacked on which basically tells you nothing and has provided nothing in the way of assistance to our medical professionals and their patients as my experience yesterday proves.

If ever there was a case for a return to a real UK national Health service and the scrapping of the shambolic money generating piggy bank for the Welsh AMs their families and political cronies that is the Welsh assembly then this is it.
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at 11:26 1 Mar 2020

So had one of those amazing conversations with a government body Friday which I find hard to get my head round.

Now I have to say that my experiences with the DVLA over the years have been pretty good with the odd minor exception but Fridays conversation with D*** surname can't be given ( despite them asking for my full name) from team 35 sums up for me why so many of the public have lost faith with the authorities.

The scenario is that I have been contacted by a number of local residents who have reported a dumped car in their close, the car is shown as being been declared SORN on the .GOV website. The car has been on the public road since October and has been reported both in December and January on the DVLA's anonymous reporting facility on their website with nothing happening in regards the removal of the car.

I suppose like most people including those who had reported the car previously it was imagined that one of those roving DVLA clamping vans.would be provided with the details and either fairly immediately or when next in the area would drive to the location and clamp the car.

So after checking the facts I called up the DVLA to see what was going on, or not as the case is at present.

I won't relay all the almost bizarre conversation with D*** from team 35 but the crux of the conversation went something like this after I enquired as to why the car had not been clamped or removed

DVALA....Sir the car or any other vehicle in a sorned category on the public road will be clamped if one of our vans come across it when in the area.

Me...Yes but that's unlikely as the car is in a small close well into an estate, and surely given that you have the details of the cars location then those details are passed onto the operative of one of your vans for checking out?

DVLA.....Sir when we receive reports from our tip off website facility the current registered keeper of the vehicle of the car is sent a letter telling them to take the car off the public highway.

Me...I see so presumably then the keeper / owner of this car must have ignored two previous letters from the previous two reportings to you? So why haven't you sent a van round to clamp the car?

DVLA....Our vans only clamp cars that they come across whilst patrolling the streets.

Me....What are you talking about? So you clamp cars that the vans stumble across but just send letters to those that are reported by the public despite the DVLA being in full possession of the cars location and despite the public being urged report such vehicles by the DVLA?

DVLA... That's right sir.

Me.... Buts that's nonsensical, those who aren't reported but are caught on the road are clamped but those whose locations are known to you just get a letter to remove the vehicle from the roads despite the fact that it might not be taxed and is shown as having no MOT which I also understand invalidates any insurance policy?

DVLA... Sir the car is Sorned which means it is licensed.

Me....What does that even mean? Presumably its licenced to be on someones drive not the public highway.

DVLA...Sir a Sorned car is licensed vehicle.

Me.... Well can you tell if the car is even taxed or not or if letters actually have gone out on the two previous occasions that the car was reported to you?

DVLA....We're just a call centre we don't hold that information.

ME...Well can you pass me over to someone who can provide more information as to why a reported sorned vehicle owner is just sent a letter whilst a vehicle stumbled across by chance gets clamped and possibly towed away.

I'd have thought it preferable and more time productive to go straight to those vehicles whose location has already been provided by the public and what do you suggest that we do to get the car either made legal for road use or taken away?

DVLA...No you'll have to contact your MP if you wish to to take this any further.

Phone put down in disbelief by myself.

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For the pious anti gambling mob
at 14:20 4 Mar 2019

I note that the 'You never see a poor bookie' adage has taken a bit of a knock this week with William Hills announcement of a £722m loss for 2018.

I will consider a conditional acceptance of an apology from the beeding hearts on here who were quite adamant that myself and others were just winning off other mug punters rather than gaining a certain degree of satisfaction of rinsing the bookies on a reasonably regular basis.
Interesting bit of light reading on the craicach for Trampie and other nats
at 10:53 27 Feb 2019


I don't wish to appear over critical
at 17:08 17 Feb 2019

But has anyone told the Swans defence that it's both aesthetically and more functionally pleasing if they actually stand next to the blokes in the brown and orange shirts in our penalty box rather than hanging about in a group of 4 or 5 looking like a bunch of youths aimlessly congregating on a street corner waiting for something to happen?
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League of Wales top of the table clash thriller
at 17:07 18 Nov 2018

Went to watch Barry Town v TNS top of the LOW clash at Jenner Park yesterday.

And I would like to report that just as I opinioned last year.

It is quite evident why all the LOW teams get knocked out in the qualifying rounds of European competitions every year by pub teams from countries that we've never heard of.

It's basically because the standard of play and transparent lack of even the most basic of ball skills in the LOW is the only thing stopping a LOW side winning the European cup.

