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Charlie Patino tipped to be sold.
at 17:37 1 Mar 2024

I think most fans see through the reports of Italian interest in CP.

He cannot get into the Swansea team at the moment. This does not of course mean he is not good long term of course. Could Swansea put in a bid of £2-3m or so to get the lad with a sell on clause for Arenal?
u21 game v Sheffield Utd Live
at 19:14 27 Feb 2024

One down after 10.

Banchees not the bearers of good tidings.
at 15:18 21 Feb 2024

I am familiar with the word " banchee" from the band "Souxie and the banchees" and until today had a vague understanding that they should be avoided in general.

The British army has a new bit of nasty kit called a "Banchee" drone which is seriously unpleasant. Not as bad as a "Reaper" of course. "Banchees" unlike the grim "Reaper" has a one way ticket on the highway to hell.

banshee BAN-shee noun. : a female spirit in Gaelic folklore whose appearance or wailing warns a family that one of them will soon die.

The wailing of this version is probably a dull humn noise followed by certain death or mutilation.
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Could the Ospreys relocated to the old Vetch field?
at 17:57 19 Feb 2024

There has been some discussion of a new home for the Ospreys. I think in fact it is a poor idea as they have room to "grow into" the with hospitality areas available.

I was one of 20,000 watching he Ospreys v Wasps 15 years ago with Marshall Henson Byrne Tiatia etc. They seem to be playing well at the moment and if they play good winning rugby and catch the imagination the fans will come.

St Helens has been mentioned but it seems not so good for access. The Vetch is closer to the city centre with the bus station and city car parks.

Could the Vetch site be redeveloped for a 10,000 seater if the Ospreys want to downsize. Are there leasehold issues or planning issues with the neighbours?
Rainbow football today.
at 14:18 17 Feb 2024

The club said this.

"We are using the Rainbow Ball for today's match.
For every goal scored with the Rainbow Ball, PUMA will donate to an LGBTQ+ Fans for Diversity Fund."

I suspect a significant majority of fans might be less that fully enthusiastic. Many comments on the Facebook page hoping for a 0-0.

Time to walk on eggshells i guess.

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Loans of recycling kids or permanent signings?
at 23:32 15 Feb 2024

Against Leeds only two if the six loans started with one coming on for a short stint. A player reportedly interesting Juventus did not get off the bench in a game where Swansea played wretchedly. Rushworth did OK but Humphreys was exposed again out of position.

Would it not be better to use the tight budget to bring in up and coming players from the lower leagues like Evans and Mclaughlin of Newport who were not rag dolled like Swansea were. Jodi Jones of Notts county. Sheehan. Cook of Bradford. I am not an expert on L1 and l2.

I am wondering if club men are doing favours for their mates in the Premier league academies with a view to developing their own careers by impressing with the development of young players with no future at Swansea. Six loans is "a quick fix" while Lissah stays on the bench and Ntoe an One is sent home and Big Myk is ignored.

We are all susceptible to being impressed working with famous big shot celebrities.
A massive gear change?
at 18:29 11 Feb 2024

It seems to me the Williams has completely changed the dynamics. The January transfer window was not the 'damp squib' some have postulated but a dramatic change in emphasis for the team.

For a team of metronomic passers three wingers were signed. Running and pace replacing intricate and possession based probing. Hull perhaps were caught completely unawares as Platcheta went flying down the wing. (this was not in the script?.)

The dreadful AFBC FA cup surrender could be the birth of a new era. The player were going through the motions to a predetermined philosophy which did not work.

Williams to be seems like a high energy Klopp type character. Duff was the complete opposite. This season has seen some of the poorest Swansea performances since Kenny Jackett. "Vive la change".
How fast is Przemysław Płacheta?
at 23:47 5 Feb 2024

I have done a little study on this for information of the forum

He is in fact about the fastest footballer you are going to find anywhere. Comparing to the sports of Rugby union NFL and football here are some average speeds.

