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after some information
at 20:47 8 Oct 2017

Trying to find out if I can take my granddaughter into the game Saturday for free or if I have to get her a ticket?
She's 3 next December.
Sorry to ask but I'm still out in Jamaica after getting wedded out here so not willing to spend 3 hrs in a phone queue to the ticket office.
Thanks ladies and gents in advance

Didn't eat the wedding cake BTW.
Last bit of that I eat gave me indigestion and poisoning for 21yearsūüėā
So our positional woes
at 07:43 23 Sep 2017

will be a thing of the past.
And Beaky won't have to go scouring the Globe for the likes of Birghetti to come and fill our ranks
Swans going to a new level will be playing 11 keepers
So we're...
at 17:28 13 Aug 2017

12th in the league.
I'll take that and a decent cup (winning) run

Positivity ladies and gents.
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Leicester fans are a bunch of whimps
at 18:43 20 Feb 2017

Sorry if this is a ferdy. Leicester fans have made complaints to the club and the FA about a bit of abuse from the lovely fans of Millwall. Who'd have thought that Millwall would be a cause of trouble? Those lovely pie and mash people? Really? Truthfully, who in loving fug would go to the Den and not expect to get abuse? w Was weak with laughter when I heard it on the news earlier
There's some seriously sick people out there
at 17:24 23 Jan 2017

Heard this story on the radio this morning "Mother jailed for planning sex attack on own daughter with paedophile" Guessing our Nanny state will give them both full new identities when they get out. B'stards deserve to die inside in a lot of pain.
at 14:45 1 Jan 2017

Which I know has absolutely no place on here but we are still only 3 wins off moving above Leicester.
2 wins and we're out of the relegation zone providing others lose. Which shows exactly how poor the PL is the season. We should have been really cut adrift by now.
If our players decide to start fighting sometime soon, we get a halfway decent coach in and Captain Beaky is allowed no-where near the transfer market (otherwise we'll get Adomah!) we may just be rebuilding in the Prem next season. Not in the Championship
Now provided we can then keep a halfway decent coach, Beaky is replaced by someone who has even the slightest idea of what constitutes a PL player, we may just be able to get back to the mid-table mediocrity we were at under Loudstrop.
Under Brad we were screwed and down. I had fully accepted we were Championship next season a few weeks ago. Only brightside was, more games for my ST money. Oh and going out of the FL cup a round earlier
If we go down, with the contract extensions handed out and the lack of quality brought in by Jenkins over the last few windows, we may possibly go straight through. Let's hope the new owners can see it this way as well
[Post edited 1 Jan 15:30]
Quo gig
at 18:18 17 Dec 2016

Just back from the Quo gig in Birmingham last night. Superb. Really good gig. The responsible one absolutely loved it as well. REO speedwagon were really excellent as well. Hadn't seen them since the mid 80's Totally different atmosphere in Birmingham City centre after the gig to what I remember of Wind St from just 3 years ago on Black Friday- no sign of trouble without a heavy visible Police presence. Work mates/ friends (must have been thousands) etc well oiled and everyone having fun. How I used to remember Swansea from a decade or so ago. All I remember from Wind St a few years ago was fight after fight breaking out. Well done and thanks for a good night Brum!
Football being killed off by technology and social media
at 20:18 25 Oct 2016

Just came across this article in the Telegraph about people losing interest in the game.
Also goes on about the stupid transfer fees meaning more and more people are just turning their backs on the lot.
Our sell out b'stards certainly haven't helped our cause with poor transfer window after poorer window

Could the reason actually be "overkill" with the amount of games.
I know I start losing interest and really don't feel like watching West Brom V Watford or any other mediocre teams, such as Boro, Sunderland etc.
probably even include us to non Swans fans
Silly season is on us already
at 21:56 12 Sep 2016

We used to get a month or two off of transfer talk when the window shut.
These f**king news outlets can't wait to spend everyone's money.
Sh1te site at least

"Still, reports from Italian website Calciomercato mooting a shock transfer target has sparked debate amongst our Merseyside locals.

They suggest the Kop titans are ALREADY casting an eye over Swansea City midfielder Leroy Fer, after the Dutchman made a good start to life in Wales."

Someone's not going short of Tapas anytime soon...
at 03:58 9 Sep 2016

"Roberto Martinez wins astonishing£10m pay-off from Everton for sacking... and it could have been more
Everton sacked Roberto Martinez in May with three years left on his deal
The Spaniard, 43, received an eye-watering one-off severance payment
Martinez wanted the £12m he was due to receive, but settled at £10m
He agreed to a reduction if his payment was made in one instalment
Martinez had signed a five-year deal in July 2014 after a great first term
Chairman Bill Kenwright had agreed to a deal that warned off other clubs"

Know he had 3 years left on his contract but yet another sign of the inherent madness in the PL.
Not sure how long/ much longer all these costs will remain sustainable by any club.
Soon as people become switched off from the PL, then no TV company is going to be chucking £Billions at the game
[Post edited 9 Sep 2016 3:59]
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