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at 13:24 18 Feb 2018

Have become even more detached from the fans, even more invisible.

Good honourable people ( it seems ) on the Trust board but not worth a w a n k in terms of actually doing what they're supposed to be doing I'm sorry to say.

Full of promises, long statements but a zero list of achievements.

Listen lads, you've been shat on from a great height. More than once too. You don't then get into bed with those very people. You show some facking balls. Or fack off ...don't go thru the motions for personal ego reasons. That's not doing anyone any favours least of all yourselves.
Longest unbeaten run since
at 16:37 11 Feb 2018

It's time to reveal your identity
at 11:16 15 Jan 2018

Too many people hiding behind user names now which they feel is allowing them to say anything.

Lots of allegations. Lots of threats. Lots of bollox.

Is it time to only use real names on websites / forumslike this? I'm sure it would assist considerably with eliminating so much of the bullshyte.
Really do no this understand the concept of boycotting
at 09:18 9 Jan 2018

A match

One we want to win with Notts county to play away in a 4th round tie

Get behind our team, our players, our new manager who has instilled some belief and renewed hope straight after a 5-0 loss at Liverpool and let's find other ways to hammer into the likes of Jenkins.
Various words have been used to describe Huw Jenkins
at 18:42 3 Jan 2018

Over the past year or two:

Cu nt
Wan ker

He seems to have gone from hero to zero. But there are others. Who are they ?

Who else exactly was involved in the build up to sale behind the backs of the Trust? Jenkins can't take full responsibility surely. Or can he?

I firmly believe that the Club cannot move on, cannot repair the damage until they've ( who are they ) gone from the Club and taken their massive salaries with them.. And I certainly do not agree on this subject with Res that we should keep our thoughts to ourselves until the season is over. Why? There is no time like the present...

Not sure about anyone else but I'd not heard of Robert Davies for example. He's cashed in his chips to the value of almost £10m yes £10m and has the audacity to talk now about the Club going to oblivion. God they must have been desperate to get their hands on the cash to have instigated this.

Jenkins taking all the flak
at 19:23 29 Dec 2017

And rightly so, as he's shown himself to be lower than low more than once now.

But who else is guilty ? It's not all down to Jenkins ....or is it?
Are the Trust actually doing anything positive
at 11:04 24 Dec 2017

Behind the scenes regarding the need for a re-vote on the share sale?

It's being requested by the Members. The goal posts have moved and we are now favourites to be relegated.

Allegedly now there is not enough in the transfer budget to bring in reinforcements next month? Is this true ?..Trust you will know surely?

And whilst we are it. Can we ask for a review of the allocation of the Contracts to carry out the multi million pound building contracts at Landore and Fairwood? Can this be questioned? Who handled the Contracts and the tendering processes. Come on Trust get your skates on and do something at fooking last.
Our squad simply isn't good enough
at 11:14 14 Dec 2017

To stay up I'm afraid to say

With the exception of Fabianski Fernandez ( he has start the next game ) Abraham Bony and possibly Mesa ( who did some good things last night but also always looks capable of giving a goal away as he did again ) none our players are good enough and most now look barely good enough to get into a decent championship side

The gulf in class last night was embarrassing and that's as one sided a game as you will see at this level as they strolled to victory, moving up through the gears at will with, alarmingly, little pressure being applied to the opposition player in possession in contrast to their incredible work ethic when not in possession

It's definitely time for a new manager to come in to freshen things up with four new players in January and there's still hope. It's a time for proven experience IMO. Look at the impact Roy Hodgson has made at Crystal Palace and Sam Allardyce at Everton.

The truth around the sale and Trust
at 11:51 3 Dec 2017

Any more news?

Only 1-0 but that was again shocking
at 22:40 29 Nov 2017

Devoid of flair, pace, attacking intent until......the 93rd minute when at last we strung a couple of passes together in the final third

Hopeless. Nowhere near good enough as a team but it's the game plan that worries me most. If you are going to lose a game of football at least go down fighting. This is dire stuff.
Front Page evening post
at 15:22 23 Nov 2017

Front page news, just read it. Not sure how that deserves a front page headline but anyway....

