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Swansea ladies team who pays?
at 15:56 24 Jun 2022

The Swansea ladies team is back in Europe and will play in Europe. Bravo to them.

I presume they are unpaid and the tournament will be in Europe somewhere. Accordingly this will cost perhaps for a weeks stay something in the region of £50,000 -£100,000. In the interests of exposure where does the money come from? Is it from the club or fundraising activities? Do the Trust make a contribution? Is it self sustainable?

Please do not assume I am against spending club money on this. It has to be said I have no interest in the women's game but support it remotely.

I suspect Ferencvarosi TC is from Hungary not Turkiye. Mixed up with Fenerbahce perhaps?.

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Excuse me Doctor but....its my spine.
at 18:13 20 Jun 2022

Fisher / Benda

Darling Cabango Wood

Grimes Downes

Obafemi Piroe (Parrot)

As spines go there are few better in this league.
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The 3rd golden generation of welsh football?
at 16:27 5 Jun 2022

The current welsh u18 squad is potentially a good one with a crop of talents. They first cme to note in a 4-0 thrashing of Belgium and a 2-2 with Switzerland before the pandemic as u15 players.

I tok note as it had 6 Swansea talents including Congreave, Cotterill, Ludvigsen etc. Cardiff also have some talents in this team inp particular Ashford and Crole.

They are now u18 and face Croatia and England in a tournament in Croatia, Interesting to see id f they have kept on the trajectory.

First wave: Bale Ramsey Allen Hennessey

Second wave; James, Ampadu, Rodon, Matondo, Tyler Roberts. 2015 Centenary Shield winners)
Intercepting radio signals Peterborough.
at 15:11 25 May 2022

Swansea keep a tight reign on information but other clubs are not so rigorous. Barry Fry for example.

Apparently Swansea offered Benda and another thought to be Ogbeta for a Peterborough player. Not sure who that would be. Turned down anyway. Clarke- Harris or Ollie Norburn perhaps?
2016 "fire sale"?
at 18:40 23 May 2022

I always look at the phrase "fire sale" with the outlook of selling something "fire damaged". This means to me 5% of the original retail value.

With reference to the big sales of 2018 I would not call it a 'fire sale'. There were some losses like Clucas but in general it was not a catastrophic as some liked to suggest.

Today Alfie Mawson was released on free from Fulham and his transfer fee was reported at a whopping £20m. He did feature in an England squad from memory. If you combine Bony Clucas and Mawson you got bought price £31m and a sold price of £26m. Mawson was a disastrous signing fro Fulham.

I do not know Mawson injury record but he was a good player for Swansea and only 28 and a good player in possession. Is he someone martin could take a risk on? Seri was also highly rated. No doubt wages would be a factor.
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It is a buyers market - prospective parachute players
at 14:48 11 May 2022

Here is an example of two solid footballers with severely limited options like Cyrus Christie was.

Effectively parachute players

a) On too high pay
b) Not good enough for any premier league team
c) Too expensive for any team without a parachute £15-20k.

Norwich, Watford, Burnley, (if relegated) WBA. - Full wages nominal fee.

Everyone else- Loan half wages and run down deal. (Like Cyrus)
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Hierarchy at Swansea city HoF and manager
at 22:35 7 May 2022

The way I saw it the Head of Football Operations HOF deals with the recruitment team head scout and manager and picks players in a general team framework. The HoF would be the man that recommends managers to the CEO and also holds the fate of the manager. I saw Allen as the "protector of the faith" and the one to offer continuity.

At Swansea City what has happened and did the system work?. Mr Allen presumably picked Burns and Ogbeta in January from his Man City links perhaps and they have not featured or been picked by Mr Martin. The CEO unimpressed (allegedly) sacks the head of football.

With Stuart Webber linked last week known to Winter and Martin it seems the tail is wagging the dog at Swansea city and Martin selects the HOF not the other way around perhaps.?

Today Mr Martin chose to pick a midfielder (already due to leave) over the two defender signings (made by Allen?) and an experienced centre back who has had the 'Asoro treatment'. (you do not figure in my plans ).