Chedzoie Ogbene 22.9 mph Fastest in PL from what i read

Kylian Mappe 22.4 mph Lique 1

Tyreek Hil 23.4 mph NFL wide reciver

Raheem Mostert 22.73 mph NFL running back

Louis Reess Zammett 24 mph Rugby Union

Przemysław Płacheta 24 mph SWANSEA CITY

Christian Wade 25.7mph Rugby /NFL

This is not a rigorous study just a quick estimation this evening. Take it from me the boy can shift probably faster than Dan James.
Blackburn Rovers in the same ball park
at 17:11 4 Feb 2024

Blackburn has sort of been a mirror image of Swansea with unpopular foreign owners and big monthly losses and obliged to sell player to balance the books.

Their owner no longer wants to pay the monthly deficits and making sharp cut backs.

Swansea owners have found new investors to plug the gaps but fans are still suggesting they are paying themselves at the expense of the club.

They have put "one of their own" in charge to squeeze out all the variables. Coleman is under pressure to make ends meet. I back him and Watson.

I Watson is here to buy potential and create assets he must be given time. From what I have seen of Kukharevicl Tymon and Njoe an On all they need is playing time. Time to play the young fellows and ditch the big wages on Allen, Naughton, Walsh, Patterson and even Grimes.

Huw had a squad of very hungry aggressive young fellows on a tight budget . These guys look way too nice to me.

In finance terms the Championship is attrition. It just grinds you down. Some teams gave up competing, Blackpool Wigan etc and stuck to a restricted budget. Blackburn may be the next.

[Post edited 4 Feb 21:10]
Was the pitch actually narrowed or was it a myth?.
at 19:04 2 Feb 2024

I seem to recall talk of the stadium pitch being narrowed at the start of the season. I do not know if it was true or a myth. It seemed to me this was a major shift in philosophy to become more defensive and need less space. A move to anti football.

Duff boring football saw its low point in the dismal CCFC performance

Three fast wingers have come in and two full backs sent out on loan. Logic suggests this means four at the back and two wingers with Patterson making four fighting for two places. Cullen / Yates will now be an out and out number 9 or will Mykola see some action.?

Narrowing the pitch for a Swansea team sounded like heresy.

Nathan Woods recovery tackle. It was some tackle?
at 20:31 31 Jan 2024

Nathan is not playing particularly well at the moment but nobody is in truth and Swansea go through a tough run of fixtures.

However the Nathan Wood recovery tackle on the Leicester forward after the mistake by Humphreys was a wonderful piece of defending and in the Premier league would have been acclaimed as such. The referee was anti football in not checking with his linesman as there was no foul.

Wood used his exceptional pace circumnavigated the defender and somehow got in front of him from his blind side. This must show his high potential and explain why he has been quoted at £10m and linked with Spurs.

Good player struggle in bad teams and flourish in good teams. Williams needs to bring on good athletes like Wood and Azeem to physically dominate weaker teams . Futon is too slow and mechanical.

Azeem has the same athletic ability. Both are 21 -22. They played together v Northampton and dovetailed nicely. I have seen a lot of Azeem as DMF for the u21 where he was a stand out. Parker is another youngster blessed with speed and talent. Something to build off.

[Post edited 31 Jan 20:36]
Time to ditch the Olympics
at 19:37 29 Jan 2024

The Chinese winter Olympics ended on 20 FEBRUARY 2022.

The IOC promoted the virtue of sporting excellence as well a peace and respect.

The RF out of respect of the IOC and it values started the invasion of Ukraine on 24 FEBRUARY 2022 which has seen thousands of innocent women and children killed and Ukrainian families split and displaced.

The timing of the mass murder of innocents was coordinated with the IOC events. "Finish the ice skating first then we attack". (It is sick)

Now event the games themselves were compromised. Its a can of worms.

[Post edited 29 Jan 19:42]
Ronald and Brexit
at 17:35 29 Jan 2024

The rules for footballers signing in the EPL and EFL changed after Brexit and it became easier to sign Brasilians and Argentinians as I understand it. Before I doubt Swansea could signed Ronald. They were lined up with a young Brasilian about a decade ago bu it did not happen.

You might remember the 'must have 10 caps rule' or something similar.

The requirement now is a points scoring system relating to games played in a respectable league,. The Portuguese Primera being BAND 2.

Ronald needed the governing body endorsement (GBE). It is easier to buy players from the Portuguese league rated higher than coming directly from Brasil.
[Post edited 29 Jan 17:39]
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