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Did Cameron visit change Trump stance on Ukraine?
at 13:25 18 Apr 2024

It may be pure fantasy but Trump seems to have unblocked Ukraine aid in recent days. It coincides with Cameron s visit to him. Perhaps he gave him some "old country wisdom" or used some leverage I am not aware of. UK paid off it's WW2 debts only in 2006 from the UK "lend lease". It saw the end of the British Empire.

Jets flying on the weekend over Israel came from UK s base in southern Cyprus I would imagine. Smoother operator Cameron. Brexit was his error of course.
Jamal Lowe you know it makes sense
at 09:42 16 Apr 2024

Jamal Lowe s stats shows he plays his best football at Swansea. Another good season from him. He left when Martin came as Martin did not like runners with tricks like he showed v Stoke. Millwall see him as a replacement for a £15m player they want to sell Fleming. I do not see why SCFC should be outbid by tiddlers like Millwall.

Logically Swansea would need a lot of money to sign this player if he was not free. Tried and trusted and no fee. Watson blew £3-4m on duds last season. There is a good argument to give him a competitive wage.
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Russ comp update
at 16:01 13 Apr 2024

Article in Telegraph. Swansea want the full £2m SFC offered only £1m.

It is under some sort of paywall
Dale Vince a man with principles
at 17:22 12 Apr 2024

I want to post this to demonstrate I am not alone in being offended by obscene chanting.

I am happy to see the thread closed if it offends anyone. I have posted on the non football page.

Wake up Swansea / Cymru fans the world is changing and this is proof.
The tale of two 24+ year olds
at 18:56 7 Apr 2024

Cullen has been with the club for 13-14 years perhaps and is still struggling to be an automatic pick. In my opinion he will never be a Premier league footballer unless he starts improving now. People will kiss the badge and promote the idea he needs a new 3 year deal because he is "one of our own". This is not good enough in my opinion.

Is he any better than his ex Wales u21 team mate Swansea born Mark Harris. "Sparky" has dropped a league and now progressing. Cullen is not progressing at all as far as I can see.

Age LC 24 MH 25
Height LC 5'10" MH 6'
Position LC Striker MH Striker / winger
Nickname LC Kilgetty Messi MH Sparky
Games LC 126 MH 187
Goals LC 19 MH 29
Goals ratio LC 0.15 MH0.155
Goals 23/24 LC 6 MH 13
*Goal +/- LC -4 MH +10
Assists 23/24 LC 4 MH 4
Caps LC 1 MH 5

I think Harris is faster and more active in attacking areas and for me is probably a better all around player. Both are weak in the aerial duels . Harris seems to be be progressing at a lower level while Cullen has stagnated and not earned a new "lucrative" deal. A couple of thumping headers would have changed my perception.

Harris has been picked as a local lad but Watson should know many others with better all around games than Cullen.

Cullen could still be a star but he needs regular playing time to prove himself. A loan in league 1 or at Newport is where he should be able to score like Harris does. Cullen did very little at Lincoln but this could be related to playing style.

* compared to 22/23 season.
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Would it be better if Swansea got relegated.?
at 18:26 6 Apr 2024

Ipswich struggled for seasons in the Championship and only really changed their trajectory after a rebuild in the league 1. They may, now, after "clearing the decks" get directly promoted to the PL over the parachute teams.

Moore, Broadhead, Lief Davis, Wes Burns, Morsey, Al Hammadi, Harness, Chaplin were all within SCFCs budget.

I am convinced there is a smell of decay amongst the first team squad that a strong manager would have stamped on. "We beat Cardiff" and apart from that 1 point out of four of the notionally easier games. Too many 'going through the motions' performances with 1 or 2 goal defeats seemingly satisfactory. The Martin mantra was dominate possession tire out the opposition then capitalise on their tiredness. It rarely worked.

The captain Grimes recently stated that the club is making 'good strides' and 'the signs are better times are ahead'. The players have been saying this for three years now.

I expect more from Cooper and Cullen. They are flat lining and are not going to get better. There are better players out there. The team need to economise on number and get one or two quality players with something to prove.

No more "sick notes" and lightweight players like Yates who cannot head the ball. Gyorkeres Whittaker, Kukarevych, Fletcher, Al Hammadi all rejected and seen as worse than Cullen. Something is badly wrong with the "culture" of the club.

Swansea is a nice lucrative home for boring 'ordinary joes' who will not take risks. Grimes Fulton, Cooper, Cullen, Yates Pedersen, Walsh. "0-1 that will do nicely. we are making progress" .