Martin comes over as a very nice sort of bloke but but there seems little room for compromise in the Martin era. It will be an exciting period next season in my view.
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Brutal Cooper comments on BBC
at 18:42 30 Apr 2022

"I thought we were excellent today, the game plan came off perfectly.

"We were very happy for Swansea to have the ball, we wanted to control the game without the ball, which we did brilliantly.

"5-1 is obviously a great result, but to be honest it could have been more, it should have been 5-1 at half-time.

"We know Swansea have a lot of the ball, but also knew they also concede a hell of a lot of chances and a hell of a lot of goals."

No one can argue with that. Martin is not adapting after similar away thrashings at Fulham Sheff Utd and Bournemouth. 2 or 3 signings are not going to solve it. Grimes and Downes are highly rated defensive midfielders. 27 shots 13 on target. Not sustainable. Martins changes made it worse not better.

Swansea lost to QPR in the FA cup 5-1. Declan John, Asoro and McKay never kicked the ball for Swansea again.
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Who will play Centre back v Forest. ?
at 15:20 29 Apr 2022

Bennett is the new Asoro. His career at Swansea is over. This is strong management to get a result but not pragmatic. The team needs him.

Fin Burns. Has not impressed and needed more game to settle. I am concerned about his body language but that might be misleading. If I got a shirt off Curt I would be delighted.

Outside punt. Cameron Evans. On a good run. K O'L said.

“That’s three in two games for Cameron Evans, he could have got one at the end and made it a hat-trick. “He’s been fantastic for us since he’s come back from Ireland, I didn’t know him very well, all reports were that he’s a fantastic kid, he loves to play and he’s really aggressive and those reports have proved true."

Fin Downes moved back with J Lati and K Naughton. Most probable.

Wales youth football. U16
at 13:56 15 Apr 2022

Wales u16 beat a Spanish u16 in North east Wales. Bravo to them.

It is not easy for a small nation like Wales to compete against the big nations and occasionally there will be sound beatings. I would like to see more Swansea players and less Cardiff players. I think there was an element of experimentation and team rotation but give credit where it is due. The Swansea player Jocob Cook has a good write up. Ewan Griffiths in squad. Bravo to them.

They should have beaten Brazil and drew with Turkiye L Pens 2-4.
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Swansea city recruitment over the last 20 years.
at 14:40 13 Apr 2022

Recruitment at Swansea will get a 7 out of 10 from me. Swansea currently has no debts a beautiful infrastructure a decent academy and an improved recruitment in the last season or so. Andy Scott led this up and reportedly "set up " the new system so it is hoped it will continue to deliver despite the fact he has gone. The Martin / Allen axis is very promising.

The books being kept straight is due to good player trading and selling the academy stars of the 2017 PL2 wining team,

It seems to me thing work better when manager come in with clear ideas of what they want supported by the in house team,

This clearly happened with Flynn, Martinez, Brendan, Laudrup and now Martyn. In these cases there was a close working relationship between the ownership manager and recruitment team.

The outlier here are Potter and Cooper. Potters dealing were terrible and all have gone with big financial losses. Coopers signings on loan were outstanding on the whole but his permanent signings not so good. e.g. Peterson Bennett. In both these cases the bond to the club did not seem integrated. Scott wet with Cooper despite being a club signing and McCauley went to Brighton. There was visible friction between the manger and club in both cases.

Flynn had Reeves as his assistant and a broad knowledge of footballers from the north West England area. This greatly assisted the club development. Trundle Connolly Durkan Wrexham, Robinson Tranmere Martinez ex Wigan etc. The club did not presuambly have recruitment peopl in those days. Tate and Britton from academies.

Kenny Jackett favouring a more pragmatic and muscular style brought i big lads Fallon, Monk, Akinfenwa to get promotion at the expanse of style perhaps. Perhaps these were his picks or the first siges of manager recritment team development.

Marinez immediately reinstated Reeves as his transfer guru and not a man who would stay at the club after Martinez left. Mr Jenkins screwed some extra cash out of Wigan as compensation when he left. Rangel, Gomez other Spanish players were clearly Martinez Reeves. Bodde was reportedly recommended by Van Zweden the former owner unliked in these parts due to the prevailing fake narratives encouraged by Trust members. (I like him).