The shit is about to hit the fan
at 22:27 19 Nov 2017

and now posts asking for answers are being deleted. Why?

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Jenkins Dineen Morgan
at 10:23 19 Nov 2017

Thank you for ruining Swansea City and undoing all of the good work you previously did. The Club is now on a down ward spiral again which will be hard, probably impossible to stop. On the playing side, we have lost our identity, so that even if adequate funds are made available in January, which is highly unlikely, we do not know what type of players are required

You have coerced, deceived the supporters Trust and treated them like a worthless rag doll and for that you will for ever be known as cheats and liars.

The Trust have shown little appetite to take the legal action that most fans now want to see. After what happened 15 years ago with Tony Petty all of this is unbelievable, our own people that is making sure their own pockets have been lined

This is not personal as I don't know any of you but I find it appalling and disgraceful and even more so that you continue to want to show your faces around our Club, our club, it's not yours any longer as remember you sold it, sold it down the Swanee. And it might never come back from this.

Mesa Interview
at 11:08 10 Nov 2017

" The atmosphere is special at Swansea. They had a style like Barcelona "

Had being the operative word. Have a style like Notts County now.
A simple old fashioned concept within football clubs
at 13:49 23 Oct 2017

Is that it must ensure everyone is pulling together in order for success to become possible

It doesn't guarantee success but it helps the chances

At Swansea City now, that is not happening. There is deceit, damaging differences of opinion on player recruitment and budget, lies, and lots of even more old fashioned back stabbing with previous Club owners proving themselves to be untrustworthy

This squabbling and simmering financial meltdown has undermined Clubs such as Manchester City who slipped into League One, Wolves into League Two, Portsmouth into League Two and Coventry City are now in a shambolic state. We are a Coventry City in waiting.

Isn't it sad. Lots of life long fans are turning their backs on it all. Greed has again taken over. It is football after all. It's a bubble about to burst.
Lacking width, pace, flair and creativity with attacking intent
at 09:42 2 Oct 2017

And all of that can be resolved. Balance of the team is wrong. It's not rocket science, it's football so it's relatively easy to remedy the obvious problems

But it will take the manager to change his own beliefs and ideas which is the hardest thing of all to remedy. If he doesn't I'm afraid it's good night from him soon.

It's a bit like a Paulo Sousa team now, being stifled by strict defensive formations and strategies to the detriment of attacking flair. Get the balance right, get the shackles off soon and we will be ok as I think we have the players to get us moving up the League.
God we're boring to watch at the moment
at 14:13 18 Sep 2017

Aren't we?

And yes it was a very valuable point at Spurs but hardly deserved. 25-30 goal attempts for them, not one shot on target for us in 90 minutes and an incredible 7 goal attempts only to hit the target in 5 games and when the 'target' is 24 feet by 8 feet that stat takes some believing

But it's a means to an end. And I can see us plodding along to a finish of around 13th which will satisfy everyone. Or will it if the entertainment value and quality of the attacking football is poor?
Well done Swansea City
at 22:36 30 Aug 2017

On the recent transfer business including the sale of Siggurdson which was clearly a no brainier

And to the club hierarchy also well done for supporting the manager. Hope you've been keeping the Trust in the loop though
We are a team without creativity
at 20:02 19 Aug 2017

Now and that's worrying. There's a definite lack of flair, pace and crucially a creative spark in that squad but good Premier League players of that type cost big bucks. We are selling our best and replacing them with inadequate journey men and once that happens there's only one thing going to happen

And with 11 days left of the transfer window we need new players in very quickly or its goodnight from us all. Who is to blame? It's not rocket science chaps but you do need to splash the cash and lots of it quickly.
Just posted a message
at 10:22 21 Jul 2017

daring to criticise Uxbridge and his stance

It's been deleted. Why?

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