End of report.
Can't we just quietly
at 20:14 23 Oct 2018

Cancel Kyle Naughton's contract?

Never mind the penalty, his performance so far this evening is identical to every other one of his performances i.e. sub Conference league standard at best.
Isn't the game tonight supposed to be on Sky football tonight?
at 19:10 23 Oct 2018

I see the game advertised on the Sky football channel but can only see the Norwich v Villa preview before their televised game.

Does this mean that the Swans aren't on or is there some sort of red button option at kickoff to switch to our game?
Players going down screaming in agony
at 10:44 10 Sep 2018

Having watched the Wales game last night is anybody else fed up of the recent increasing trend of every single player going to the floor screaming every time they are subject to a foul of any description or degree?

I know that professional football players have been play acting for years but the over dramatic scream/fall/ roll about seems to be hugely on the increase of late

I appreciate that having your legs taken away as you are haring up the wing isn't the most pleasant of experiences but does every single challenge have to elicit the open mouthed scream of agony as they go down with accompanying roll around, contorted face with two handed clutch of the affected ankle/leg/shoulder/hair-do?

Having played rugby and football for well over 30 odd seasons I am well aware that the occasional foul is more painful than others and possibly needs the old magic sponge treatment rather than just standing up and walking/hopping away but the majority of fouls whilst maybe unexpected aren't a cause for open heart surgery and a screaming in agony as you go down auto display surely.

Also perhaps if golden boy Gareth Bale had kept on his feet instead of hurling himself to the ground every 5 minutes looking round and whining when he realised that the ref and the rest of the players had ignored his laughable attempts at gaining an unjust free kick he might have actually contributed to the game instead of being Mr Anonymous.

I'd have thought
at 20:40 17 Aug 2018

That if a manager decides to implement a passing game he'd check to see if most of the hopeless inadequates in his squad were actually capable of passing to their own side occasionally rather than teeing up the opposition with monotonous regularity.

I suppose fielding a midfield that appears to be capable of being out muscled by most under 12 sides in any local league doesn't help either. I'd be surprised if most of them had the strength to put their own kit on unaided judging by the first half tonight.
I don't think the team is underperforming
at 12:50 27 Dec 2017

Unfortunately I think that they are just about playing up to their combined abilities and standard.

I was dreading yesterdays game knowing full well that it was going to be a 4, 5 or 6 goal thrashing even before the kick off ( no I didn't put a correct score bet on to back my judgement )

But I'm sure just like many supporters I just look at the team list before a game and shudder, theres not so much as one game changer or match winner in the entire squad, like others, I vainly search the list of names on the bench for a glimmer of light and shudder even more.

I don't think that I've ever seen a squad so lacking in the ability required for the league that they're in since I watched the original division 4 death throes of Newport County where the unfortunate manager would find a couple of his players sold midweek and have to replace them on the Saturday with members of the youth team who clearly were lambs to the slaughter.

Virtually none of the Swans current players are premier division standard and the one or two who could possibly fit into a reasonable squad as an injury cover makeshift rather than a match winner aren't capable of making a scrap of difference in such a poor squad as ours.

Before Laudrup started to dismantle the so called Swansea way ( and I'm not suggesting that change wasn't required as teams had got our measure), a task completed by Monk, at least very ordinary players could slot into a system where the sum total of the team would outperform the lack of individual talent contained therein. Even then a match winner or two was needed to finish the job on a Saturday afternoon.

Watching that shambles yesterday was extremely sobering, as Swansea player after player seemed inacapable of passing 15 yards to their own teammates, it's not even worth pinpointing players names as virtually all of them seemed totally lacking in the very basic skills required of any professional footballer never mind one trying to make an impression in the Premier league.

Ball after ball just given away or aimlessly hacked forward with no credible chance of a team mate ever getting anywhere near it.

Liverpool might well have just been coasting, knowing full well that given a full 90 minutes they couldn't fail to pile up a score but they were no great shakes in the first half ( apart from a stunning strike). I think that they were possibly fairly relaxed in knowing that they only had to stroll around the pitch and shortly a Swans defender or midfielder would just pass the ball straight to them.

Some of the decision making by the passers was truly staggering as telegraphed underhit pass after pass was safely completed to an opposition player

I'm sure that like with every managerial sacking it is hoped that a new manager will stroll in perform a miracle and immediately uplift a struggling team, but I'm at a total loss at to how this can occur looking at the pile of dross currently described as the first team squad that any new manager will inherit.

The very best that a new manger can surely achieve is to organise a pile of dross into a fairly tight defensive unit with no attacking threat or goalscoring ability whatsoever.I suppose Clement almost did this but ultimately failed because a team will always get relegated if it isn't able to score in order to pick up enough 3 points to survive.
Welsh youngsters last night
at 15:54 15 Nov 2017

Putting the travails of the Trust crisis to one side for a moment.

