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Ayew suspension says everything.
at 22:19 7 Apr 2018

The suspension of Ayew has had a massive impact on performance. This yet again highlights how weak this squad is. The manager has done really well. Hope no injuries knock out any key players as there is little or in some positions no cover.
Pint, Knob or On the P*ss
at 14:27 23 Mar 2018

Purely subjective and not connected to footie ability. Who would have a pint with, avoid cos he's a kn*b or go on the p* ss.
Fabianski pint
Naughton pint
Fernandez pint
Mawson OTP
Olsson pint
Ki pint
Carroll shandy
Fer kno*b
Leon OTP
Dyer pint
Clucas pint
Andre OTP
Jordan pint
Abraham kn*b
Bony OTP
Routs pint
Bartley kn*b
Sorry, suffering during international break!

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Stoke go down and Joe comes home?
at 21:23 12 Mar 2018

If Stoke exit via the trap door could we get Joe in a fire sale if we reach the shore with Captain Carlos?
Alistair Campbell forsees Dyche as England manager.
at 19:28 11 Feb 2018

Yes please. We must do everything to nurture this. With his tactics and astute football brain he sill take the English to both European and World glory. Ge Ginger!!!
Great News Lawro's Prediction
at 18:42 8 Feb 2018

The master pundit has used his crystal ball and yet again predicted a Swans loss two goals to nil against Burnley. Hopefully his wonderful track record of predicting how the Swans will perform will continue!
Ghosts of Moore and Massey.
at 20:26 12 Dec 2017

What I would give for the ghosts of Luke Moore and Sian Massey's offside flag against a title chasing Man City sde.
I can't stand this time of year.
at 10:27 28 Jun 2017

I like the summer sports but I don't care about them. Love cricket and spent many happy days on the pop at St. Helens in the 70s and 80s. Will watch golf, tennis and athletics cos there is nothing else on. Couldn't wait for last season to end so we were safe now just want the pain to start again and of course the patches of sheer joy.
Where is my round ball mistress??
So sad.
Spurs cockerel - get stuffed.
at 10:51 18 Jun 2017

Mawson 15m, be worth a lot more if he continues to progress under Clement and his staff. Yes, we are little old Swansea and will sell but not now. He can help ensure our status and be worth a lot more.
England, the gift that keeps on giving
at 09:09 14 Jun 2017

Got to be up there with Fawlty Towers. Performance of a pub team against a poor Scotland line up then swarmed over and engulfed by 10 French youngsters.
I'm afraid the hurt is going to be extended towards 60 years.
I enjoyed the youngsters in the under 20 cup, it was the immediate cocky, arrogant drivel after that England were about to be a major force again got me.
Iceland still tickles my ribs!!
Mascot packages for our kids.
at 14:33 13 Jun 2017

The package includes:
A replica kit
Lap of honour with club mascots
Lead the team onto the pitch
A Swansea City signed football
Complimentary matchday programme
A prized photograph with club captain & match officials
Buffet for four guests (including mascot) hosted by club mascots Cyril & Cybil
Four West Stand match tickets

A real treat at £450 plus vat. That is £540, more than a season ticket!!
Encourage the youngsters - robbing barstewards!

New statues for the Liberty.
at 13:29 17 May 2017

I have a mate who is an Arsenal fan who is always moaning about the Emirates. He was having a rant about who should or shouldn't have statues outside the ground. It set me to thinking about my time supporting the Swans and who would deserve a statue. For me it would be:
Who would you have?
National stories of how united the club is - my a8se!!
at 18:18 15 May 2017

The players make a great gesture of paying for the away fans tickets, then we hear that a group of injured players hire a plane to fly up and give their support. Brilliant.
The club give fans a pie and not quite enough for a pint.
Am I missing something?
The players are employees of the club, very well paid and earning more in a week than most in year, but this should not have been down to them.
This was the most important game since Reading at Wembley. The owners are set to have an income of over £100M due to the positive outcome. SURELY the club should have laid on tickets, coaches and food. I estimate this might have cost £210k. Not a chance that the Yanks or people who have trousered a wad for their shares would have thought of the fans.
No, we are now customers not fans. In the past I have benefited from subsidised away tickets and really felt part of the club. I have phoned in on national radio saying how proud I was of the club. I am now very nervous waiting to see what will be done with the club now. "Investors" stump up money for a "healthy" return not to look after the fans.
I was delighted at the weekend with the results, but when the club does a bag of chips and a cup of tea under the stand for those who made the long trek it about sums up their opinion and how much they value us.It makes you feel more than ever like the great unwashed looking in from the outside.
It is a must win game now.
at 18:24 1 Apr 2017

After the results today Middlesborough is a must win game. Hull are impressive at home and Boro have a game in hand. Plus I don't expect a lot Tuesday.
We need to crank up the atmosphere which is hard at lunchtime but our recent home form is good.
C'mon u Swans!!
5 Below us if we beat the Champions.
at 20:31 11 Feb 2017

Crying in my beer under the Yank. Now we could put 5 below us and put the wind up the Cherries. Need Jesus to give it to them on Monday.
Barrow being wheeled out?
at 20:15 29 Jan 2017

Speed of a cheetah, football brain of a sloth.
If a club will pay 7m and it is used to properly strengthen to survive this would be good business.
Despite what people say he is no longer a young player. He is fast but lacks skill. Swansea have not found his football ability,somebody else might, take the money or a decent swap.
Back Danny Diehard
at 16:46 25 Jan 2017

Clement looks and sounds like the landlord of the Queen Vic and the black overcoat gives him the bearing of an undertaker. A calm, quiet no nonsense man, a proper football manager. This is a guy players, club staff and fans can respect. I have been watching the Swans since the early seventies and so far he appears to have the qualities of some of our better managers.
In the few days left of the window those in charge must back him. After the appalling mess they have made of this season to secure our current ststus this means American cash for players, that the manager wants.
First half against Arsenal and the Liverpool performance is a cause for optimism. After the ridiculous Bradley interlude he may just avoid the drop if he is properly supported NOW!!
I have some hope, however, do the owners? The next few days will show if they are willing to correct the Bradley fiasco. He had the easiest run of fixtures in the season and made us a national joke. Now try and put it right. Do what Clement wants and needs and it will of course not come cheap Mr Jenkins.
I can hear Steve McQueen's motorbike.
at 09:32 10 Dec 2016

I've had my pre match vodka and cornflakes and ready to go. The Great Escape is on from today until Palace. This will decide what happens. January transfers won't matter if we are cut adrift in the next few games.
C'mon Swans.
(I can't really see three teams poorer than us, can you?)
Jenkins on Talksport
at 11:25 8 Dec 2016

Weasel allowed to flannel every question, hardly a seaching interview.
Reassured us Brad Blobley will stay. Yipee!!
It's the hope that kills.
at 10:06 26 Nov 2016

It's Saturday just about to set off for the match, hoping and praying for a win. Same last week and it was snatched away at the end. Another long journey today leaving with hope but with that underlying dread that the car will be a misery wagon all the way back.
Com'on Swans give me a good week 'till next Saturday!!
Seventies song for Hughie
at 15:04 24 Oct 2016

Sung to Middle of the Road - Chirpy chirpy - cheep cheep. ( how appropriate)
Where's our money gone
Where's our money gone
Where's the shares all gone
Where's the shares all gone
Far far away
In the USA

Woke up this season and our money's all gone
Hughie dirty dirty cheap cheap
Sky money, transfer money our money has gone
Hughie dirty dirty cheap cheap
Dirty dirty cheap cheap twerp!
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