Drinking zambucas on Wind Street is only OK if your perform afterwards. If you lose the next three or four horrible blokes like me will ask questions about why the management allowed it.
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Huw has taken on a real big challenge.
at 14:31 4 Apr 2024

Newport County accounts are out and they have lost £2m over two seasons, A good time to negotiate a new deal with the Dragons for the hovel that is Rodney Parade.

I take my hat of the the man who puts his money where his mouth is and does not need to worry about armchair critics. Start form -£2m and lets see what the laughable so called "failed roofer" can do.

If Swansea want a muscular strong and explosive athlete at WB or forward then WilL Evans would be available I would think. Get one or two of Congreve Cotterill Thomas and Loyd over there on loan full season including preseason.
[Post edited 4 Apr 16:59]
Summerville penalty.
at 14:22 2 Apr 2024

I really do not like players like this. OK he won the penalty. Piroe was the regular penalty taker and bumped him off it. 90 % of penalties are scored. He then takes off his shirt. shows his name to the crowd and takes a booking. Swansea players hardly ever do this.
[Post edited 2 Apr 14:23]
Cotterill Congreve Thomas Lloyd
at 15:08 31 Mar 2024

It is a brutal business. These guys have come through the process for 10 years or more. They in my opinion should be fully rounded prospects. Right physically and mentally with rock solid discipline and desire.

They have had their chances on loan and in the first team and have not cemented a first team place. It is Parker and Govea getting the minutes not them. It now they must kick on. I wish them well.Cooper and Cullen are slow burners still improving at 24. Lloyd is younger than the others. Cotterill is a steady player in the Fulton mould. If SCFC need to cut costs these players need to play if good enough. Uninspired loans is not necessarily indicative as seen with Dan James.
The Govea brothers
at 21:07 29 Mar 2024

Congratulations to Aimar Govea for his debut today at 17 following on from Sam Parker debut earlier in the season. A fast tricky winger. It is good to see.

His brother Jordi seems to settled down a bit. Serious injuries at Swansea. I saw him with an agent at a Swansea u21 game and thought he might have changed skill sets. He went to Cincinnati in the USFL for two season only recording 6 games in two seasons.

However happily for him he has played 19 games in the Bulgarian league for a team i have never heard of. Still only 25. He was reported as highly impressive when he did actually stay on the field. I wish them both the best of luck.

Parker and Goven have jumped above the older Thomas, Lloyd, Congreve. Competition
is alway fierce and they will have to compete. The Welsh lads cannot rest on their laurels. Azeem and Lissah are kicking on too.
Wales top scorers
at 18:09 22 Mar 2024

Dan James has a very decent goal scoring record for Wales moving on to 7 for his nation. He has a headed goal among them.

He has moved level with Simon Davies, Ian Walsh, Robbie James and Gary Speed and is only 26.

Moore has 12 and Wales more reliable marksmen.
[Post edited 22 Mar 18:12]
Glass half empty post - no mercy.
at 16:46 20 Mar 2024

In March 3 2018 Swansea beat West Ham 4-1 and it was a great day. The fans were happy as in a very tough season it looked as if King Carlos a had put Swansea most likely out of harm's way. Swansea then choked and got RELEGATED.

The last time Swansea beat Cardiff at home 2-0 Swansea went on a terrible run of eight games without a win ended by a 4-0 win over Watford. I recall Martin with his notebook of excuses incredibly admitting some of his "young men" had over indulged and lost focus. A repeat of this "fall off" will see Swansea in serious RELEGATION trouble.

I hope Williams will stamp on any thoughts of "job done" or complacency with his players with excess alcohol in their system. Williams needs to find his inner Klopp and not indulge these "young men" again. They have form.

Williams needs to get Mrs William to get his speedo s out for an early morning Three cliffs dune running (vomit bags to be made available by the cook) and swimming. There is no free lunch / beer with a Swan on the shirt. The price has to be paid in full. These 'young men' are athletes.

As Toshack once said. "Its the pats on the back that kill you not the knives in the back".
[Post edited 20 Mar 18:11]
Kate Hopkins on twitter woes.
at 17:07 17 Mar 2024

I am in no way a fan of KH and see is aligned with some pretty unpleasant characters but I thought this post was interesting and well delivered . She has been to involved in a few payouts and lost her home and has no bank accounts.

Iwill post the link off my laptop later.
[Post edited 17 Mar 17:43]
Bad day for Cardiff and Swansea as well actually.
at 00:44 17 Mar 2024

The system is rotten to the core. An Arab owned company can cherry pick and poach players from Championship teams for pennies. They are watching kids as young as 14-15.

Teams like Swansea will be left with either League 2 prospects which is where Josh Thomas, Congreve and Cotterill will end up unless they show up soon or late developers. These teams are also failing to agree proper funding of the EFL.
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