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For the pious anti gambling mob
at 14:20 4 Mar 2019

I note that the 'You never see a poor bookie' adage has taken a bit of a knock this week with William Hills announcement of a £722m loss for 2018.

I will consider a conditional acceptance of an apology from the beeding hearts on here who were quite adamant that myself and others were just winning off other mug punters rather than gaining a certain degree of satisfaction of rinsing the bookies on a reasonably regular basis.
Interesting bit of light reading on the craicach for Trampie and other nats
at 10:53 27 Feb 2019

I don't wish to appear over critical
at 17:08 17 Feb 2019

But has anyone told the Swans defence that it's both aesthetically and more functionally pleasing if they actually stand next to the blokes in the brown and orange shirts in our penalty box rather than hanging about in a group of 4 or 5 looking like a bunch of youths aimlessly congregating on a street corner waiting for something to happen?
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League of Wales top of the table clash thriller
at 17:07 18 Nov 2018

Went to watch Barry Town v TNS top of the LOW clash at Jenner Park yesterday.

And I would like to report that just as I opinioned last year.

It is quite evident why all the LOW teams get knocked out in the qualifying rounds of European competitions every year by pub teams from countries that we've never heard of.

It's basically because the standard of play and transparent lack of even the most basic of ball skills in the LOW is the only thing stopping a LOW side winning the European cup.

End of report.
Can't we just quietly
at 20:14 23 Oct 2018

Cancel Kyle Naughton's contract?

Never mind the penalty, his performance so far this evening is identical to every other one of his performances i.e. sub Conference league standard at best.
Isn't the game tonight supposed to be on Sky football tonight?
at 19:10 23 Oct 2018

I see the game advertised on the Sky football channel but can only see the Norwich v Villa preview before their televised game.

Does this mean that the Swans aren't on or is there some sort of red button option at kickoff to switch to our game?
Players going down screaming in agony
at 10:44 10 Sep 2018

Having watched the Wales game last night is anybody else fed up of the recent increasing trend of every single player going to the floor screaming every time they are subject to a foul of any description or degree?

I know that professional football players have been play acting for years but the over dramatic scream/fall/ roll about seems to be hugely on the increase of late

I appreciate that having your legs taken away as you are haring up the wing isn't the most pleasant of experiences but does every single challenge have to elicit the open mouthed scream of agony as they go down with accompanying roll around, contorted face with two handed clutch of the affected ankle/leg/shoulder/hair-do?

Having played rugby and football for well over 30 odd seasons I am well aware that the occasional foul is more painful than others and possibly needs the old magic sponge treatment rather than just standing up and walking/hopping away but the majority of fouls whilst maybe unexpected aren't a cause for open heart surgery and a screaming in agony as you go down auto display surely.

Also perhaps if golden boy Gareth Bale had kept on his feet instead of hurling himself to the ground every 5 minutes looking round and whining when he realised that the ref and the rest of the players had ignored his laughable attempts at gaining an unjust free kick he might have actually contributed to the game instead of being Mr Anonymous.

I'd have thought
at 20:40 17 Aug 2018

That if a manager decides to implement a passing game he'd check to see if most of the hopeless inadequates in his squad were actually capable of passing to their own side occasionally rather than teeing up the opposition with monotonous regularity.

I suppose fielding a midfield that appears to be capable of being out muscled by most under 12 sides in any local league doesn't help either. I'd be surprised if most of them had the strength to put their own kit on unaided judging by the first half tonight.
I don't think the team is underperforming
at 12:50 27 Dec 2017

Unfortunately I think that they are just about playing up to their combined abilities and standard.

I was dreading yesterdays game knowing full well that it was going to be a 4, 5 or 6 goal thrashing even before the kick off ( no I didn't put a correct score bet on to back my judgement )

But I'm sure just like many supporters I just look at the team list before a game and shudder, theres not so much as one game changer or match winner in the entire squad, like others, I vainly search the list of names on the bench for a glimmer of light and shudder even more.

I don't think that I've ever seen a squad so lacking in the ability required for the league that they're in since I watched the original division 4 death throes of Newport County where the unfortunate manager would find a couple of his players sold midweek and have to replace them on the Saturday with members of the youth team who clearly were lambs to the slaughter.