After Martinez left it was back to square one with a weak recruitment set up and Sousa with surprisingly poor contact book. Jordi Lopez came but did not perform well. Others were clearly from a newly form recruitment team leading to Beattie, Trundle, Kuqi and Idrizaj (RIP) none of whom established themselves.

Brendan has his own contacts via Chelsea seeing the departure of the Sousa picks and the arrival of Sinclair Borini Frank Nouble. Lee Congleton has been mentioned recently. Another era of peace harmony and good relations between club recruitement and manager. Taylor came via an Alan Curtis recommendation. Some European signing (presumably club pick did not do so well Situ never played and Morais a big centre back was not up to scratch). Brendan moulded basically Matrinez players into a formidable unit.

Laudrup ripped up the script sold Joey and Sinclair and used the money for a wave of talented Hispanics. At this time the club it appears had a coherent recruitment team that were happy to to take secondary role. (it seems to me hen the club did its best trading.) Fricition cracks however appeared (probably over commissions payments and overall strategy). In the secod season Bony, Shelvey Amat, Tendalli appear presumably from the club with Canas Sheckter Lamah and Alvaro via Luadrup. When things went wrong recruitment was a big issue.

Monk came in and left recruitment to the club with perhaps a limited contacts book. Some real bad signing were made Tabanou, Eder . Gomis was a good signing on a "free" on huge wages. He was signed to replace Bony. Sigurdson was obviusly a great signing between the club and Monk. Monk as his carreer developed improved his contacts and changed the history of Leeds utd by signing Hernandez.

Guidolin openly stated the recruitment was not his business and Borja and Fer were signed. Guidolin openly stated he knew nothing of Fer but was impressed with him. It is reported that Guidolin did push for Llorente and recommended Paloshi on loan when Gomis s work rate was questioned.

Clement again was not driven to push the club to pick player of his choice. Sanches was a disaster. Abraham as not ready. He did not have the kudos to block Bony, Clucas, Mesa and co. Carlos did have some club contacts but could not deliver Gamero and co with Swansea rock bottom.

We now have Martin with Mr Allen a high profile club man to support him. Martin did not throw his toys out of the pram in January when he did not get what he wanted. This seems to me to be a promising period in the 20 year recruitment story. Harmony and working together is best with a manager who knows who and what he wants and a scouting team willing to back him. Like the Brenda era. Piroe, Obafemi, Downes ,Patterson look good picks. Fisher should improve and O'Riley the one that got away is doing well in Scotland.

History has shown it is almost as vital not to make bad signings as it is to make good ones. Potter signed McKay, John, Asoro and Celina. £7m down the pan. Cooper / Martin would have done serious s damage with that budget.

Memory plays tricks so there may be an inaccuracy or to in there.

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Its all about next season! Is this thinking valid?
at 23:36 9 Apr 2022

Russell Martin has drawn scorn off many poster for always talking about 6 months hence. Live for today and that is what matters they argue. This is perfectly valid. This had traction earlier in the season with posters pointing to ex manager Cooper rapidly improving Forest also with no pre season.

Martin used a number of so called 'excuses' for poor performances in deep winter. No pre season, "the Patterson issue", unsuitable players not fit enough for the rigours of this style, tiredness. etc. injuries Covid disturbance etc.

Perhaps for the first time the idea of developing for "next season" is beginning to make some sort of sense after three consistent performances and wins two without Downes.

He recently stated he had to build the plane while 'in flight'. Martinez, Brendan and Potter all have pre-seasons to mould their team and playing style. Another decent result today for Cardiff city who were smashed out of sight last week by Martin's men . Were they so bad? Perhaps Swansea have taken 8 months to hit the groove.

WoL bias really?. Sorry it does not wash.
at 18:45 7 Apr 2022

Here is an example of WoL giving it straight. I think Glen Williams is Cardiff focused journo. It simple make no sense for the WoL being bias with most of their readership west of Cowbridge.

WoL commenting on a BBC Wales podcast.

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