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Charity Concert
at 23:24 9 Oct 2019

Hi guys,

On Saturday the 19th October we are away at Barnsley.

If you are looking for something to do I am helping to organise a charity concert at Follies Theatre, Folly Farm, 7pm.

Concert stars Paul Potts, and top Pembrokeshire contemporary ladies choir Bella Voce and is in aid of Paul Sartori Hospice at Home, Treat Trust Wales who are looking to build a rehabilitation centre at Morriston Hospital and End Polio Now.

Tickets and full details at

๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘ it would be great to see you there ๐Ÿ™‚
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Offensive singing ?
at 22:44 28 Sep 2019

Liverpool FC Womens team report Man UTd fans to the FA for singing 'anti Liverpool songs'. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Radio Wales coverage.
at 16:01 1 Sep 2019

When Swans played Derby a couple of weeks ago Radio Wales in Pembrokeshire was covering the Cardiff game as they always do.
Swans commentary is only on RW in the Swansea area.

I complained to them about this. They agreed I had a point and said they would sort it.

In any event with Cardiff having played Fri night I was looking forward to listening to the Leeds game yesterday.

So tuned in on DAB yesterday at 3pm to get greeted by blydi Rugby!!!!! Never mind I thought I'll listen on FM, no blydi chance !
Radio Wales had the same rugby coverage on DAB, FM, MW, Sky, red button, freeview and online! EVERY possible listening option in West Wales.

Rob Phillip's Leeds commentary was only available on DAB in the Swansea area.


It wouldn't be the same if Cardiff were in the top two.

PS Radio Cymru AND Radio Cymru 2 , the Welsh language BBC were BOTH broadcasting the same rugby commentary!
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Euro 2020
at 17:12 10 Jul 2019

Not sure anyone is interested but the main ticket window for applying for tickets for all Euro 2020 final group games and knock out games up until the final closes on the 12/7. Has been open on UEFA,com since 12/6. There will be other windows but according to UEFA this window is when most of the tickets are allocated.

Seems crazy when no one knows who is going to playing, who is qualified or where they are playing.. (games are all over the place including Baku, Rome Paris Paris London etc.

Glazers Out
at 21:34 19 Jun 2019

No 1 trend on Twitter.

We are not the only ones not happy with American owners at their club
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Communication from the Club.
at 16:40 20 May 2019

Has there been any communication from the Club re the Potter situation and our search now for a new manager?

The silence is deafening.

Reports now confirm Potter has signed a 4yr contract at Brighton and has taken Reid, Hamberg, Macauley with him.
at 19:27 4 May 2019

Spending the night in a hotel in Luton town centre

Blimey, What a dive. Luton that is, not the hotel.(this country is on its knees in places).

Don't say Swansea is run down again !

Also have to get the car out of the hotel car park by 9am as the roads are closed 9am to 4pm for their open top bus parade and reception celebrating promotion to the championship!
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Wales Online
at 18:39 17 Apr 2019

Clearly think Swans are not going to make the play offs and that Cardiff are staying up!
And for that matter Wrexham are not going up either!
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Man City
at 23:15 16 Apr 2019

Shocked to hear on Sky news just that there are still plenty of tickets available for their champions League semi final with Spurs tomorrow with Pep appealing for the fans to turn up as the team needs them!

Bug club???
Where are the Americans?
at 22:47 21 Mar 2019

Have they been here this season?

Should they not be showing an appearance here now? Talking to employees of all levels and the fans?

Do they even care about the future if the Club?

Or simply do they just want to make sure they get as much money out as possible before cutting and running?
Craig Noone
at 09:42 4 Mar 2019

Wales Online running a story complete with photo giving this prat hero status for slapping his head when getting his red card ffs
Handball law
at 23:11 2 Mar 2019

Changed for next season

Handball rules among those changed by Ifab for next season

By Stephen Couse

BBC Sport Scotland in Aberdeen

4 hours agoFrom the sectionFootballย 58

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Neymar's disallowed goal in the 2015 Champions League final is referred to in the new rules

Goals scored or created with the use of an accidental handball will not stand from next season onwards, the International FA Board (Ifab) have confirmed.