Virtually none of the Swans current players are premier division standard and the one or two who could possibly fit into a reasonable squad as an injury cover makeshift rather than a match winner aren't capable of making a scrap of difference in such a poor squad as ours.

Before Laudrup started to dismantle the so called Swansea way ( and I'm not suggesting that change wasn't required as teams had got our measure), a task completed by Monk, at least very ordinary players could slot into a system where the sum total of the team would outperform the lack of individual talent contained therein. Even then a match winner or two was needed to finish the job on a Saturday afternoon.

Watching that shambles yesterday was extremely sobering, as Swansea player after player seemed inacapable of passing 15 yards to their own teammates, it's not even worth pinpointing players names as virtually all of them seemed totally lacking in the very basic skills required of any professional footballer never mind one trying to make an impression in the Premier league.

Ball after ball just given away or aimlessly hacked forward with no credible chance of a team mate ever getting anywhere near it.

Liverpool might well have just been coasting, knowing full well that given a full 90 minutes they couldn't fail to pile up a score but they were no great shakes in the first half ( apart from a stunning strike). I think that they were possibly fairly relaxed in knowing that they only had to stroll around the pitch and shortly a Swans defender or midfielder would just pass the ball straight to them.

Some of the decision making by the passers was truly staggering as telegraphed underhit pass after pass was safely completed to an opposition player

I'm sure that like with every managerial sacking it is hoped that a new manager will stroll in perform a miracle and immediately uplift a struggling team, but I'm at a total loss at to how this can occur looking at the pile of dross currently described as the first team squad that any new manager will inherit.

The very best that a new manger can surely achieve is to organise a pile of dross into a fairly tight defensive unit with no attacking threat or goalscoring ability whatsoever.I suppose Clement almost did this but ultimately failed because a team will always get relegated if it isn't able to score in order to pick up enough 3 points to survive.
Welsh youngsters last night
at 15:54 15 Nov 2017

Putting the travails of the Trust crisis to one side for a moment.

I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed watching the Welsh youngsters playing last night against Panama.

They were a breath of fresh air through a moribund Welsh team that at times really does appear to be a one man Gareth Bale set up.

i appreciate that much of the energetic chasing, harrying and, heaven forbid, actually trying to take on opposition defenders ( and beating them) was down to youthful exuberance, even naivety, but how refreshing to see Welsh players passing crisply amongst themselves, getting the ball forward and not being afraid to take on and beat the opposition rather than just stopping and passing backwards to a teammate. Who cares if they get tackled occasionally if they're trying to beat opposition defenders.

I realise that Panama are no world beaters but thought that the older members of the Welsh team upped their game possibly enthused by the energy of the youngsters as well to provide a performance that entertained rather tham bored us all to sleep as I have come to expect from a Baleless team.

Downside..What a complete and utter clown Chris Gunter is, the incident where he stopped and carried on claiming for offside for about 5 minutes to cover up the fact that yet again he was caught out of position just typifies what a below average waste of space he is. An embarrassment last night during the incident mentioned above.
Whats the point of the League of Wales?
at 20:16 20 Aug 2017

I had the misfortune to attend Barry Town's return debut to the Welsh League premier division last Sunday versus Aberystwyth.

Now I'm well used to watching non league football at all levels and certainly wasn't expecting a Man Utd v Man City level blockbuster but to say that I was staggered by the abysmal lack of any recognisable trapping, heading or passing ability on show for the entire game would be the understatement of the decade.

I could barely believe what I was watching and would suggest that if thats the top level of Welsh domestic football then those who were lucky enough to travel to the European championships last Summer had better savour the trip as I wouldn't imagine that there are going to be too many more if the National team is relying on anyone coming through from the League of Wales.

I had to chuckle at the local Barry Gem's report that Barry's Ryan Newman slotted home from close range to take the lead, when I watched a shinned mis hit hoik from 6 yards just make it into an open goal ( all goals welcome of course).

Barry held on to their lead until 15 minutes from the end when according to the Gem reporter Aberystwyth equalised with a highly controversial goal from a corner awarded by the linesman which the Barry goalkeeper 'appeared' to have stopped on the line.

Being located roughly in line with the goal line I would suggest that if the ball had been any more over the line the lady in the burger van behind the goals would have had to hand it back for the resultant kick off.

