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Michael Obafemi, grow up and start respecting our club
Sunday, 7th Nov 2021 19:51 by Keith Haynes

When a manager makes it very clear that commitment in training, and that’s every training session is imperative, and the crux is if you don’t your not playing, you would have thought a few people would take notice, especially the player. So, when the player doesn’t respond or mocks the situation, or training method maybe it’s time for ‘that player’ not to be involved in the first team ?

Ask Michael Obafemi.

Two weeks ago Russell Martin said this about Obafemi” I’m really pleased for him. For Michael, that is testament to the hard work he has put in. He’s been brilliant this week, he’s worked really hard to get himself fully fit which is where we need him to be. I thought he had a real impact when he came on, obviously with his goal but he looked a real threat and hopefully that will relax him a little and he can settle into his stride and he’ll be very, very good for us no doubt. He hadn’t trained fully until this week, but this week he’s worked extremely hard in the gym and on the training pitch”

That wasn’t a mixed message at all, it was praise for a player that has worked hard, got on to the bench, and then scored a goal as a substitute. We applauded him too. Well done Michael, so why are you not in the first eleven, or even in the squad this week ? Well, as a fan I will tell you, he needs to wake up, and quickly. There you go. No hiding behind it, apparently some people think folk that write on the internet hide behind stuff, well I’m not of that ilk, never have been, always here for a word if you like.

You see, Obafemi isn’t working hard enough, he isn’t turning up on time for training, and he isn’t putting the work in. And this bloke earns more in a week than many of the supporters who follow the club earn in a year. People who used up a day of their lives on Saturday ( a weekend in many circumstances ) who earn a minimum wage, or scrape by just so they can watch Swansea City.

For me, that’s shocking and makes him out to be a spoilt, uneducated, and difficult player both in the dressing room. and on the training pitch. Don’t understand just yet ? Well, what about this from Russell Martin ? "There are certain things you have to make sure you do to be in the squad. You've got guys like Jay Fulton at home training so hard, Rhys Williams, Brandon Cooper. You have to behave every day like what you are, a professional footballer”

He went on.

"Michaels done nothing major but there's stuff we need to help him with. He's disappointed. I'm disappointed he's not here, but performance doesn't come before culture, it's the other way around. He'll get there and I'm sure he'll be back involved soon. It's just a few disciplinary things in terms of the way we train, time keeping and it does matter unfortunately. If it was Joel Piroe doing the same, even though he's our top goalscorer, it'd be the same consequence. That's where we're at. He understands and he respects it. He will be better for it because he's a really brilliant lad who hasn't been shown enough care or love for a while because of the position he's been in."

This is the problem, please indulge me, he doesn’t turn up on time for training ? Seriously ? He has discipline issues with the way Swansea City train, and the way Russell Martin wants him to train ? Who does he think he is ? This is a player who plays for our club, who takes nigh on a hundred thousand pounds a month for not being professional enough to get his backside in to a molly coddled place of work where he is continually pampered ? Then receives massages, training plans, works (?) for just three or four hours a day, fed the best food and educated in a really positive way, and the bloke can’t be bothered to take notice ? And that’s what Russell Martin is willing to say publicly.


However, let’s be honest Obafemi didn’t come to Swansea with the best disciplinary track record from Southampton. We are supporters of Swansea City, personally I’m no supporter of Obafemi or any player, I support my club and the shirt, always have. When I read about selfish people like Obafemi who show the supporters of our club absolute disregard for that shirt I get a bit grumpy. On here as a website owner, and in person. It matters not. When I read, and then get personal information, and public information about a player disrespecting the swans manager I get very angry. Disrespecting the supporters who in some cases scrape their last pennies together to watch Swansea City, believe me, it very much makes my blood boil.

Michael Obafemi needs to grow up, and grow up quickly, he isn’t important, he isn’t the big I am, although he acts like it, and he most certainly needs to shed that pathetic ego he possesses. His appearance and the way he walked from the pitch in our clubs shirt at Coventry wasn’t what I want to see from any swans player. He is in a privileged position earning thousands and thousands a week from the pockets of the supporters, and the hard work of the people at our club.

Wake up Michael, smell the coffee and stop taking the supporters of our club for a ride, its shocking, childish and totally unprofessional. In other words, get a grip, listen to the boss man and understand the world doesn’t revolve around you. It’s pathetic. We are Swansea City not Michael Obafemi, here’s hoping you get it right and start understanding that when supporters read about your behaviour and attitude, and it’s wrong, we get annoyed. You may get away with it in the second team at Southampton, but you won’t get away with it at Swansea, we won’t let you. Now prove us right, love our club and may be you will get the love you apparently deserve, but you are going to have to work for it.

Bloody hard.

Photographs licensed from Reuters

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ReslovenSwan1 added 14:25 - Nov 8
Lets hope the penny drops and soon. it could be as a long term reserve behind the likes of Danny Ings there could have been a " why give 100% it makes no difference I am never going to play" syndrome. At Swansea he needs to get past Morgan Whittaker who may have similar issues. People asked why Cullen was always picked. I expect he has the right attitude.

Badlands added 11:36 - Nov 9
I hope Martin knows this player and what makes him respond because many who are publicly called out like this would tell the boss where to stick it.
If you want me to be professional treat me as a professional.
Obafemi has undoubtedly messed up and probably deserves a rollicking but this ... Not sure.

ReslovenSwan1 added 21:39 - Nov 10
Obafemi has been told to improve what Martin called some 'minor issues'. He has been offered help and consideration in solving his issues. Whittaker has some issues too of a technical issue. Martin has reported he has buckled down.

ReslovenSwan1 added 21:39 - Nov 10
Obafemi has been told to improve what Martin called some 'minor issues'. He has been offered help and consideration in solving his issues. Whittaker has some issues too of a technical issue. Martin has reported he has buckled down.

Dewi1jack added 18:23 - Nov 15
When a player can afford top Swiss/ Japanese watches and clocks, afford a reliable motor to get to and from the ground, then there is no excuse for poor timekeeping.
Obafemi has a job that all of us dreamed of when we were playing football in the street/ school playground, for a club we have shed tears of joy/ sadness over.
A club we all love and dislike anyone who wishes to disrespect us, no matter where we have been in the 4 leagues.
He's "working (???)" and being paid more in a year than some people in 5 or more years

Hopefully this child wakes up, sees the opportunity he has and doesn't waste the talent he appears to have.
Russ is right to have him no where near the squad if his attitude stinks or he can't be bothered to even try.
We as a fanbase have a lot of respect for those who may not have the talent, but show us 100% and try to give more week in week out (Adrian Forbes anyone?)
We have no respect and even a serious dislike in those who can't be arzed

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