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Another hoop is born! 16:38 - Oct 30 with 2268 viewsRamseyR

My first grandson has been born and will be the third generation hoop.
My lad was watching the game Monday night on Sky with his other half. Two hours after the final whistle he was on his way. He obviously heard all the excitement of a brace from Charlie and thought "I WANT SOME OF THIS!".

Too bad the first game with him around is Chelsea away in their current form, but here's hoping for a triple celebration!
Another hoop is born! on 16:51 - Oct 30 with 2264 viewsbosh67

Many congrats. I would get the kid in front of Borussia Dortmund games and get an Easyjet season pass. We are all trapped with the hoops. Give the kid a chance!

Never knowingly right.
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Another hoop is born! on 17:54 - Oct 30 with 2242 viewsQPRMUSO

Many congrats RamseyR, it all helps to fill the new stadium.
Another hoop is born! on 17:59 - Oct 30 with 2234 viewsQPR1882

Your as cruel as me Ramsey my granddaughter who is now 2 become a 4th generation hoop if she likes it or not

Congratulations to you and your family.
Another hoop is born! on 20:40 - Oct 30 with 2206 viewsPunteR

Congratulations RamseyR.

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Another hoop is born! on 20:56 - Oct 30 with 2198 viewsMoonshineSteve


I am still Steve but no longer in Dagenham.

Another hoop is born! on 23:22 - Oct 30 with 2176 viewsonlyrinmoray

I suppose I should announce that my first grandchild was born 14 weeks ago... I know I forgot. I was too busy watching transfer deadline day I was shocked Loic Remy left us So apparently was our manager
Anyway the wee boy has a Liverpool supporting father how can I tempt him to the pleasures of Loftus Road rather than LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. I was thinking of one of those nice bibs from the Superstore would that help ?
Another hoop is born! on 01:53 - Oct 31 with 2163 viewsTrom


I'm taking my boy and his mate to his first home game against Leicester. Both families are Rs and have season tickets but we don't have really know each other outside of our kids.

What do you need to do to move all these tickets and add tickets for the kids? Seem like it's going to be complicated, anyone with any tips?
Another hoop is born! on 08:25 - Oct 31 with 2142 viewsDiscodroids


Grandad, grandad you're lovely
That's what we all think of you
Grandad, grandad you're lovely
That's what we all think of you
Grandad grandad...

me eldest is 22, so i might not be too far behind...

"...The monkey is never dead, Dealer. The monkey never dies. When you kick him off, he just hides in a corner, waiting his turn."

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Another hoop is born! on 08:34 - Oct 31 with 2141 viewsNorthLondonR

Congrats... And despite the Dortmund references etc, you get him indoctrinated as soon as... We have all been there and been thoroughly miserable ever since.....
[Post edited 31 Oct 2014 8:35]
Another hoop is born! on 09:46 - Oct 31 with 2121 viewskingsburyR


Dont know why we bother. .... but we do!

Another hoop is born! on 10:04 - Oct 31 with 2116 viewsjohncharles

Congratulations. We will need to replace Bobby in the next couple of years .
No pressure.

Strong and stable my arse.

Another hoop is born! on 13:05 - Oct 31 with 2101 viewsade_qpr

Congrats hope you have a lot of fun taking him to R's games in the future.

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Another hoop is born! on 13:08 - Oct 31 with 2099 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Congrats Ramsey. Health and happiness to you all.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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