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Places you have responded to a message on here or started a new theead ?
at 21:42 22 May 2018

My latest obscure place was on the back of my mate James motorbike on the A48 yesterday. Doing a decent speed too.
Grant Hart, every everything
at 14:46 22 May 2018

Superb documentary.
All muso's will enjoy it.
West Ham Pellegrini appointed. (n/t)
at 09:04 22 May 2018

Kinsey is our leader
at 21:48 13 May 2018

Ok mate, it's over to you, your now the official strategist for the new season protests, I'm sure everyone is waiting for your first tactics and arrangements to move any protests forward. Consider yourself our leader.
So Carlos, name names
at 00:29 12 May 2018

Who were the mercenary players who in January refused to sign ?
All this Huw Jenkins bollocks.
at 08:43 10 May 2018

Too late folks.
Leave the fckr be.
We had our chance to make a change.
It's gone.

Just another ex premier league club.
Support the team ?
at 01:26 10 May 2018

So when does that start dickheads?
Start of the season ?
Not now ?
At the end of the season ?
Let's see what happens ?
Oh, yeah, I'm waiting for someone else to tell my thick by brain what to do.
Support the team ?

This club should have been raised to the ground last season, whilst the majority of you absolute pricks did nothing but look for premier league excuses. The mocking when we could have been a real force, jackfath you are one of them, spineless, cowardly cnts who have let our club die.
Be proud fools it's all down to you.
Jenkins shouldn't even be near Swansea let alone in the ground.
How proud are you now cowards.

There's only one word you apologist scum, yes ...
You are scum, what have you to say now ?
No better than Jenkins. Absolute scrum, you could have made a difference, but you coudnt even grow a pair to make it happen.
enjoy our demise.
[Post edited 10 May 1:42]
Now we know exactly what we need to do.
at 16:42 6 May 2018

Im pleased Hudeersfield got a point, it will save Carlos reaching for the Paul Clement fck up style of tactics. Now we know we only rely on ourselves, nobody else. Make Tuesday great again.
[Post edited 6 May 16:43]
No more bullshit
at 14:21 5 May 2018

It's the end, final nail in the coffin, mad dreams 😂
FFS let's leave the negativity in the bin.
Some of the posts today have been pathetic.

Now, willys out, fannys moist come on The Jacks !
Abba have reformed but fck me this isn't right.
at 22:08 1 May 2018

Have they learned nothing since they have been away.
at 21:14 30 Apr 2018

Had hardly any game time, sometimes not even on the bench. Sold for greed on his and the clubs behalf IMO.

Would he have made a difference to us this season ?
The Frankie Burrows dead wood thread.
at 12:48 30 Apr 2018

The last time we had this amount of trash in the first team squad was around the time 'Frankie says' ... It's time to get rid of the dead wood.

My dead wood.
Routledge, Dyer, Naughton, Bartley, Leon, Ki, Montero, Carrol.
Andre Ayew 5th yellow card v Chelsea
at 19:48 29 Apr 2018

How does it work at this stage of the season ?
[Post edited 29 Apr 19:48]
League one Adam Matthews
at 21:34 27 Apr 2018

Slowly finding his level.
One of those non descript players who clearly rob a living without offering anything.
Bluebird on Anus site
at 23:30 25 Apr 2018

Printing names and numbers, place of work etc ...of Swansea fans, fcking cretin.
Too thick to see he is committing a criminal offence,. If those were my details I woukd rinse the cnt dry.
The piece of shit who runs that site has not removed it, thus also committing an offence.
They've got previous for this. Scum.
Where are they now ? Kevin Mcleod
at 13:48 22 Apr 2018


Palmers FC is a decent watch.
IRA Irish collaboration with Nazi Germany
at 15:06 21 Apr 2018

The S plan implemented by Irish terrorists on behalf of the Nazis.

Enjoy ...
Do you know what ?
at 16:10 17 Apr 2018

I couldnt give a flying fck what the govt does, the coppers do, the firefighters, army fcking navy, RAF or local govt. I've chased political gain on both extremes and to be honest I couldn't give a fck anymore. It achieves nothing but hatred and personal stress.
Have a cigar and fck em. I don't drink but I now may start.
BBC Sunday night bullshit
at 21:18 15 Apr 2018

A bloke claiming to be an expedition leader in Papua. Makes out its all mystic and unchartered. Meets a guy with a smart phone when he arrives in this mystic place, then goes to a village where the bloke in charge lights fires with a fcking clipper lighter.
Go fck off !
But he eats a worm and has his ear cleaned by a maggot. Dull cnt.
Now then ....
at 19:48 14 Apr 2018

No points next week is a given.
squeeze one v chelsea and Bournemouth.
Win one and draw v stoke and Southampton.
6 points is realistic.
On top of what we have.
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