I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed watching the Welsh youngsters playing last night against Panama.

They were a breath of fresh air through a moribund Welsh team that at times really does appear to be a one man Gareth Bale set up.

i appreciate that much of the energetic chasing, harrying and, heaven forbid, actually trying to take on opposition defenders ( and beating them) was down to youthful exuberance, even naivety, but how refreshing to see Welsh players passing crisply amongst themselves, getting the ball forward and not being afraid to take on and beat the opposition rather than just stopping and passing backwards to a teammate. Who cares if they get tackled occasionally if they're trying to beat opposition defenders.

I realise that Panama are no world beaters but thought that the older members of the Welsh team upped their game possibly enthused by the energy of the youngsters as well to provide a performance that entertained rather tham bored us all to sleep as I have come to expect from a Baleless team.

Downside..What a complete and utter clown Chris Gunter is, the incident where he stopped and carried on claiming for offside for about 5 minutes to cover up the fact that yet again he was caught out of position just typifies what a below average waste of space he is. An embarrassment last night during the incident mentioned above.
Whats the point of the League of Wales?
at 20:16 20 Aug 2017

I had the misfortune to attend Barry Town's return debut to the Welsh League premier division last Sunday versus Aberystwyth.

Now I'm well used to watching non league football at all levels and certainly wasn't expecting a Man Utd v Man City level blockbuster but to say that I was staggered by the abysmal lack of any recognisable trapping, heading or passing ability on show for the entire game would be the understatement of the decade.

I could barely believe what I was watching and would suggest that if thats the top level of Welsh domestic football then those who were lucky enough to travel to the European championships last Summer had better savour the trip as I wouldn't imagine that there are going to be too many more if the National team is relying on anyone coming through from the League of Wales.

I had to chuckle at the local Barry Gem's report that Barry's Ryan Newman slotted home from close range to take the lead, when I watched a shinned mis hit hoik from 6 yards just make it into an open goal ( all goals welcome of course).

Barry held on to their lead until 15 minutes from the end when according to the Gem reporter Aberystwyth equalised with a highly controversial goal from a corner awarded by the linesman which the Barry goalkeeper 'appeared' to have stopped on the line.

Being located roughly in line with the goal line I would suggest that if the ball had been any more over the line the lady in the burger van behind the goals would have had to hand it back for the resultant kick off.

Needless to say the hoplessly inadequate Barry players did the usual screaming, shouting and swearing at the lino who had just made probably the easist correct decision of his career in awarding the goal, how they had the cheek after a Swansea City type comedy of errors defending the corner in the first place I'll never know.

The whole debacle got me thinking as to what exactly is the point of the League of Wales if this is the standard displayed there? ( I do realise that not all games at any level are classics on any given day) I was a little dismayed to think that these guys actually get paid ( however much or little)

I had to come to the conclusion that the point of the League must be to


Shovel scores of £thousands out of the game each year to players who wouldn't be out of place in a local pub league.


Provide a nice little pay day to to Welsh speaking ex professional footballers to presumably pretend on S4C that the standard of footballing talent in the League isn't that bad after all.


A vehicle to allow the geriatric old buffers on the FAW to continue their freebie trips abroad to watch a couple of pub teams get humiliated in the qualifying stages of the Champions and Europa cup each season.

** Just to contradict everything that I've just written, second half Aberystwyth brought on a little black guy who looked about 15 on the wing who appeared to have more skill in his big toe than the other 21 players put together ( not difficult to achieve of course) he really looked a bit tasty, fast and tricky and should have had a certain penalty, his name was Christian Langos, anyone know anything about him?
[Post edited 20 Aug 2017 20:23]
Popped along to see the County on Boxing Day
at 18:16 29 Dec 2016

And if you think that our defence is bad then you'd have a screaming fit watching Newports back four ( Five including surely the most indecisive keeper in the football league)

Sheehan scored a screamer of a free kick, buzzed about a bit to little effect other than that in a game of two dreadful sides, perhaps sounds a little unfair on Sheehan to say this when he added to his impressive goal scoruing exploits along with the other youngster up front on loan from Cardiff Healy who also scored again.

It's all experience of course but difficult to see how the gulf in class can be bridged and it has to be said that it dorsn't help playing in a County side which has a back four almost totally bereft of any footballing abilities whatsoever and who desperately need a new defence and two decent midfielders one an experienced, capable general.

It's not looking good for them and Portsmouth could have scored another 4 quite easily, missed one absolute howler from two yards and of course the penalty.
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