Needless to say the hoplessly inadequate Barry players did the usual screaming, shouting and swearing at the lino who had just made probably the easist correct decision of his career in awarding the goal, how they had the cheek after a Swansea City type comedy of errors defending the corner in the first place I'll never know.

The whole debacle got me thinking as to what exactly is the point of the League of Wales if this is the standard displayed there? ( I do realise that not all games at any level are classics on any given day) I was a little dismayed to think that these guys actually get paid ( however much or little)

I had to come to the conclusion that the point of the League must be to


Shovel scores of £thousands out of the game each year to players who wouldn't be out of place in a local pub league.


Provide a nice little pay day to to Welsh speaking ex professional footballers to presumably pretend on S4C that the standard of footballing talent in the League isn't that bad after all.


A vehicle to allow the geriatric old buffers on the FAW to continue their freebie trips abroad to watch a couple of pub teams get humiliated in the qualifying stages of the Champions and Europa cup each season.

** Just to contradict everything that I've just written, second half Aberystwyth brought on a little black guy who looked about 15 on the wing who appeared to have more skill in his big toe than the other 21 players put together ( not difficult to achieve of course) he really looked a bit tasty, fast and tricky and should have had a certain penalty, his name was Christian Langos, anyone know anything about him?
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Popped along to see the County on Boxing Day
at 18:16 29 Dec 2016

And if you think that our defence is bad then you'd have a screaming fit watching Newports back four ( Five including surely the most indecisive keeper in the football league)

Sheehan scored a screamer of a free kick, buzzed about a bit to little effect other than that in a game of two dreadful sides, perhaps sounds a little unfair on Sheehan to say this when he added to his impressive goal scoruing exploits along with the other youngster up front on loan from Cardiff Healy who also scored again.

It's all experience of course but difficult to see how the gulf in class can be bridged and it has to be said that it dorsn't help playing in a County side which has a back four almost totally bereft of any footballing abilities whatsoever and who desperately need a new defence and two decent midfielders one an experienced, capable general.

It's not looking good for them and Portsmouth could have scored another 4 quite easily, missed one absolute howler from two yards and of course the penalty.
Time will tell
at 11:58 9 Aug 2016

But am I the only one who thinks getting £20.5m for Ayew and between £10m and £13 for Ashley Williams isn't too bad business?

Ayew came with a reported £5m to £6m signing on fee instead of a transfer fee, it's unclear whether he got that up front or whether it was linked to monthly wages and whether or not he won't now get all of it (or if there will be a settlement fee from the Swans) either way a plus £15m profit to reinvest isn't too shabby in my view.

He certainly isn't a poor player and worth a goal or two here or there but I'm not entirely sure that he ever found his best role here and £20.5m isn't a bad little sum to get a new player with who hopefully isn't looking around constantly to see if he can do 'better' at another club.

As for Ashley, what can you say, other than Swansea have had a great 8 years out of him, a rock at the back, supposedly a leader of men on and off the pitch, as determined and wholehearted as they come and a staggeringly impressive fitness record in regard to never being injured and always available.

However things will always move on at football clubs, personnel will always change as time always moves on.

Ashley is now approaching 32, for me he is still hugely responsible for those last ditch tackles and blocks which have saved a goal on so many occasions, but I would also say is a little tapped for pace and seems to get away with at least two clear cut handballs in the penalty box per game ( how I've no idea)

He obviously is still worth his place in the team but for how much longer? Perhaps just another season at most perhaps longer, nobody really knows, thats what making a call is all about.

I'm not totally confident in the alternatives, Ferdinand for me is not exactly a rock, his passing is dodgy, he concedes more fouls just outside the box due to quite obvious fouling than any central defender in the premier, Amat is clearly a decent player but prone to the odd gaffe, perhaps an extended run will highlight this trait or eradicate it from his game and who knows what the new Dutch guy is really like yet?

One thing is sure, that unfortunately none of us can hold back time and things move on.

Players will always look out for their own and their families best interests and clubs will always look after their own interests in regards to income and what the management team think is the best course of action.

I used to be really disappointed when decent players left the club now I just accept that the players will do what they feel is best for themselves and that new players will be signed who may or may not turn out to be better than those who have left for pastures new.

Life goes on at every football club whatever division they end up in.
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