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Rio Ferdinand has launched his pro boxing career ......
at 09:26 19 Sep 2017

I would imagine he won't be drug tested then ......
at 16:08 17 Sep 2017

At fault for Man Utd first goal.
Everton defending deeper then we ever have.
Yes its football, this is a football board.
This team will be great - bookmark this.
at 12:09 17 Sep 2017

I don't know how great but they will silence the doubters.
Staying in the league great ?
Winning something great ?
But great all the same.

Combine yesterday's tactical genius ( because that's what it was ) with a fluid attack moving forwards and and somebody this season will be on the end of a thwacking.
Proper band this ....
at 09:55 15 Sep 2017

The band were less than a year old when they played the Watford Colosseum in December 2011. They'd just hit number one with What Makes You Beautiful but, despite weeks of live performance on the X Factor, they weren't quite prepared for the rigors of a full show.

A worthy thought v Spurs
at 13:54 14 Sep 2017

Ok. This is not a cup final.
Spurs have been turning up at Wembley and poncing about in suits like it's a cup final, all the wandering about and 'taking in' the scene. For me this is why they haven't done well at Wembley.

Paul Clement - on Saturday do not fall for the big game bollox. Get up there and do nothing more than you would do normally. None of this big game shit, no wandering about smiling taking selfies, nothing. Just get in, get it on and get it done.

Wheelchair madness
at 13:50 14 Sep 2017

People who go missing ...
at 10:16 14 Sep 2017

Aside those that decided to never be found.

With so many thousands missing over the past thirty years there must be one hell of a lot of murderers out there who have either not been caught, won't admit what they have done or who are mass murderers, frightening thought.
First time we have had lost our opening two home games
at 09:50 11 Sep 2017

Since 1986 apparently.
I haven't checked.
Clement said something yesterday that shocked me.
He said he was surprised how we played after all the positive prep through the week.
It's almost as if he didn't have a back up plan.
Genderless gender
at 14:40 9 Sep 2017

How will they reproduce ?
Fabianski ?
at 21:16 8 Sep 2017

Best I've seen in 33 years of supporting the swans. Ok, Rog was excellent but never in the premier league ( for us ) Or old div 1.
Always been scum this tw@t
at 01:13 8 Sep 2017
Aizlewood ......
His Mrs is a thief as well.
Looks like SCFC is learning .....
at 12:23 6 Sep 2017


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England's Rose ?
at 00:46 2 Sep 2017

Fcking idiot.
Llorente plus the Gylfi cash owed
at 08:22 1 Sep 2017

Decent deal ?
Don't forget the following ......
at 22:33 31 Aug 2017

The deadline is up but
1. Clubs have been given extra time to complete deals that have already started.
2. Spain doesn't close until tomorrow.
3. Scotland' Is pointless 😉
Borja or Bony ?
at 19:45 31 Aug 2017

Who would you rather have this season because that's how it's worked out.
The club knew Llorente was off and concocted the lengthy injury ( not saying he wasn't injured for the few who don't get it ) so Tammy replaced him.

For me it's Bony. But could we have gone with Borja and given him the old arm round the shoulder thing ? Not sure we have the inclination to work that hard with a player.

Bony for me was a known entity, another 15 million ( instead of Bony based on Borja's failure ) on a foreign untested striker was too much of a gamble for Jenkins, not sure the yanks would have been happy.
[Post edited 31 Aug 19:48]
Club directors transfer bonuses
at 10:53 31 Aug 2017

So ......
Mr Jenkins et al get bonuses based on profits and movements of players being transferred out of the club and in to the club based on financial improvement.

I stand by this and as a trust member ask them to investigate ......
Impossible ban imposed ?
at 02:16 31 Aug 2017

Blokes a moron for tweeting this stuff but how the fck can Derby county ban him from away games ?
Cardiff City forum
at 22:38 25 Aug 2017

You have to laugh, they win a few games and their gums can't stop banging.
Every season the same old cnts predict a Swansea relegation.
7 seasons in the premier league dickheads, dream on you will never be Wales premier side.
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