The changes mean that a free-kick will be awarded when a goal or clear chance occurs from a handball.

Ifab technical director David Elleray explained the changes at their AGM in Aberdeen.

"Deliberate handball remains an offence," Elleray stressed.

"In the past we've managed to improve the laws by focusing on outcome rather than intent.

"What we are looking at particularly in attacking situations is where the player gets a clear unfair advantage by gaining possession or control of the ball, as a result of it making contact with their hand or arm."

Standard of Scottish refereeing "very high" - InfantinoSo what has changed?

The changes mean gaining control or possession and then scoring as a consequence of handling the ball will not be allowed - neither will a goal scored directly from handling the ball, regardless of intent.

Another change to the laws of the game means that if the player's arms extend beyond a "natural silhouette", handball will be given, even if it is perceived as accidental.

Elleray says this is an effort to put an end to defenders placing their arms behind their backs in fear of giving away a free-kick.

"We've changed it to say the body has a certain silhouette," said Elleray. "If the arms are extended beyond that silhouette then the body is being made unnaturally bigger, with the purpose of it being a bigger barrier to the opponent or the ball.

"Players should be allowed to have their arms by their side because it's their natural silhouette."

In other changes approved by Ifab, substitutes will have to leave the pitch at the nearest goalline or touchline instead of walking to their technical area in a bid to stop time wasting.

Additional approved law changes included measures to deal with attacking players causing problems in the defensive wall, giving a dropped ball in certain situations when the ball hits the referee and the goalkeeper only being required to have one foot on the line at a penalty kick.

Littering with fag buts
at 19:44 24 Feb 2019

If you come to Tenby or Pembrokeshire or Carmarthenshire don't drop your fag butt or anything else on the street as you could be hit with a fine.

Council have approved a company to issue on the spot fines. With the Council getting a percentage of all fines.

13 people didn't pay their fixed penalties and were hit with fines totalling ยฃ5.6k at court last week!
at 14:31 23 Feb 2019

Any chance of a stream today guys?
Charity Concert
at 20:01 10 Feb 2019

Hi guys,

My friends are organising a great charity concert at The Follies Theatre, folly Farm on Saturday evening, 30th March, (Swans are away at Forest that day)

The concert is starring Brotherhood of Man and Britain's got talent winner Lost Voice Guy and is in aid of Cancer research Wales who are doing great work at both Cardiff and Swansea university.

Its going to be a great night .๐Ÿ‘

Tickets and full details can be seen at

They will be delighted of any support.
[Post edited 10 Feb 20:02]
Fans leader and leadership body required
at 19:26 3 Feb 2019

I've read a lot of threads and posts on here today but it has been very hard work.

Threads are going in all directions but what is clear is that there is a huge amount of distrust and disenchantment with the current situation.

By their own inaction over really the last 7 years, the Trust has lost the respect of a lot of fans and by their increasing inaction since the sale by the sellouts their self respect has dwindled further.

There is a dire need for everyone to pull together, a leader to emerge, and a body to fight the interests of the fans to be formed. That should have been the Trust but that doesn't seem possible now.

2019 Swansea City supporters association?

Men of Swansea. -new song
at 21:09 1 Feb 2019

Some new words for the Men of Harlech song.

Men of Swansea keep believin'
F#ck the board, cos they are going
Hear the ja-acks proudly singing
Swansea 'till I die.

Du du duh du duh duh
Du du duh du duh duh
Du du duh, du duh , du duh duh
Du duh duh du duh du duh du

Men of Swansea onto Glory,
This shall ever be your story
F#ck the sellouts and their money
The North bank will not yield

Repeat du duh du duh duh du
[Post edited 1 Feb 21:10]
Where do we go from here? What protest?
at 22:09 31 Jan 2019

What is the best way to show our displeasure to Jenkins and the owners whilst still backing Potter and the remaining players?

The sell outs and the owners have to realise the anger of the fans
Lee Trundle
at 14:38 31 Dec 2018

Has left Haverfordwest County due to increasing commitments at Swansea City. Has Huw re-signed him ๐Ÿ˜Š
Villa match live on Sky
at 15:55 24 Dec 2018

Sky have just posted an article saying that the Villa match on boxing day IS live on the red button after all!
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